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Basic Acupressure Booklet

This Asian Bodywork Therapy (ABT) booklet contains: the ancient principles of traditional Chinese medicine applied hands-on, learn how to work with healing energy, how acupressure works for energy balancing, practice a healing energy visualization, and a Hara breathing meditation. Learn Acupressure assessment procedures such as pulse reading and face reading, an intro to the meridians and styles of Acupressure, how to find and feel over 40 points, and presents how to work with the four pairs of Extraordinary Points, providing with two sets of flow patterns for each pair of Extraordinary Channels.

Discover special acupressure master points ? a list of the Acupressure energy gates, Acupressure tonic points, anchor points, and calming points. Presents dietary balancing, and acupressure guidelines on how to prepare for an acupressure session. Obtain special point recipe formulates such as a Calming Acupressure Flow, Acupressure Vitality Recipe, Acupressure Immune Boosting Points, and a Women's Balancing Acupressure Point Treatment.

After showing each of the meridian pathways, the booklet provides body illustrations to draw each of the meridians ? as a meridian workbook. The booklet also has space to write in each of the source points, alarm points, and yu points on the illustrations provided. If you are teaching acupressure or teaching meridian therapies or theory, this workbook is a practical learning tool for students. This point and meridian study guide is also a great home study tool for holistic healers, massage therapists, Reflexologists, Shiatsu practitioners, bodyworkers, body therapists, acupressurists, and everyone interested in learning points and meridians.

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