K 27: Master Acupressure Points

Everyone should know that according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupressure point K 27 on your chest is an effective point for relieving throat, chest, and back pain. K 27 also opens your ability to breathe deeply, which is key to releasing endorphins, the neuro-chemicals that relieve pain. Since it’s such a versatile, accessible point, I used it in my book, Acupressure’s Potent Points on common complaints, more than any of the other acupressure points. K 27 is easy to reach and effective for hundreds of complaints.

K 27 Acupressure Points (on both sides) are good for chest congestion, phlegm, coughing, throat spasms, sore throats, shallow breathing, difficult breathing, chest tightness, chest pain, anxiety, agitation and thyroid gland irregularities.K 27 is the master Yu Point; its also the exit point of the kidney meridian. The 12 Yu Points along the spine correspond and benefit all of the internal organs. I have found the Yu Points to be the most effective acupressure points for balancing the health and functions of the body. When you open K 27 by holding it for a couple minutes while breathing deeply, the benefits of using the spinal Yu points increase.

Point Location: To find the K 27 acupressure points (see my video clip here) place your fingertips below your collarbone. Rub with firm pressure, feeling for an indentation and soreness. When you get the point, you will feel a connection with your throat or chest, especially when you deepen your breath.

Self-Care Instructions: I suggest using your right hand to press the left side of K 27 on your chest, with your left hand pressing the right side of K 27. You can do just one side if only one hand is free. Use enough pressure to connect with the tightness or soreness. Hold for 2 minutes as you breathe slowly and deeply. Repeat 3 to 5 times daily for greater effectiveness.
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  1. Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s going to be Happy Hoilidays at my house! I just ordered Michael’s “Acu- Yoga” book and the 3 in 1 “All in One Acu-Yoga” DVD!!! Because I have been a very good girl, I am also going to order his audio versions of his CD “Release Back Pain” I already have the CD and its wonderful, how easy and great it will be to have it on my computer were I can take it with me everywhere!
    I have one question: it’s says Mp3, would I be able to download the audio and the “Bum Back” to my iPhone or iPad? I know Apple products can be picky if downloads are not through iTunes? Can’t wait to receive my items!
    ~ As always a faithful reader and member of the Dr. Michael Reed Gach Accupressure Community! “Don’t only Read It- Live it” ~ Debra

    • Bless your heart. The mp3 audio download is standard for most systems, and should work. Let me know if you have a problem, so I can support you to be able to get and use the program. I appreciate that you intend to play and practice it over and over again to get the benefits of using acupressure. Blessings to you!

  2. Hello Michael, This is an off topic question, but I have learned that I can trust what you share with your readers. My families 16 year old cat, I know not your area, has gone into kidney failure. I have gone online and there are endless sites for holistic pet care. It there a site that you would reccomend? Thank you for your time and continued Kindness! ~ Debra

  3. Thank you for this e-mail. I have included these Acupressure K27 points into my facebook account. I think it will be helpful for everyone suffering from these problems. I am also suffering and I believe that it will benefit me. Many many thanks.
    Md. Ahsanul Habib

  4. Dear Michael,
    Thank you for the tips K 27 for bak pain, I wait also to acupressure for weight loss, ok!.
    Merry Chrstmas and happy 2012 for all over of us!.

  5. Michael
    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism several months ago and because I am very determined to take as many natural paths to maintaining my health I resisted and began with kelp supplements. I also went online and googled acupressure points for thyroid and found my way to your Your Tube video! I am a changed person. My renewed vigor is miraculous and it’s all because of K-27! My digestion and even my vision have improved. I have been reading your website and reviewing your blog and am slowly integrating more of your suggested acupressure points into my health maintenance. I cannot thank you enough for posting this life affirming information.
    Norma Wellwood

    • Oh my – what a blessing! Please share this with others, so more people can discover the benefits.
      I hope you have a happy holiday!

      • : (con’t) E.g. if you have an annular tear, light maasgse and stretching would improve blood flow and speed up the healing process. Re: osteopenia and the herniated disc, avoid applying any pressure directly or indirectly on the spine i.e. loads on the back, massaging directly on the spine, thumping of back etc.In the long term, low impact, weight bearing (probably bodyweight or lighter e.g. aqua-aerobics) exercise would help with bone density and muscle stability issues

    • What a helpful comment! A dear friend has just had part of her thyroid removed, and is struggling to find the right medication. I will share this with her. Thanks a lot. I am a long-time fan of Michael’s book but only just found his online presence.

  6. It’s fine to have the exact location of acupressure points, shown by you. I hope that other alternate therapy treatments guide people to get well using their own treatment. The most important thing of this path is that it has no side effects. Thank you for this type of awareness towards self-treatment.

