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Want to Buy at Wholesale Prices?
In order to receive the wholesale discount, you must follow the steps below: 

Establishing A Wholesale Account

  1. Complete the secure page: Wholesale Account Application Form, including your seller’s permit number, obtained from your State Tax Board.
  2. Within 5 to 7 days you should get an email from us either rejecting or approving your wholesale account with ordering steps.
  3. Once approved, our Wholesale Page can be used. To sign-in, enter your Email and Password, which you created in your application. This will bring you into our wholesale ordering site.
Note: Orders must be a minimum of $95. The more you order the better your discount, from 20 to 40%. Proceed to the "Easy Order Form" button to place your order. If you order multiple copies of any item, please look for packs of that item. For instance, for booklets there are packs of 10 that give you a small additional discount.
For high quantities contact:


Please use a credit card.

No returns after 90 days. Merchandise must be in saleable condition. Please sign-in to view our complete Return Policy.



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$500.01 and up
40% off
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