I want you to know how effective Acupressure is for sleep disorders. This article gives you a couple of Acupressure points to sedate your energy for counteracting insomnia, plus tips to help you get to sleep, or get back to sleep.

Insomnia sleep disorder Acupressure Points K 6, B 62

The Acupressure Points (K 6 and B 62) between your heel and anklebones (on both sides) have traditionally been used to relieve and prevent insomnia. The acupressure point on the inside of the heel below your inner anklebone is called Joyful Sleep. Can you guess what to do to obtain joyful sleep? Just hold this ankle acupressure point while taking deep breaths for a few minutes before you go to bed.


The Acupressure points on the outside of your heel, below your outer anklebone are called Calm Sleep. Pressing these ankle points together by placing your thumb on one side and your fingertips on the other side of your ankle, can relieve pain from the waist down, and enable your body to relax deeply for a good night’s sleep. This acupressure technique and the following tips are easy to teach your child.

4 Tips for getting to Sleep Naturally

  • Gentle Stretching – Before you try to go to sleep, gently stretch your arms, legs, side-to-side bends, and massage your shoulders and neck.
  • Eye Stretches – With your eyes open, move your eyes slowly in a large circle – three times in each direction. Repeat this slow eye rotation with your eyes closed while breathing deeply. End by stretching your arms up and back as you take a few deep breaths.
  • Induce Yawning – Exaggerate several yawns, as you stretch your arms and legs.
  • Deeply Relax – Nestle comfortably into a very relaxed position. Take several slow, deep breaths as you enjoy relaxing. Focus on taking slower and deeper breaths. Let yourself completely relax.

Causes of Insomnia:
The inability to get to sleep, or stay asleep, can be caused by emotional distress, noise, jetlag, sexual frustration, medication side effects, drinking caffeine or overeating before bedtime.

For further guidance, check-out Sleep Better.



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  1. I certainly appreciate your good advice. It is so much better than swallowing drugs, which may do more harm then good in the end. Thank you so much for sharing; your generosity is amazing, and your ideas really work every time. Thanks again, Dilys

    • I am happy these acupressure point teachings are helping you. I truly believe that these acupressure points and tips often work better than drugs, especially due to the harmful side effects. That’s why I want more people to know about Sleep Better – the fully guided acupressure program for insomnia and sleep disorders, available as a CD or as downloadable audio files of my voice guiding you to sleep.

  2. Hi Michael,
    I love your acupressure tips. However, today’s posting raised a question: the text says B62, whereas the video says B60. Which one is it? Thanks in advance for clarifying!

    • The point I was trying to make was B 62, below the outside of the anklebone. Sorry for the confusion. Actually both points are used to relax and calm the body – so there would not be any bad outcome if a person used either acupressure point. Thank you so much for getting this clarified.

  3. Sleeping difficulties that evolve with age are usually due to hormonal imbalances,especially in women. Deficiencies of progesterone and melatonin are common. Low thyroid hormone will cause blood sugar imbalances that will cause waking at 2-3 am with sweating.

    • Thank you for contributing a medical perspective especially about hormonal imbalances. Acupressure points open the flow of vital energy throughout the body, which results in balancing the hormones – one of the reasons why acupressure therapy is so effective, especially for women. By releasing stress and improving the circulation, greater balance is achieved for wellness.

  4. let me know which points are to be pressed for recovery from palsy of radial nerve and atrophy in optical nerve. I have no vision in my right eye.
    waiting eagerly for the reply.\Regards
    A Shrivastava

    • Medical attend is primary, and most important. All the acupressure points would be good for you, but here are some potent acupressure points for you: GB 20, GV 16, B 2, Lu 9.

  5. sir
    thank u very much for your advice.
    i read ur articles regularly and they are indeed excellent.
    i am MBBS MD and have strong faith in accupressure.
    i will be more interested in Gastro intestinal disorders and their pts.
    thanks for everything

    • For Gastro intestinal disorders one of the strongest Acupressure points is CV 6; its a remarkable point for both prevention and relief. For prevention, CV 6 strengthen the condition and improves the function of the colon. The benefits of the point are massive. Here is a blog I wrote on this: http://www.acupressure.com/blog/?p=626

    • First see a medical doctor for any skin disease. In traditional Chinese medicine, the Lung and Large Intestine acupressure points govern the skin. However, the cause of the problem needs to be explored and determined in a holistic way. Years ago I had a skin disorder that was dry, itchy, and made my skin look like shrimp. Through a process of eating mono diets I am able to determine that shell fish were causing my disorder. Once I completely illuminated shell fish, the skin disorder never returned.

