Feeling Heavy, Sluggish, Tired or Depressed?

Do you know someone who is sluggish, heavy, tired or gets depressed? Well, it may be the result of their diet. Traditional Chinese Medicine (which acupressure therapy is part of) teaches how common foods, various tastes, and cooking methods affects emotions, attitudes, sexual energy, and the state of our health.

Feeling heavy, stiff, tired, sluggish or depressed is not who you are; however, it can be a result of what you’re eating. What you eat can have a direct affect on how you feel. If you eat rich, heavy food, you may feel sluggish and tired later. What you ingest has to be processed and then creates a chemical reaction, which affects your internal condition, and your overall state of being.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, muscular stiffness is related to the condition of your liver and gall bladder, which govern the digestion of fats and oils. If you love to eat rich foods like ice cream, chips, fried foods, rich desserts, butter, and cream sauces – you’re taxing these internal organs, which will make your body feel heavy, sluggish, and stiff.

The Liver and Gall Bladder Meridians also govern control issues, making decisions, and judgmental attitudes. Someone stuck in any of these areas, may likely suffer from stiffness, excessive seriousness, heaviness, fatigue, or depression. If you change your diet, eliminate rich foods, and eat more greens containing chlorophyll such as Swiss chard, kale, romaine lettuce, and broccoli – over a few months, you’ll change the chemistry within your body, and feel remarkably better.

Stretch many times daily – in your spare moments to benefit your liver and gall bladder. A great time to stretch is while waiting in line. Stretching once in a while is not enough. Stretch often each day and eat more greens (both fresh and lightly cooked) to maintain a good quality of life.

Acupressure Wellness Points for Stiffness and Muscular Pain presents how to find and stimulate acupressure points GB 34 and St 36. These points open the healing energy to flow, which tones the muscles, and makes stretching more effective and therapeutic.

Wellness Stretches & Dietary Tips for Longevity, Long Life Exercises to Counteract Judgmental Attitudes & Stiffness, demonstrates easy stretches to enhance the quality of your life.

Anti-Aging Qi Gong Breathing Exercises: Since the body tends to get stiff and tensions get more chronic with age, use this DVD containing acupressure, ancient breathing exercises, and easy stretching to increase your circulation, counteract premature aging, and promote your overall wellness.

Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.
Acupressure Therapy Author

P.S.  I invite you to ask me questions – on any of my blog articles. Use the space below under “Leave your Comments”, so I can respond to your feedback, questions, and interests.



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  1. Tightness/numbness of my feet, sensation like i am walking on rocks or walking on cotton mattress are felt for the whole day. I would like to know acupressure point to relieve the above symptoms. No diagnosis could be made so far. I am 81.

    • Feet Tightness and Numbness – Try the acupressure points in the center of the balls of your feet K 1. Actually I would suggest getting the Reflexology Chart Pack which is discounted so you can clearly see the points and be able to message your own feet. If its your feet are difficult to reach since you are now 81, use a golf ball on the floor in front of your chair and place you foot on the golf ball. Then slowly roll the ball over the bottoms of your feet, to get all your foot reflexology points.

    • The greatest dirfcfenee between acupuncture care and acupressure massage is that in acupuncture, they use needles and heat to reach that actual meridian point, while in acupressure massage, the meridian point is reached by firm but light pressure of the hand accompanied by certain movement toward a particular direction. This may also be used to alleviate muscle discomfort, which is performed by removing the anxiety and tension in the muscle. Most folks prefer acupressure massage to other systems of relaxation as it not only concentrates on particular body parts like neck, back and limbs but takes on a general approach so all meridian points are open to energy flow to offer you a feeling of well being. Among these are massage chairs and air compression system.

  2. Dear Michel,
    I benefited from your discussion and look regularly your blogs. I have issues with my physique, as my hands and legs are very thin and my stomach is coming out, looks very awkward. I will highly appreciate if you could suggest some acupressure points to reduce belly and increase flush on hands and legs. Even after doing regular running and exercises, situation remains same.
    Thank you so much.

  3. What causes cysts?
    My body seems to have a tendency toward them occasionally over many years – a small fatty cyst on my shoulder once, 2 breast cysts that only contained fluid, were aspirated, with no remaining problem, and currently liver & ovarian. Am seeing a doctor – but also want to do what I can naturally. You might also want to know that my thyroid was damaged from radioactive iodine test by doctor – Haschimoto’s Thyroiditis – tried natural products & was making progress but became expensive – am on synthroid – not quite adequate but gets me by. Otherwise, have been healthy throughout my life – never any need for medications.
    I know that you cannot provide medical advice. Are there certain points or meridians I need to work on?
    THANKS for all your good work.

