So many people have asked me how to hold this pain relief point underneath the base of the skull.  I am excited to share this clip with you, to give you clear instructions on where to press this (GB 20) acupressure point. I’ll show you how to use your thumbs or knuckles to fully discover the benefits. Please share this clip with people who are under stress, suffer from headaches, uptightness, irritability, stiffness, neck problems or aches and pains, including insomnia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue.

GB20 Hortizontal

Gates of Consciousness Point (GB 20)

This clip will give you an excellent sample of the self-healing techniques I am currently writing for a new e-book, which I’d like to make available online next year, so stay tuned. Let me know how this clip works for you in the comments section below. Practice this routine 3 to 4 times daily, to transform how you feel, counteract stiffness, aches and pains. Stimulate this point anytime, anywhere, especially before going to sleep. The results are cumulative; the more you practice, the better you’ll feel the next day. For best results, hold the points 3 to 5 minutes as you breath deeply, sitting in a comfortable chair. Lay down to deeply relax for another 3 to 5 minutes immediately afterward, to gain the full benefits of acupressure point therapy.



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  1. Wonderful!
    I really appreciate your explications, you are a great person in the right place. I live in Spain so can´t attend your classes personally, please make more films like this one.
    With love,

  2. Thank you so much for the beautifully clear instructions ! I have two of your acupressure books ( Potent points & Emotional Healing) and find them very helpful. I do appreciate the videos showing precisely how to place the fingers or knuckles on the correct spots.
    And I would love to see you do an “E” book. thank you again !

  3. Michael, Thank you for the great tips. I appreciate the clarity with which you explain the techniques. They are useful to me and my clients.

    Kind Regards,
    Allee Barr RN, EEM-CP
    Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner

  4. Thanks Michael.
    Your help in locating this pressure point is much appreciated.
    As an amateur player with taiji and acupressure, I am familiar with GB-20,
    but I haven’t had much hands-on experience to locate the precise point.
    When playing with this point, I find that it also helps to tilt my head not only backwards, but also to one side laterally or the other–
    When I just tilt backwards the gaps between the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles tend to close the gap too much and I lose contact with the most tender point of the hollow.
    Tilting a bit to one side (say to the right shoulder) seems to let the mastoid muscle on the opposite side (left) relax a little more.
    Maybe I’ve been probing too low below the occiptal bone.

  5. Presently I am reading your articles, which are really useful, I yet to start practicing as I am yet not very clear of pressure points, for which need your precious help.Thank you & all the best.

  6. Thanks Michael.
    I find your contribution very productive. Would appreciate if you can address any other individual problems specifically.

  7. Michael: You are beyond my judgment. I’ve been following your work for over 1 year. and I’m very impressed for the delicate care you put in your work. I live in Puerto Rico and I teach Oriental Techniques. It’s the first time in my profession I’ve seen someone with such as delicate mission. Thanks Michael

  8. Hello Dr. Michael- thrilled to receive the new post. Can’t wait to see the e-book. If it is half as informative as your other texts, CDs, and DVDs it will be life changing for us all. Thank you for your dedication. ~ Debra

  9. Excellent !! Excellent!! As a learning acu therapist, this illustration is highly useful to me and I have shared this information with my friends.. Expect more illustrations like this this for Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Lumbar Ache, Sinusitis, Osteoporosis, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy etc.,

    • Diabetes is a medical condition which requires a medical attention. Acupressure can be somewhat helpful, but not a cure. Since you’re not the first to request this, I’ll consider creating a video clip on this in the future so stay tuned.

  10. Dear Michael,
    The points GB20 are really a great discovery.please tell me what are the acupressure points one must use when feeling lethargic.

    • Feeling tired, exhausted, and lethargic is a great topic for a blog poster. Thanks for the suggestion; stay posted.

  11. Hey. I was wondering do you know the pressure point on your wrist for sea sickness?. I get it often when travelling by ship and prefer pressure points then other ways. Thank you.

  12. Great site – bummer I just ordered your reflexology and acupressure booklet and then you released the eBook version – oh well moving forward it is good to be able to get the eBooks as I live in Canada. I look forward to more videos – this one is very easy to follow and very well illustrated. Thank you = Cari

    • I am sure that you’ll be glad you have the hard copy of these booklets refer to.

      Video (dvds) are my passion. I can show so much, to empower people – its very exciting.
      I goal in life, is to produce many self-healing and instructional videos to made acupressure
      applications accessible.

    • I am sure that you’ll be glad you have the hard copy of these booklets refer to.

      Video (dvds) are my passion. I can show so much, to empower people – its very exciting.
      I goal in life, is to produce many self-healing and instructional videos to make acupressure
      applications accessible.

  13. Thanks for the added video. You know that there are so many people who suffers neck pain, headaches and this Insomnia glad you shared this video to us. it would be a great help in knowing those ideas you give.

  14. So grateful you’re staying technologically current by blogging, sending out newletters and making instructional videos, thank you Michael!!!! Your classes and trainings have changed my life and I’m so proud to be an Acupressure Massage Practitioner.

  15. Really your post is really very good and I appreciate it. It’s hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it. You write very well which is amazing. I really impressed by your post.

    • Good. Now that I’ve impressed you, I hope you’ll earnestly practice these self-healing methods to actually discover the benefits yourself.

  16. Thank you so much Michael, it is really helpfull. I would like to have your tutorial cd but I do not have any credit card to pay long distance order. I am living in Indonesia so the Bank will cost me a lot if I sent the money thru the Bank. Anyway I enjoy of receiving your emails and practise it into myself and others. Once again, thank you so much. God bless you.

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