  6. It is fine to see accupressure points for the present day problems . It will help each and every person to treat themselves by pressing few points and can cure their diseases which is the gift of modern day fast moving life. Hope to get more accupressure points for other types of diseases.

    • Diseases require medical treatment primary; acupressure can be helpful, but not considered a treatment for diseases and infections. On the other hand, acupressure points can relieve thousands of common complaints.

  7. Dear Dr

    I am also a student of AcuPressure, and preparing for my Diploma in Acu Pressure approved by Govt. of India

    Thanks for your continued mail with matters on Acu Pressure. I appreciat ur interest. Thanks for all


  8. Hello to all,
    Well. A am a subscriber of Mr. Michael who was a PHD in Accupressure. He was a inspiring to all of us a great lot. We should strictly adhere and follow all his given instructions and guidance issued to us from time to time.
    The points in Accupressure in which he has been providing to us is really remarkable one and marvelous.
    I would sincerely hope, believe & trust that everybody should follow according to his given instructions and do what he said so that we can splendidly improve from all ailments from the body and have vigour, vitality and gets good stamina.
    Presently, I am also practicing his given instructions with regard to Accupressure points.
    This is for your kind information, please.
    Thanking you,
    With regards,

    S.Venkata giri.

  9. I appreciate the way that you teach and relate technique and information. What you share is very helpful. Thank you. The last couple blogs on sleeplessness and sleepiness have me noticing my sleeping patterns. I have a question about helping snoring. I am noticing that sometimes my insomnia is the result of not being able to sleep because my partner is snoring very loud. Do you have suggestions on a way acupressure can help calm snoring, other than me going to sleep in the other room?

  10. Hello,

    Its has been a great reading so far! Thanks for all the information you share…

    One query: as I am a novice and have never used any kind of Acupressure techniques earlier, is it safe to use these techniques independently without any professional guidance?

    I would really like to try out these techniques but am a bit apprehensive and doubtful if i will be able to do it right…

    Please let me know if there can be any major side effects if anything is done wrongly…

    Hope to hear from you soon. Once again thanks for the great blog!


    • I appreciate your question and apprehension. If you use the following principles and common sense, acupressure is safe:

      1. Apply pressure gradually and slowly. Hold with a light pressure for 1 to 3 minutes. If you are sore, use less pressure. If you are muscular or like pressure, you can increase it until it hurts good. For best results, relax deeply with your eyes closed and breathe deeply for at least 5 to 10 minutes afterward. This deep relaxation enables the acupressure points to balance the systems and healing energy within your body.
      2. Please avoid pressing on: cuts, wounds, tumors, and avoid the area of the throat.
      3. If you are a beginner, do not pressure longer than 3 minutes on any one point.
      4. If you have a medical condition or disease hold the points more gently, for just a minute each, and get medical care.
      5. For more detailed info on acupressure, get the book Acupressure’s Potent Points for further guidance.

      By following these acupressure guidelines and using common sense, you will find that you can use acupressure safely.

    • For Bilateral inguinal Hernia, use gentle, light pressure on Sp 12 and Sp 13 several times a day for a couple months. All the other Sp points are also helpful for moving the energy through the inguinal area. For chronic conditions, it takes at least a few months to make progress. Let me know if this helps. If you do not know these points, get a good acupressure chart.

  11. Hi Michael, Good Day.

    I am going to try these two points, K5 and B62, to induce sleep and will let you know the results.


  12. Hi Michael, Good Day.

    Have you ever tried the constricted breathing technique used in EFT to COPD patients with lung issues who are in need artificial home medical oxygen and one liter fluid restriction per day. What are the acupressure points would you suggest to improve lung capacity and reduce fluid restriction slowly?


  13. Good day,
    I really appreciate the way you describe and guide acu points for different ailments.
    Dear I am 40 years old. I m suffering from azospermia. Sometimes in some reports a few sperms do appear. I want to ask you , is this ailment through acupressure points? plz tell some acupressre points to increase the sperm count. waiting for your reply.

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