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Acupressure Point Reference Chart
Illustrates all 12 meridians, source points, alarm points, and chi control points with color coding. Front, back and side views all in one chart. Includes five element affirmations and laws.

Point Recipe BookletPlus--Comes with 16-page reference booklet containing point recipes for common complaints.

Only $29.95    Item # C104
Foot Reflexology Chart
Learn foot reflex areas that correspond to all areas of the body, including the internal organs, glands, spinal column, and sense organs. This foot reflexology chart includes 11 illustrations showing different regions and functions. Great as reference to incorporate therapeutic foot massage for self-care and as a bodywork study guide.

Only $11.95    Item # C106
Hand and Foot Reflexology Chart
Presents 4 drawings of the hands and 2 foot charts illustrating hand reflexology areas that correspond to all areas of the body and the Acupressure points and meridians. Increased effectiveness results from integrating both Acupressure point therapy and using the reflexology zones. An excellent self-care guide and bodywork reference.

Only $11.95    Item # C107
Greater Energy Chart
Learn how to stimulate the most effective Acupressure points to boost your immune system, increase vitality to counteract Chronic Fatigue, and strengthen your Chi, Qi or life force.

This framable self-acupressure chart presents these health building points in eight windows, illustrating each healing point, with photos showing effective ways to stimulate acu-points on your self and others.

Only $8.95    Item # C102

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