  7. Welcome Norma, I had the same life changing experience by reading and reviewing Michael’s blogs! Ask Michael about or visit his web site, it is filled with books, videos, DVDS, charts, and more! I highly recommend any of his packages. For me, each one has been money well spent. I wish you endless blessings of joy and wellness in your life. ~ Debra

  8. I have read Michels books Acu Yoga and Potent Points,the best books on Acupressure,very practical,simple and gives good results.I have been practicing Acupressure,Reflexology,Yoga and other Healing techniques for the last 25 years in Bangalore India.Ip can say Acupressure is most effective healing system no side effects.I must congratulate Michael for your valuable contributions to Acupressure may god bless you.
    R.K.Dham Bangalore, India.

  9. Thanks michael,

    One of my taiji students complained of a pulled muscle in the middle of her back.
    Not critical in and of itself, but she also has Parkinson’s, very rigid knees and a bladder infection. So I literally had to pull her up from a seated position.
    (We work with Qi in the hands).

    At first I told her that she had better go to the heated pool at the hospital.

    But for good measure I had her massage K-27s.
    (both left and right)
    (on the right–with left finger, first clockwise pressing in, then lightly withdrawing counterclockwise–my idea of imitating a hurricane’s counterclockwise spiral in the northern hemisphere)
    (and vice versa on the left side)
    Back muscle pain immediately resolved.

    Then I also had her trace all Kidney points (but not massage).

    So simple, so effective.

    A couple of days later at home the muscle strain re-occurred.
    She remembered K-27 and permanently resolved the back muscle tension.
    On her own she remembered to massage K-27.

    Happy New Year.

    • What a great acupressure story! Thank you for sharing your successful point application using K 27 for back spasms. We all benefit knowing the simple details of what actually worked. Helping someone with acupressure is a wonderful feeling.

  10. Hi MICHAEL,
    Thank you so much for all these information and articles that help us lot…
    I need your help , my dad is suffering from Gout ( in french la goutte), and i want to know is there any treatement about it?
    thank you so much.
    Amal from morocco.

    • For Gout Pain Relief – the most important point is Lv 3 which is illustrated here. This is the liver balancing point. For further benefit, I would suggest stretching gently several times a day and eating more fresh green vegetables, raw and lightly cooked. Holding the base of the toe nail on both sides of the large toes would simulate other points for relieving Gout pain. Sending healing wishes.

  11. I saw this article not too long ago, and I was SO happy about it too. There have been countless times when people have asked me questions about this topic . But it’s nice to know that there are other people out there who think the same way.

    • It’s just little old me, presenting my life’s work on how to use hands-on healing – so millions can benefit to make this a better world.

      • My understanding of Carpal Tunnel is over use of msluces eg. using the computer mouse too much and cause the strain in the msluces. The acupoints in the video you watch gives you pain relief but not strengthen the msluces of your mentioned problem. Specifically for back pain eg L4, L5, I have detailed acupressure programs in my book to strengthen the msluces surrounding the spine. Acupressure helps by releasing the blockages and tension in the body and the body heals itself naturally.

        • Carpal Tunnel has many more causes. Most importantly Tw 5 with P 6 can release the blockage and relieve the pain.
          For back pain, I agree with your closing last statement.

  12. Hi Michael, I enjoyed your recent workshop on the potent points. I have a specific pain area that I haven’t been able to find information on. I hurt the tip of my tailbone area many years ago from repeated sit ups on a hard surface. The pain feels deep and rubbing the area doesn’t help. It now hurts when I sit for an extended period of time especially on a plane or bike. Can you please suggest a pressure point to help relieve the tip of my tailbone area? Much aloha 🙂

    • This injury is difficult. The area must remain protected. Acupressure points on the sacrum with CV 1 (in privacy) can increase the speed of recovery. Carefully try using Zheng Gu Shui, a Chinese external analgesic lotion on your lower sacrum, but be very careful to not to let any of this lotion near your private parts. Ask a teacher at the Acupressure Institute to show you how to approach GV 1 gently. If you have a significant other or best friend, encourage them to learn from getting a session from this trustworthy Acupressure Institute teacher how to gently hold GV 1 to heal your tailbone.

  13. Hellow Sir,
    This is luckshit parasher from India…..I and 18 year guy suffering from severe neck stiffness and deadly pain.I took an X-Rays and reports said that my 2-3 vertebrates slightly spread and extrude from the edges..I started going to Physiotherapy but not much effect i was able to get.
    My neck and shoulder make crunching sounds and severely pain. I am not able to do any physical activity with my full attentions.
    Sometime my pain causes headache. One more thing is that ,the pain is only in left side of my neck.

    Sir, i made so much effort and seen so much pain to write this msg…..PLEASE HELP ME BY YOUR TREATMENT …..ASAP

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