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Introduction to Acupressure

This 24-page booklet provides an overview of different styles of acupressure and shiatsu. First, learn 12 important acupressure points, their location, how to press them, and what each point is good for. Next, the booklet covers how to practice Shiatsu, from head to toe, front and back. This section starts with an introduction to Shiatsu and how to work with a client sitting on a pillow or chair. The proper way of using your thumbs is covered next. Each of the Shiatsu techniques is described and illustrated with line drawings. Frontal, abdominal, and facial Shiatsu is also covered.

The next section focuses on self-healing techniques explaining how to practice eight effective Qi Gong Essential Breathing Exercises for immune boosting and building your healing energy; how to do a full body set of Self-Acupressure Massage techniques called Do-In and includes an excellent foot reflexology chart.

The last section of the booklet presents Jin Shin Acupressure for releasing shoulder and neck tension, a Rejuvenating Flow of acupressure points, and a General Regulating Release for balancing the body's healing energy for yourself and others. The booklet ends with a few pages of space for taking notes.

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