    • The cause of your cysts is an energy blockage. Using acupressure will increase your circulation and make you healthier. Your energy flow, like most people, tends to get blocked so acupressure can be very helpful if you do it twice daily. I am glad you are seeing a doctor to give you medical care and attention on that important level. We naturally have to work on all levels of your body, mind and spirit. One vital area for you, is to work on moving the energy through your neck to benefit your thyroid gland. Since its been damaged from radioactive iodine, its still important to work on your Thyroid using the Windows of the Sky Points by going here. I wish everyone would do this for prevention to keep their precious thyroid gland balanced.

      In addition, I hope you’ll do a combination for stretching, shaking, pressing, massage and brisk rubbing that stimulate various acupressure points to get your energy flowing and keep it flowing. I will show you how – in the weeks and months to come – as part of my pledge to show everyone the acupressure techniques I try to do on myself daily, especially before I go to sleep. I hope these specific instructions are inspiring and helpful to you.

  4. Thank you Dr. Gach for the wonderful informative articles. I will be buying your products for sure as I work in Medical Hypnosis and Energy Medicine along with acupressure.
    H. Carlini/ Canada

    • How exciting to combine Medical Hypnosis, Energy Medicine and Acupressure Therapy! Acupressure integrates effectively with all other types of healing. In ancient China, acupressure was practiced with many, many other healing methods as a people’s form of health care.

  5. I am suffering now from ftrigeminal neuralgia. How casn accupressure be of help to me. Which part of my body am I going to press. Sometimes i undergo accupuncture and it helps but because quite expensive i can’t finish the session. I have undergone also gammaknife treatment six years ago

  6. Michael,
    Please share with us any and all techniques for deafness, ringing whining in ears,
    and ear pain. I have experienced this sence choldhood. This information would be dearly apperciated, and shared.
    Many people i know, now have access to your news letter.
    Thank You for all you do, Rhonda

    • There are many acupressure points around the ears and over a hundred points on the ears. The kidney meridian is important (all the “K” acupressure points on an acupressure chart) as well as dealing with excessive worry and fear (the root of the word is EAR) and fear in traditional Chinese Medicine relates to the kidneys and the kidneys govern hearing. I would like to create a blog article on this in the future and am adding this to my list, so stay tuned.

    • Great question – that I’m sure many people familiar with both acupressure points and reflexology have asked themselves. There are many ways to combine reflexology with acupressure. As you know, when you find a sore spot on the bottom of the foot, it indicates that there’s a blockage in the corresponding area of the body. So if the arches of the feet are sore, which corresponds to the spine and the back, then you’d look at a good acupressure chart to see the meridians and channels which travel through the back on the Bladder Meridian and Governing Vessel. In this case, since the arches were tender or weak, working on these energy flows would be very healing. Similarly, if you found that the stomach reflexology point is sore, work on the Stomach Meridian as well as its partner the Spleen meridian. If you are interested in this, get my laminated chart that combines Reflexology and Acupressure. If you are a Reflexologist, who is interested in combining more acupressure points, then get a good Acupressure Chart – its the road map of where healing energy goes, and tends to get blocked in the body.

  7. Hello Dr. Michael and All, Another wonderful post! The addition of dietary insights are wonderful. Do you have any recommendatios for those of us dealing with No spleen? Your response was a lightbulb moment! When they removed my spleen, I was not told of all the possible complications. Symptoms that I’ve been
    dealing with for years now make sense. I have
    added all your recommendations to my daily routine. I found the comments about Reflexology and Acupressure very interesting. So, I purchased your booklet “Reflexology and Acupressure : for hands, feet and ears” it is very
    helpful. The charts will be my next purchase.
    Thank you for your time and kindness ~ Debra

    • In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Spleen controls digestion, governs the quality of blood, blood sugar levels, and the cycles and changes within your life. In TCM, the spleen and pancreas are linked together. Since you had your spleen removed, you know how vulnerable your body can become. You still have a Spleen meridian pathway, which is even more vital to work on – and the meridians that follow it, namely the Heart and Small Intestine meridians. Keep working on yourself, through Acupressure, Reflexology and focusing on what you need and want, letting go of your regrets, negative thoughts, and worries.

  8. Micheal. Thank you for the information, you sent to me. i just joined your site about a week ago. I am great full you really want to help me gain an understanding in the department of acupressure. I have been reading acupressure books for some years now, because of my interest in alternative medicine. I luckily found your site in a book I read, so i know you will be of great help to me; Thank you.

    • I welcome you from West Africa to our international Acupressure community. What a blessing it is to take a slow deep breath together, even through we are on completely different sides of the world – we are united with all those who want to live life more fully, gain an understanding of healing our body through these points and natural practices that balance the energy, which circulates from within. The earth has its meridians and flows of its great water ways, and so do we. We’re blessed that technology has brought us to be together, to share this knowledge of how our bodies can naturally rebalance and heal. It’s a pleasant journey that is unfolding in a graceful way. As we share more together in the months to come, and even more hear about our exploration, something wonderful deep within us is growing. . .

