Learn how to find and use Acupressure points to improve your memory and transform negative thoughts. This special mental healing point, GB 14, can reprogram your mind, release mental stress and cultivate mental health.

Children and teens can use this point to clear their mind while taking tests at school. Elderly folks find it useful for memory, especially when having a “senior moment” of forgetfulness. Everyone can use it to deal with the stresses and pressures of daily life.

GB 14 is located above the center of your eye, one finger’s width above your eyebrows. Use a light, gentle touch on these points as you breathe slowly and deeply for a couple of minutes.

For more info on using Acupressure points for relieving headaches and other types of pain, see the book Acupressure Pain Relief by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.



Memory & Recall Acupressure Points (GB 14) to clear your mind and melt negative thoughts — 23 Comments

  1. Please post me all follow ups, I am a healer in Accupunture, Spiritual Yoga and External Theraphy.
    Regards and Thanks
    Dr.Shaikh Mohideen

  2. I wanted to thank you for sharing all this valuable information. Do you have an acupressure point for autoimmune disease?

  3. Sir,

    Thank you for your link on pain relief by accupressure.

    I would like to seek your advice on my specific health issues. I am a 62
    years old female, and my general health condition is ok for my age excepting
    HIP PAIN, which though not acute, is a nagging pain which bothers me all
    the time. More than pain, it is a kind of stiffness I experiencce on every movement while bending/ turning on either side etc all around the lower lumbar region,
    especially early in the morning. I find it
    difficult to sit, to get up from the sitting posture and to bend etc.
    I have been diagnosed having osteoporosis in 2004, since when I have been taking calcium & Vit D supplements. I also
    take medication for hypothyroidism and cholesterol. My weight is 46 Kg
    and height 155cm. My static weight was 50 kg for so many years till the recent past, now getting reduced.

    I have difficulty bending my knees also (while sitting on squatting posture) since the last 6 years after I developed Chikkun Guinea fever in 2008.

    I am very keen on finding a solution by your natural therapy. Could you please
    suggest me the appropriate accu points and method of applying pressure for
    my ailments. Please specify the method of applying pressure, duration, how many times per day etc.

    Looking forward to your answer soon!

    Best regards

    • Natural ways are not instant, take work, time, and perseverance – but are worth it! Are you willing to spend a half-hour 2 or 3 times a day? Are you with me?

      I am going to give you some free tips and recommend some programs you will need to order. First, try to find a gentle yoga class – a teacher you like or who inspires you. Second, cut your salt, meat, and sugar intake in half to help your body be more in balance. Third, get these items:


      The Less Stress DVD done twice a day can help you tremendously.

      I believe that if you devote 1/2 hour practices 2 to 3 time daily, using these programs, you will be able to get relief. Here is a free video to do:

      Please take notes on what works and in a couple of months please give me specific feedback, with any of your questions.
      With healing wishes, Michael

  4. Sir,

    thanks for your valuable tips. I want to ask you, how long we can see the results. Will these work instantly or it will take some days of time?

    Sreedhar, Kadapa, India

  5. Sir, are there any pressure points…for nasal polyps… Because they are in both nostrils,and make breathing very very difficult for my husband.

    Also daily before bedtime at night he has to use nasal drops otherwise he cannot sleep and breathe.
    Along with the above problem, he also has a deviated nasal septum…Sir please if you could help us with some vital points.

  6. These two points shown in the video, are the ones on which we naturally tend to put our Thumb and middle finger when we do not recollect some thing that we read, etc. – at least that is what I observed with people in India!

    There is one praanaayaama called Bhraamari in Patanjali Yoga, in which we keep two fingers at these points while exhaling air slowly through the mouth with mouth closed.

  7. Hello Michael,

    Thank you very much for the instructions about clearing mind and melting negativ thoughts that I just looked at it.

    I had hard day at school full of stress and tension which caused me more pain. Så it was very nice to try this points and feel a bit glad after your homuristic way to advice.

    I wish you healthy and happiness.

    Best regards,

  8. hello sir, firstly i thank you for your great blogs.. love you sir..
    sir, i am engineering student.. i have an exam in 20days and but, i can’t sit stable with books and my interest and determination will not be even for 10minutes.. i want me to sit stable n concentrate on books, not to divert my mind, focus well, memorize superbly, think smart, creatively, and HOW TO REDUCE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS??

    and my big problem is, ‘my brain cannot respond quickly.. i don’t know why..;
    i.e., reaction rate of my mind is low.. how to make it high n my brain should be IDEAL..!
    AND i should use my brain 100%..!!
    please suggest me some acupressure points sir..

    thanking you sir, 🙂

    • I hope you will use this GB 14 point several times daily, holding it light while breathing slow and deep.
      Also use the 3rd eye point (GV 24.5) in the dip between your eyebrows. Again, hold it lightly for 2 minutes, while breathing slow and deep. As you hold this point, put your concentration on where you are touching. Keep practicing it and you’ll get better and better on concentrating right on the point between your eyebrows. You’ll get small improvements in your morale and your ability to think more positively and concentrate especially if you eliminate all sugar from your diet. It takes months and months of practice, but slowly very slowly you will improve. Work at it – making your breathing deep.

  9. Hi Michael,

    Do you have any recommendation for vegeterians to get enough iron? Every some months I get problems like feeling very weak – especially dizzy when I stand up – more headaches and tiredness. Ater blood test doctors priscribe iron tablets, but it’s the same again some months later.

    Best regards,

    • Cook on an iron pan. Parseley is awesome for iron.
      Try sea vegetables – do some research – using Google.
      Eat more greens, both lightly cooked and in the summer time more raw if you can digest them.
      Get some more exercise, stretching, and worry less and think about what you are grateful for.

  10. Dear Michael, thank you so much for the great info, videos and audio programs. I am forever in your debt and consider you my teacher of acupressure.
    I would like to ask for your help for this gum disease I’ve been suffering for so long. Anytime I eat carbs or cheese, or chocolate, my gums shrink away so painfully. I don’t know what else to do. I can do without cheese, but not without bread or nutella, so the more I want to steer clear of those, the harder I fall. The maximum is one day of good behavior. The rest is fleeting pleasure and lots of pain. Please help. Thank you.

    • How much pain do you have to go thru to get the point? Come on, these foods are super over rated given the reaction you have. Acupressure on Lv 3 and St 36 and TW 5 can help but you have to change your entire way of purchasing food, re-inventing your entire kitchen, and start in with more celery sticks, carrots, veggie smoothies with lots of greens which can be delicious. Get support from friends, from a nutritionist, or a yoga therapist or bodywork therapist. Now press GV 26 below your nose and say to your self – “No more Nutella!”

  11. Thanks a lot for the advise.
    Sometimes I get breathlessness in the winter season and lasts for about 1 to 1 and 1/2 month time and then disappears. Kindly advise some accupressure therapy.
    Thanks a lot
    God bless u
    Tk care

    • There are a number of approaches that could help you. Using Lu 1 and B 13. Or working on the K and B points especially in the lower and upper back. K 27 would be an excellent point for you.

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