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I want to share with you how I received my spiritual upbringing and guidance. These roots supported me to stay on the path of serving others, which lead to my life’s focus – practicing and teaching acupressure points.

This brief personal story will give you insight into my unique background, my college education, and on how acupressure transformed my skepticism.

I was brought into this world with love. My parents loved and cared for me consistently throughout my life. My mother wisely taught me, “You can have anything you want in your life – but you have to know what you want to be able to get it.”  Can you imagine what the world would be like if children were welcomed into the world, loved, and given this empowering perspective?

My father believed it’s best to treat people the way you’d like them to treat you.  In addition to this Golden Rule, he believed in positive thinking, and taught us to look people directly in the eyes, to see the essence within each person. Imagine what the world would be like if children were given this spiritual guidance and were loved unconditionally.

Beach Boy

Photo Copyright: Michael Reed Gach

I had an awesome, inspiring teacher in high school who completely changed my life view, how I lived, and my perception of the world. Every social, economic, and psychological aspect of life was put into a completely new light, with a global understanding.  This changed my goals and directed me to pursue alternatives in health and in my education.

My Bachelor’s degree is in Social Relations, an integration of Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, and Economics from Immaculate Heart College in Hollywood. I began attending class in 1970 when they first opened their admissions to men, after being a Christian women’s college since their inception.  The college quickly became 50/50 men and women, greatly influenced by the then great dean of admissions, who attracted the most awesome students nationwide. I was blessed to go to IHC and be surrounded by creativity, new cutting edge thought, and aliveness in the students, faculty, curriculum, and a stimulating small college community.

At the same time, I also studied Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, and Acupressure Therapy points and meridians. At first, I was very skeptical about healing energy and the idea that acupressure points could boost the immune system, heal emotional wounds, and awaken spiritual experiences. I had a constant skeptical dialogue – I couldn’t see how simply holding acupressure points could possibly work.

My skepticism, after 20 years of practicing acupressure and yoga, was still within me and I thought it would never change. Now, after 40 years of healing experiences, along with more patience in holding the acupressure points, I can feel the healing energy in my hands. My skepticism has melted away like an old mountain that gets worn away by snow, water and wind.

Experiencing the healing energy in my hands,
and channeling it in different ways –
is now just part of my life…



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  1. You had a very good experience in your life!!! and this is a good way to giving back , (giving an opportunity to heal ourselves and other through acupressure) to life.
    Thank you for sharing and giving!!! Ana

  2. I came into this world with challenge. Parents were hit and miss. But thanks to the virtues of Michael’s Acupressure points teachings I may yet find nirvana! Thank you Michael, I especially like the shoulder and neck release which I use regularly at the end of my massage sequence, to rave reviews.


  3. Dear Mich,

    I read your life story and how wonderfully God has led you step by step is amazing!
    It is by perseverance and practice we become perfect therapist.
    God bless


  4. Nice to share your life history and experiences.

    Sorry to comment in your last sentence “My skepticism has melted away like an old mountain that gets worn away by snow, water and wind.”

    As you have stated it will never happen, I think. Because you are in right way with positive attitude. Again, you are not doing all these for yourself but for others. So, I think your skepticism will never melted away like an old mountain that gets worn away by snow, water and wind, but instead it will brighten and enlighten more and more in coming days.


  5. Dear Mitch,

    It is amazing to be part of your journey. Thank you so much for sharing and caring aand helping us lead beautiful and positive life.

  6. Dear Michael,

    Formerly, I was doing on my own, now you are adding a lot to my knowledge.
    Only your whole hearted,long journey on this path has sharpened your skills..
    You are doing a great job for wellbeing of mankind at no cost…God bless you to fulfill your mission.

    With respectful regards,

    Bhagavat Upadhyaya.
    Vadodara / Gujarat/ India.

  7. Michael,
    Always enjoy reading what you have to say. I use your work as I learn it. Just wish you were closer to NC so I could take classes!
    Anything you can tell me about points for tennis elbow?

    • I am teaching Acupressure only twice a year at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, CA. The next time I teach will be the last two weeks of April, 2011, including an Acu-Yoga weekend workshop followed by an Acu-Yoga Teacher’s Training.

      For the Acupressure Points for a tennis elbow, stay tuned. I feel inspired to give you instructions next week on this website. The acupressure points for elbow pain are LI 10, LI 11, and SI 8, and TW 10. I will describe how and what to feel for and get your guidance in using these acupressure points.

  8. I’d like to tell you that nearly every time I listened to your CD “Release Back Pain” and tried to follow the instructions, I was so grateful to you. However, I am not sure I’m pressing the right location and angle for approaching the “Gates of Conscience” point?

    • I’m glad you have gotten relief from my guided self-healing CD entitled “Release Back Pain“. I understand and appreciate your question about pressing the “Gates of Consciousness” point underneath the base of your skull. I try to provide illustrations inside the CD jacket, which you may not have seen. In my blog on GB 20 called the Gates of Consciousness, I provide a visual image of this point, which is good. However, seeing the point being pressed on a video in real time action makes it even clearer. For specific instruction on how to press this point and many others for relieving headaches, shoulder tension, and neck pain, I recommend the instructional DVD entitled “Acupressure for Stress Relief DVD“.

  9. you have been led rightly by God and through His wisdom you are doing great. continue the good work and teach us too. we look forward to your guidance of massage and accupressure points for all diseases.

  10. Thank you Michael, what a wonderful inspiration you are.
    You have had an amazing upbringing, God richly bless you for sharing it.

  11. Dear Sir,

    Purpose of our life will be fulfilled , when we help and support all those needy people
    serrounding us. We are created for loving,helping and supporting one another. We grow
    only when we begin to realise this cardinal principle of life
    You are blessed to realise this , much early in your life ,and you have already grown to
    higher and higher altitudes of Spiritual growth. I felt so when I read your life experiences

    Pray to God Almighty to bless you more and more

    regards &Love
    Varghese John

  12. Dear Sir,

    U have a wonderful parents. U r so lucky, many children r not so lucky as u r. I hope u will become a blessing 4 lots of people in this world through your acupressure’s teaching. God bless u n your fam.

    Love n pray,


  13. Michael: You are blessed to have parents who instilled the qualities that enabled you to give to your students and teachers. I commend you for sharing your knowledge which I use as often as I can for guidance. We are but a link to extend to people we work on, let alone our everyday life. Mahalo.

    • What a blessing to have been loved by my parents, and know that one of the greatest aspects of fulfilling my life’s purpose is to love back, through service and healing.

  14. I have learned several things – there’s lots of good stuff here. Definitely placed a bookmark here for revisiting. I’m surprised how you have made this type of magnificent, valuable healing information available on this web site.

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