  9. I can’t seem to find any comments on overlapping toes. Big toe on each foot overlap top of second toe in each foot. I an told the problem is due to my protruding bunions.
    What can I do?

    • My books and other educational acupressure materials contain a hundred times more information and illustrations. I hope you’ll check it out, especially if you want to learn more. My acupressure chart, acupressure DVDs, booklets, and acupressure books take me years to produce, because I want people to be clear and really get the acupressure points to use to heal themselves and others.

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  12. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my users would definitely benefit from some of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Regards!

      • Fever, some say a few that I have a list from my doctor to avoid foods: paneut butter, hard cheese, wine, coffee, chocolate, MSG is in a lot of Chinese foods, nuts, ham.There is a pretty long list. This helped some. What really helped was changing my lifestyle. I supported my family at that time my husband now works and supports us. But I think it is time to get him help with stress, so I’m off again. Of course I found the cool bath in a dark bathroom to create a calming in (no water) with an ice pack on my neck and forehead or the top of my head . and be left alone for a few days. RX med that is for them far too expensive without insurance. My prayers are with you.

  13. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this superb blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to new updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

  14. Hi,
    I love your website and the way you teach, however I notice I can’t seem to find anywhere that covers shoulder and neck problems. I have been plagued with shoulder and neck pain for over two years now. I have tried accupunture, massage, heat therapy, ice therapy and very little seems to relax the stiffness and pain. Can you suggest anything that may help me. I have spent a fortune seeing various practitioners with very little result. The pain goes from the base of my skull and pulls all the way down the tops of the shoulders and centre of the shoulder blades. It would be fantastic if you could add shoulders/neck in their own section.
    PS. I bought you facial accupressure book, it is brilliant!

    • Relieve Shoulder & Neck Tension – It’s a drag to live with Shoulder and neck tension – its not what life is suppose to be all about.: I am excited to recommend my DVD on how to relieve shoulder and neck tension called “Acupressure for Stress Relief” I do it and it works. I hope you with order it and actually practice the techniques daily, to discover the benefits.

  15. hi,

    i was dw w/MS in 92. after the birth of my son in 2003 i am unable to walk (i think) because my legs are so STIFF constantly. i have tried accupunture, massage,a nd work out everyday and nothing seems to work. any suggestions? herbs?

    • For MS Relief (not a cure): I have found many people with MS have gotten relief and various benefits from the spinal yoga exercises in my Acu-Yoga DVD – which has a 45-minute routine of therateutic exercises called Acu-Yoga for Flexibility which works with the central nervous system through yoga movements for developing Flexibility of the Spine. I hope you try practicing these exercises daily.

      • Well, first reduce your trggier But here are a few ideas. Some people find magnesium helps. Helps me not at allen.Vermeiden trggiers, stress management and can help with prophylactic drugs to prevent migraines. Keeping a migraine journal can help trggier and the effectiveness of preventive measures. Patients should consider the following:-Activities-Emotional factors (eg stress situations) environmental factors (eg weather, altitude changes), food beverages and medications (over-the-counter and prescription)-migraine properties (eg, hardness, length)-physical factors (such as illness, fatigue), sleep patterns, stress-management techniques (eg biofeedback, hypnosis) and stress-reducing measures (such as meditation, yoga, exercise) can help prevent excessive expansion Migre4ne.NaturheilverfahrenMigre4ne by the cerebral blood vessels caused when the scientists do not fully understand what causes the expansion in the first place. Blood vessels expand not just happen spontaneously they are likely to respond to chemical changes occurring in the body sind.Eine naturopathic physician or holistic medical doctor to a complete medical, family, diet and menstrual history, before taking it the cause of migraines. Some of the diseases are excluded bowel problems, mold allergies, vitamin deficiencies, hypertension, TMJ misalignment, food allergies or intolerances, dehydration, spinal subluxations, coffee / caffeine intoxication and aspartame (Nutrasweet, Equal) toxicity among others. All these problems can and migraine symptoms can usually very easily without the use of medication treatment werden.So paradoxical as it may seem, can have a surprising percentage of migraine headaches caused by migraine medications. The rebound effect of the analgesic and ergotomine compounds was implicated as a factor for patients with daily headaches. Discuss this phenomenon with the prescribing doctor if you are more than 30 analgesic tablets a month, or if you regularly use ergotamine derivatives. Retreat from these products can temporarily cause headaches worse, but the total elimination of these products can ultimately lead to more headaches ever.

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