I love the spiritual aspects of using acupressure points, which can open you to wondrous depths of life. Acupressure can transform emotional pain into beautiful spiritual experiences. Gently touching another human being in this way is one of the greatest gifts I know.

When blocked acupressure points are held and the body’s energy opens thoughts, images, feelings or memories can surface from past traumatic experiences. When it’s completely safe to explore this release of healing energy, a new inner awareness for spiritual guidance emerges. My most recent book, Acupressure for Emotional Healing has 400 illustrations showing how to cultivate spirituality and harmonize your emotions.

In this blog article, I will show you how to use a purely spiritual acupressure point, which is illustrated and taught in my e-Introduction to Acupressure. This powerful point, located in the center of the “soft spot” on an infant, can be used to bless a person and harmonize healing energy.

Spiritual Acupressure Point (GV 20)

One Hundred Meeting Point
Since all meridian pathways cross at the top of your head, it’s called the Hundred Meeting Point. I use this point to balance the body’s energy, especially to end an acupressure session. Holding GV 20 with the 3rd Eye Point between the eyebrows lightly, can open a profound spiritual experience, beyond what words can say.

For Lovemaking: Lightly holding GV 20 for a few minutes after an orgasm can balance the energy released, making the intimate exchange, a sacred act for healing each other. This focus was the basis of ancient Chinese Sexology practices. The Hundred Meeting Point (GV 20) transforms sexual energy into a deep spiritual experience. For more information, see my book and dvd on acupressure points for lovers.

For Mental Health:
Pineal and Pituitary Gland Acupressure Points
The Hundred Meeting Point also connects with the pineal gland and balances the seventh chakra. Holding this point lightly with the 3rd Eye Point (GV 24.5) between your eyebrows, until you get a gentle pulse, can help stabilize mental imbalances without using drugs. Holding these two spiritual acupressure points for several minutes with long, slow deep breaths, balances the relationship between the pituitary and pineal glands for mental health.

For Epileptic Seizures: The Hundred Meeting Point is traditionally used to prevent and relieve epileptic seizures. GV 20 is also good for headaches, heatstroke, and for boosting morale.

Introduction to Acupressure
This Hundred Meeting Point is one of many other valuable points and acupressure techniques you can learn from my e-Introduction to Acupressure workbook, now available as a download with no shipping for only $5.95 (US). Order this instructional workbook now – to have it for the rest of your life.



Spiritual Acupressure Point (GV 20) — 18 Comments

  1. Dear Michael,

    Thank you for this new acupressure experience, the a hundred meet point with 3rd Eye point
    is amazing!, I do this after a exercised.

    God Bless you!.


    • Acupressure points – can certainly have a strong impact on infertility. If others would like to know my experience with this, please let me know. I’d be glad to share it in an upcoming blog/video post. I’m beginning to feel inspired me – so stay tuned.

      NOTE: If the cause of this is a medical problem, please see a doctor.
      So many people ask me to give them points for medical disorders. I am not a medical doctor. To be ethical, its only right to encourage them to get medical care. Acupressure can relieve stress, pain, and common complaints. I do not use acupressure as a medical treatment. However, Acupressure can strengthen the body especially with the support of breathing exercises (Qi Gong) and a whole foods approach to dietary therapy.

  2. I viewed your video clip; and I feel very lucky to watch it. Thanks for giving us the knowledge on acupressure. Please give us more. Thanks again.

    • I appreciate your gratitude; its truly amazing how much effort, time, energy and concentration is needed for me to produce these blog articles and YouTube video clips to make them clear and useful. Your encouragement is vital for me.

      I certainly amazes my dear wife – how dedicated I am to serving people in this way internationally, by creating these self-healing tips for free. She says its starting to increase the sales of my healing work. So I am grateful, and I pray that this effort will uplift your spirit and a chunk of humanity. The path of healing – is a wonderful feeling. . .

  3. Thank-you, once again..I have studied this stuff before, but you have perfected the teaching and have made it so easy to find the points and hold on to the knowledge. Learning from your video clips has been very helpful to me and to my family. This one is so important. I like the small doses of information in the video clips, just right for a busy schedule. And if I may say so you seem so sincere. I am always happy to get an e-mail from you. Thank-you.

    • Your wonderful feedback made me very happy. I spend hours and hours on these blogs to make them as good as I can – so this healing info can be accessible to the ten thousand people on my list. It’s my service to give back. I appreciate that people are getting it and healing themselves.

  4. Hi all,
    I am a fan of acupressure therapy.I do practice this treatment and find wonderful changes in my health.I really recommend this to every body.It can really keep persons well balanced in spiritual and physically

  5. I used to suffer from sinus problems and low immunity problems.I practice this therapy along with it i try to take more vitamin c rich food.I am rid of these problems

  6. I am a fan of acupressure therapy. I practice accupressure regularly and find wonderful changes in my health.I really recommend this to every body. Thank u so much for sharing your knowledge world wide. I am sure u will b receiving blessings from God and the people worldwide for such a good work.

  7. Hello Michael, I’ve believed in Acupuncture and Accupressure since the mid-90’s when I
    first bought my ten’s nerve stimulating machine. I’d like to as you about the acu point GV20. I’ve always believed that it is the soft soft at the top of the head along a line if you drew this line between the ears. The spot is about the size of a nickel. It is the original baby’s soft spot. Am I right in saying this? I work on this spot (GV20) when I have a headache caused by my neck arthritis. What I also need to know is HOW to treat it correctly with my fingers.
    I would like to thank you in advance.
    A. Piceno

    • You are correct about the GV 20 point on the top of the head. Just hold it gently with your middle fingertip and hold the 3rd eye point with your other hand, with your eyes closed.

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