In 1979, a powerful voice came to me when I was unconscious. I had been hit over the head in my bed by a blow that nearly killed me. I was sound asleep on my side in my unlocked studio. Whoever entered to steal the $12 in my wallet, took one of my bar bells, and smashed my head when I stirred in my sleep.

I remember my near death experience hearing a voice that was very familiar, yet at the time I couldn’t identify who it was. Over and over I heard the voice tell me,

“Let yourself go… Just let yourself relax …

Just surrender… Go to a higher place…”

And then it would repeat, “Let yourself go….”

A few years later, Joan introduced herself to me as the first person to visit me in the hospital, when she found out I had a fatal head injury. She rushed over and was able to get to me before my parents arrived from Los Angeles. I didn’t recognize her at all. She turned out to be Reuho Yamada’s life coach, my Zen Shiatsu teacher’s friend and spiritual guide. That’s when I realized the voice I was hearing over and over, was the voice of my teacher, Reuho Yamada.

That near death experience transformed me from being an acupressure practitioner – to being able to expand and amplify what I had to teach. Due to this injury, I was incapacitated for four months, weak, dizzy, with blood in my eye, and depressed. I reached into my soul.

I realized that after being in private practice for seven years giving acupressure, this horrific, near death experience made it extremely difficult for me to practice. In asking the universe what my next step was, I vowed to amplify what I had to offer the world with the healing teachings I had been given. From then on, I rarely gave individual sessions; instead, I began to teach, develop the Acupressure Institute curriculum, write books, and produce instructional self-healing videos.



Near Death Experience – Turned my Disaster into Growth — 7 Comments

  1. Wow, I’m so glad you posted this. I, too, had a NDE that changed my life and the way I walk in this world. Some years back when I had to sadly cancel an acu-yoga class with you, you returned my call and surprised me with your highly intuitive and innate knowledge of my unspoken reasons for doing so. I know that NDE’s can heighten this ability and wonder if that is true in your case. – – Thanks again for sharing so much of your life and knowledge with us. Warmest regards, – – Judy

    • I think that a near death experience (NDE) can go either way — similar to fear. It can open you to extraordinary perceptions and awaken your liveness or shut you down. I was blessed to be taken care of and surrounded by love from my family after having a near death experience. This made it possible for me to go deeply within, to ask myself what my next step would be to use the healing knowledge I had been given in my life. I realized that I was getting burnt out doing one-on-one work with people. So, when I asked for guidance, I was told to find ways to amplify my ability to heal others. That’s why I began to focus my work on writing books and producing videos so many more people could obtain the benefits of using the acupressure points.

      Some call it magic, some call it touch.
      I know its healing, and I love it so much. . .

  2. A year ago, I had an aortic dissection , a NDE, as my doctors here in Japan gave me 4o% chance to live ! While on surgery, I was informed that I had a stroke which left my left arm/hand and leg/foot paralyzed. I survived , hence my NDE, but after about a year and a half with sessions of therapies, I still am not cured completely, still walking with the aid of a cane and still my left hand can’t function normally. I wonder if I could use acupressure to benefit my healing ? my left arm and hand is in pain every morning when i wake up. I have spasms in my left arm and legs still……I hope to benefit in your magic touch ! Your healing power !

    Thank you !

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. I think that you’ll need some individual guidance for you to benefit. Consider going to an acupuncturist if your overall condition is strong enough. To help you with the spasms in your legs, try pressing the GV 26 points, located between your nose and upper lip, in the center, pressing into your gem. I send you healing wishes.

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