Every human being has the potential to heal and be healed. It can start with something as simple as a few deep breaths, which can clear your head and make you feel renewed and energized. Or maybe it’s through a friendly glance or a smile, or the kindness of going out of your way to help someone. Healing can even come from a few sips of water, which moistens, nourishes, and enlivens your whole body.

Beyond these everyday gifts, there are many simple healing methods to help ourselves and others obtain greater wellness. It takes focus and practice, however, to develop these abilities fully.

My greatest way to heal involves the power of touch.

As I touch, I focus on deepening my breath and on my intention to heal from my heart. I know that my touch has the ability to communicate, beyond what words can say.

You, too, can learn how to touch points like this – to open healing energy. The acupressure points are where this energy gets blocked. Holding the points is one of the most powerful ways to do pure energy work, and transform physical and emotional problems.

When an Acupressure point is held with just the right amount of pressure, it can reach depths within you. This can help you transcend the limitations and traps of negative thoughts and feelings. Instead of closing up in judgment, worry, doubt, or expectation, you can begin to relax and open up.

When you’re being touched or held in a safe way, it supports you in letting go and coming back to feeling whole again. This is something you can learn to do for yourself and to share with others. Try this with any of the points you’re learning in my blog articles and on the website.

When you use touch in a conscious way with acupressure points,

your body opens, your breath opens, and thus you are renewed.

~ Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.

P.S. I just converted my Basic Acupressure booklet and Intermediate/Advanced booklet, both with lots of point illustrations, into e-bookslets, so you can get them at a discount, and not pay any shipping. Please spread the word so more people can learn acupressure.



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  1. I appreciate my husband’s clarity and simplicity. He has such a great gift to share this healing work, making it accessible for all. If you haven’t already, check out his many blog posts which all have points and tips for healing.

  2. Hello My Friend, I wish I lived closer to you, I sure could use a Backrub and some pressure points unnotted. I am looking for someone in Seffner that knows what they are doing. If you know someone in the Brandon Florida area please let me know> THank you for all of the reading you post. ME

  3. Hi Michael
    thank you for turning 2 of your books into e-books, postage is so expensive when you live outside of the States and this is so quick and easy plus its a greener solution too!

  4. You brought it up !!! It is really great to have that feeling which I could not express untill you came up with it. Its really nice and spiritually fullfilling – what a sensation – what a blessing for yourself and others too. People came and expect us to give that to them – give it – its free and it will come back to you a thousand fold.

    Keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for the e-booklets! When I choose to purchase the electronic version of it, it says it’s good for 2 hours…… Does that mean that I can access the book only for the next two hours or that it will be downloaded within the next two hours?

    • When you click on the Download button, you will have two hours to download it. Once its in your computer, you own it for life! (but not for duplication, of course)

    • Good question. Yes, there are many acupressure points good for snoring and apnea, which would cover an entire book. I would not characterize them as a cure. Its a great topic, acupressure for opening the sinuses, the throat, and diaphragm, all too great to illustrate in depth here.

  6. I wrote a whole book with hundreds of large illustrations on how to relieve this stiffness and pain. I am currently working on revising “Pain Relief at your Fingertips” and I want to make it an e-book too. Please stay tuned to my blog, and I’ll give you specifics on how to get it.

  7. Thank you for the pain relief points; its very useful, particularly LI 4, GB20. I am 58, Indian with Diabetes, and have Arm muscles pain. I wish to get an Acupressure point for this. I think I can’t get the whole e-books. Please keep sending me the articles.

  8. I took one of your courses in Hawaii at plce on pali hywy…..and 25 years later I am still doing Shiatsu and trigger point therapy. As i work, i can feel pain in people and have developed a good sensitivity in my hands… Thru Reiki and healing massage techniques, i have been able to use my thumbs to find pain areas… They actually hurt when an area is bad or weak and are stong when an area is strong, sometimes an electric shock goes through me, and i have to release the point… I put back my thumb and the shock has gone and the acupressure point is nullifided… Great to still be a bodyworker. I am learning more thru you and others along my path as god works with me through touch.

  9. Dear Michael,
    To heal someone involves as you rightly said a great deal of focus.And i believe true healing comes from God himself.We are all just mediums for transferring the vast amount of energy that is already present.Let us surrender ourselves to the feet of Lord Almighty and pray so that we may become a true medium for serving Humanity.

  10. Hi Barbara & Michael,
    I enjoyed reading Michael’s book ‘Arthritis Relief at your Fingertips, a wonderful book. I always use it whenever I suffer pain. Would recommend to anybody.
    – Lyn

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