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Acupressure Point
This Acupressure Point Learning Aid provides an easy way to learn 30 of the most important, potent acupressure points for treatment and general wellness. One side of the card (5 " x 4 ?) has an anatomical drawing of the points. The opposing side contains the points: location, name, point reference number, finger pressure point applications, how to find the point, what it feels like, traditional association and usages, anatomical pressure point location terminology, and a list of the best pressure points to use with it to release tension and the healing life force.

30 Acupressure Point Cards

Acupressure Point Flashcards
$9.95    Item #F101
Organ Meridian

A great instructional tool; learn each of the meridian routes, and the major acupressure points on each of these healing channels.

Over 20 line drawings illustrate the 12 meridian pathways. Study each meridian's traditional indication for use.

The over 30 flashcards (5 " x 4 ") are printed on both sides of card stock. Learn the source points to balance energy within each meridian and base points to release each of the 12 organ meridians.

35 Acupressure Meridian Cards

Acupressure Meridian Flashcards
Only $9.95    Item # F102

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