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Shiatsu Instruction Booklet

This fully illustrated instructional booklet shows 50 traditional Shiatsu techniques. The booklet illustrates a holistic Shiatsu bodywork program, organized into 5 sections for working on people:

  • Sitting Shiatsu for relieving chronic shoulder and neck tension; a great way to start a Shiatsu Therapy session and can apply Shiatsu to working in the chair
  • Side Shiatsu good during pregnancy, after abdominal surgery, and for relieving side stitches, gas pains, and general frustration
  • Back Shiatsu the core of a Shiatsu treatment; applies the four steps of Shiatsu for relieving chronic muscular tension. Learn to relieve lower back tension, sciatic pain, sexual disorders such as low sexual desire, and prevent leg cramps
  • Facial Shiatsu for greater beauty, reducing facial wrinkles, and relieve neck pain
  • Shiatsu and Thai Leg Stretches for relieving the lower back, pelvic pain, sciatica, and stiff legs

$7.95   Item # B112

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