Look for St 6 for TMJ jaw problems. See St 3 beside the nose for sinuses.

I’ve had excellent results opening the sinuses and relieving jaw problems, including my own TMJ, simply holding the following acupressure points for a couple minutes at a time.

You’ll have to persist by holding these points for a couple of minutes, several times daily, for a few weeks – to get the best results. There is a lot to learn about how to use these acupressure points and the many things they are good for. I hope you’ll continue reading, to discover the benefits of using these points.

Pressing St 3 the Facial Beauty Acupressure Points

The Facial Beauty Point (St 3) is located at the bottom of the cheekbone (maxilla) directly down from the pupil. This master facial acupressure point relieves a stuffy nose, nasal congestion, and the pressure or pain associated with sinus problems. I have also used this point successfully on a client for facial paralysis.

Toothache and Eye Irritation or Pressure:
I use this St 3 point for tooth pain, eye ache, eye irritation, and swelling around your eyes. The St 3 Point also improves facial muscle tone and increases circulation.

St 6 is the acupressure point for relieving TMJ, jaw spasms, and bruxism or grinding your teeth especially during your sleep. St 6 is located between the upper and lower jaw, on the (masseter) muscle that bulges when the back molars are clenched. Follow my directions in the attached video clip, by holding this point firmly for two minutes several times a day, for a few months to retrain your jaw muscles and to prevent these jaw problems.



Sinus Problems, TMJ, Jaw Pain and Bruxism Acupressure Points — 25 Comments

  1. Thanks Michael,

    I’ve been in and around St-6 (Jaw Bone) for years, but have not really been right on the point.
    Your videos are a great help in locating points–
    The standard textbooks by Deadman and Maciocia should incorporate your videos for each point–
    then it might take only 200 years to learn them all.
    My favorite authority (besides you) on acupuncture points is Debra Kaatz who describes this point as “the place where things can be chewed over so we can swallow what we need.”

    Take care.

  2. I always blink my eyes and wiggle my nose as it’s itchy.
    I have allergies and have been doing this for years.
    Lately this is causing me to have anxiety attacks.
    Would Acupressure help?

    • Acupressure could help you in several ways which would make a big difference. First, firm pressure correctly applied to the points can reduce or may alleviate your allergic reaction. Other points, along with slow deep breathing can reduce your anxiety and take away an anxiety attack. It feels so good to be able to do it yourself, without expensive equipment, and not use drugs that have side effects. Try this for reducing the itchy feeling and when an allergy is coming on: http://www.acupressure.com/blog/?cat=23

      To reduce anxiety, get the book Acupressure for Emotional Healing and check out the Anxiety and Panic chapter.

  3. Dr. Gach,
    Simple; very useful lessons. Please inform if there will be any negative affects if we dont practice these acupressure tips, properly i.e applying pressure not in the perfect points or not the right pressure?

    • If you use common sense, it will be unlikely that you would have negative affects, unless your condition is severe or unstable. People who have been traumatized or abused, may have memories, images, or feelings that arise which can be part of a therapeutic process. If you find that other symptoms or feelings surface that are difficult to handle, I suggest seeing a doctor or other type of helping professional. The correct pressure should be applied gradually, not harsh, fast or invasively.

  4. Hi Michael,

    I have just ordered one of your books, ‘Acupressure’s Potent Points- a Guide to Self-care forCommon Ailments’. Thanks for sharing your information, experience and knowledge so willingly.

    My aunt who is otherwise healthy, suffers from a prolapsed uterus. She is around 70 years old and does not want to go under the knife unless absolutely necessary. I will be most beholden if you can suggest some acupressure points to correct a prolapsed uterus.



    • I think that a good holistic health professional should see your mother, maybe an acupuncturist. If your mother’s condition is minor, then the B points on the sacrum and K points near the public bone would be beneficial. Also the K points around the ankles.

  5. Hi Michael,
    I live in a small village surrounded by wheat and canola fields. In the beginning of spring everybody in my home village have sinus problems from the canola fields flowering.
    Your last information will again be of grate help.
    Thanks Michael

  6. Hi there, I am trying to find out the true translation for the Triple Warmer [Heater, Burner etc] Meridan…..
    Than you,

    • Triple Warmer (TW) is the name of a meridian (an energy flow) which begins on the 4th finger, travels up the outside of the arm, shoulder, neck, around the ear to the outside of your eye. TW governs body temperature, desire, and coordinates the respiratory, digestive and eliminatory functions of the body.

    • For Bilateral inguinal Hernia, use gentle, light pressure on Sp 12 and Sp 13 several times a day for a couple months. All the other Sp points are also helpful for moving the energy through the inguinal area.

  7. I just discovered you website, and thank you for sharing so much!

    My question is: When i tried the points for the jaw, is it normal to feel the puls strongly ? I have snapping in my left side, and my jaw goes slightly more to the right when opening up my mouth. I can feel LOTS of tension in the area right beneath my earflip.

    • By holding the tension connected to your jaw, beneath your earflap, for about three minutes with just enough pressure to connect with the tension while breathing deeply, several times a day – you can make progress. That super strong pulse is the result of your blockage. You are on to something here, but it takes patience and time. Keep up and let me know how it goes after a month or so.

  8. I’m going to give this a try to stop grinding at night! I definitely feel the “hurts good”. I am wondering what it means that when I press on the jaw muscles, I get achy around my knees and feet? I have a lot of pain in my legs but it really flames up when pressing on my jaw. Any reason why that might be?

    • Yes, the Stomach meridian goes through the jaw joint and travels down the length of the legs. Work on St and Sp points.

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