Guided Self-Healing Sleep Disorders Program

I am excited to announce that my Sleep Better Audio Program is now available as an e-program. This self-healing fully guided audio program relieves insomnia by counteracting stress in your upper back, shoulders, and neck area – and actually sends you to sleep.

You can now download my voice, which guides you how to easily stimulate effective acupressure points for relieving and preventing insomnia. Here’s exactly what this exciting program contains.

Learn to counteract sleep disorders with these routines:

1. Acupressure Calming Points in a Chair 
(17 minutes)

2. Acu-Yoga Sleep Better Floor Routine 
(17 minutes)

3. Insomnia Exercises: Preparation for Bed 
(7 minutes)

4. Guided Relaxation & Visualizations in Bed 
(15 minutes)

This Sleep Better Audio Program gives you step-by-step guidance to breathe properly, with creative visualizations for insomnia, and detailed relaxing acupressure instruction to get to sleep, and sleep better.

Illustrations & Graphics come with the program to easily follow along.

My dear 90-year old aunt, who introduced me to Yoga, told me that my audio programs relieved her pain and relaxed her to sleep. “Which techniques helped you most?” I asked her. “Darling,” she replied, “I just listen to your voice and it heals me. Your soothing voice guides me into a good night’s sleep using such easy stretches, self-acupressure, gentle eye movements, and deep breathing. It just sends me into never neverland.”

Order the e-audio Sleep Better now. You’ll save $3 off the Sleep Better CD and get a MP3 download into your computer. There’s no shipping or handling fees on this e-audio. Get all six tracks (60 minutes) and illustrations for $12.95. You won’t be among the over 60 million Americans, plus millions of others around the world, who suffer each year from insomnia, which can lead to serious sleep deficits and health problems.



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    • Sleep Better Audio Program: Over 60 million Americans each year suffer from insomnia, which can lead to serious sleep deficits and health problems. This self-healing program relieves insomnia by counteracting the stress that accumulates in the upper back, shoulder, and neck area. On Sleep Better, Michael Reed Gach’s soothing voice guides listeners into a good night’s sleep by using simple techniques that combine gentle stretching, self-acupressure, eye movements, and deep breathing exercises. This Sleep Better audio program narrated by Dr. Gach himself, gives you skillful guidance step-by-step with the proper breathing, creative visualization for insomnia, and detailed easy and relaxing acupressure instruction to get to sleep and sleep better.

      For illustrations of the actual Sleep Better Routines, go to:

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