Most people know that the point in the webbing, between your thumb and index finger, the Hoku Point (LI 4) relieves headaches. But, did you know that this point also reduces inflammation and pain in all parts of the body?

    Press this Acupressure point firm enough to hurt good. It’s one of the points in the new book Acupressure Pain Relief by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D., which is hot off the press as a quality paperback book. This short video above gives more details how inflammation causes pain in the body, and demonstrates how to best use this famous therapeutic trigger point.



Pain Relief: Anti-Inflammatory Acupressure Point (LI 4) — 25 Comments

  1. Hi Michael,

    Your demos help a lot – even though I have 2 of your books.
    How’s the new book different from the first 2?

  2. Nice video Michael and thanks for sharing. I have used this point before for headaches but did not know it was good for general pain. Richard

  3. My new book, focuses on how to relieve pain, all kinds of pain, in all areas of the body.
    There are special chapters on how you can use diet to reduce pain, daily exercises for coping with pain, points for headaches, hand pain, back pain, hip, leg, knee pain, neck and shoulder pains, chapters on Arthritis pain relief, how to make tools to press the pain relief points on your self at home, and a special chapter on Fibromyalgia that so many people suffer from. You can expect the book to have hundreds of clear, useful illustrations, to make it easy to do.

  4. Dr. MRD,

    I should say this is the simplest and probably one of the best pain relief techniques because apart from inflammation, it can give relief from pains all over the body.

  5. Hi Michael

    Your advice ALWAYS provides relief…I recommend your site as one of THE best on the web.
    Love yoga, eat well, however when in pain….your demonstrations always heal.

    Much Appreciated


  6. Hello Michael, Thank you so much for giving me a chance to learn. i really really big appreciate that its so very useful, especially that i can give help to those people. They come to me and i help them by using the acupressure points that you are teaching me. Its helpful to those who can not afford….I love to help people who needs my help without any return from them….I use it on the poor people that need my help….May the spirit of the lord guide you and bless you all the time……..Hope you don’t get tired of teaching me. Please send any ideas for me to help poor people. With your help, we help people…..Thank you so much for your time to me. God Bless….

  7. Dear Michael, Hi

    Its too good, I am personaly congratulate you. can we reduce the uric acid or thoyrod
    by accupressure. Plz mention some points. Thanks.

    Vinod kumar.
    +91 -9257306079

    • For acupressure to work well for reducing uric acid and for thyroid imbalances, working with diet, therapeutic exercises, breathing therapeutics, Qi Gong, and positive visualizations to make the following acupressure points work more effectively: B10, K 27, St 36, and Sp 16.

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  9. Hi Michael,
    I blew out my left shoulder (again) while benching about 215 pounds. After a couple of weeks I realized that rest had done as much as was possible. I got out the Stress less Acupressure & Qi Gong Breathing exercises. After the very first round I experienced improvement. I’ve still got a lot of healing to do, but am confident that I’ll recover fully. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your great work.


    • This is fantastic. Do protect the shoulder injury as much as possible, so you do not re-injure it.
      Thanks for letting us know that the Stress Less Acupressure & Qi Gong Breathing exercises are helpful.
      Sending you healing wishes.

  10. Thx Michael
    This video is very informatory & helpful You give me a chance to learn more on this subject of self healing I’ve already started sharing this precious knowledge with others who also find it good. do keep in touch with interested people like me of your good work. God Bless

    • I am so glad you and your friends are interested in learning acupressure.
      Thank you for the gentle encouragement. The healing info, methods, and connections are enormous.

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