presenting the Acupressure techniques I practice daily for wellness, I feel inspired to show you the Acupressure “Facial Beauty Point” so you’ll look gorgeous. This point underneath your cheekbone, tones the facial muscles and increases blood and energy circulation through your face.  This is one major reason why the Acupressure Face Lift works.

This facial point (St 3) also has tremendous health benefits.  Located at the bottom of the cheekbone (maxilla) directly down from the pupil, this master facial acupressure point relieves a stuffy nose, nasal congestion, and the pressure or pain associated with sinus problems.  I have also used this point successfully on a client for facial paralysis (which I’d like to do a separate blog about someday).

Toothache & Eye Pain or Irritation: I use this point for tooth pain, eye ache, eye irritation, and swelling around your eyes. I’ll write more about using this point for relieving these common ailments, so stay tuned.

Benefits of St 3: The Facial Beauty Point improves facial muscle tone and increases circulation. These facial points are gateways for the Qi life force and blood to flow freely.

Acupressure facial points relieve facial congestion as well as relax facial muscles and connective tissue, which attaches the skin to the muscles.  After years of pulling and stretching the skin, the connective tissue is weakened, causing the skin to slip away from the muscles.  The results are wrinkles and sagging skin.

Learn to Combine Facial Exercises with more Points:  If you want to learn self-acupressure to manage wrinkles, premature aging, sagging skin, and facial blemishes, checkout my Acu-Face Lift booklet. The effectiveness of these facial techniques, which integrates acupressure points, deep breathing, and facial exercises, results from combining these complementary self-treatment practices.

E-Booklet: This facial Acupressure booklet is now available as an E-booklet, so you can get all 20 photos plus 5 line drawings of 40 facial acupressure points and 10 facial exercises into your computer, without paying any shipping. Go for greater health and beauty!



Facial Beauty Point for the Acupressure Face Lift — 75 Comments

  1. Thank you for your e mail on acupressure healing.
    I got a real good one for you to help?……….

    Menears .. Have you ever dealed with it? I have it.. Real bad.. Im also deaf. from it………. Will add more if you are interested………..Thank you

    • I have not worked with this condition. I imagine you’d get some minor relief and the acupressure would certainly help you manage your stress and make you feel better and more stable. Try this point (CV 17) and hand position to see if it gives you a little more stability.

  2. My husband, 58, is recently diagnosed with cysts in both kidneys. One cyst is slightly big. this may be genetic and has no known cure. At the worst, these cysts can grow and kidney failure is imminent.

    Could you please let me know if there are accupressure points that could help reduce the cysts.

    Thank you for a quick response.

    • The acupressure points in the lower back, B 23 and B 47 may be helpful, but not a cure. I encourage you to also ask a couple of acupuncturists.

  3. Hello,
    I was watching your acupressure video and thought perhaps you could mention there is a depression in the cheek bone. If you let your finger or, my preference, the thumbs rest in the depression, it is very easy to massage the point effectively. I sometimes suggest people simply rest their elbows on their table or desk, sit up straight and drop their shoulders, usually the cheek bones then at the right height to rest into the thumb pads….my 2 cents!
    Tsukuba, Japan

  4. sir im a girl i have more hair growth in my legs, chin and above mouth can you cure them make me feel happy abt my face

    • Good question. I am not sure, but I think I have same points and suggestions. Use CV 17, Sp 6 and P 6. If you do not know these point numbers, you can get my acupressure chart. Avoid and reduce salt and meat by all means. Even if these suggestions help a little, I also hope you learn to accept your facial features – they are a sign of strength. Explore and feel good about the strengths within you, as you become a woman.

  5. Hi Michael, your acu-face lift ebooklet looks really interesting. Will definitely order it – any good for a 70 years old (young) lady? One serious question through, I searched through your acupressure book but could not find points for gout. My young son is going to be 40 next year, and he started having gout at the age of 24. He is visiting me just now, and I’d be most grateful if he could show me a couple of points that would help to relieve his pain. Is there a cure for gout? I look forward to your guidance. Jorva

    • I do not think this is the best point for tinnitus. There are points in front of the ears and distal points in the lower back that I think would work better.

  6. You mentioned about a fascial paralysis that you were going to do later. I don’t remember what it is that she has, her left side of face and includes part of the corner of her mouth droops. Not sure if she has any twitching.

    I was wondering if you could send me the points/locations that I could give her?

    By the way, I just ordered your 5 books and the large acupressure meridian chart to go along with it. Should receive it in a few days. Thanks.


  8. sir,

    I am 64 yrs old and vegetarian. For the last 25 yrs I am suffering from hi-tension. The problem is some line of a song is going on repeats in mind. Further, I can visualise the person but the name of this person does not reflect immediately. Till the name is known/ remember, I will be in tension thus unable to sit, stand, sleep, eat etc. It is like mental. I am taking Homeopathic medicine and helped me to a reasonable level. However, still it is not cured fully. Different people advised different treatments but I am following only homeopathic medicine.

    Is there any cure in ” acupressure treatment “. if yes, please let me know step by step procedure. If possible please reply to my mail ID:

    Thanks and regards,


    • For Mental Stress & Tension: I have a formula of Acupressure points and specific instructions which I think may help you – if you sincerely practice these instructions daily. Get the Acupressure Stress Relief DVD and practice it at least once a day, twice a day would be better. Immediately afterwards: hold GB 14 the Mental Clearing Points for a minute while breathing slowing and deeply through your nose. Then practice holding your Third Eye Points with your palms together, your head relaxed forward for healing the mental stress you’ve accumulated over the years. End by holding the Sea of Tranquillity Point (CV 17) to balance all your energies. Please try this and share it with friend who have mental or emotional stresses – its good for prevention and relieve of all kinds of problems that trauma and stress produce. I promise to put this formula together as a self-healing program, so stay tuned.

  9. My younger sister, aged 55 unmarried, is suffering from artheritis knee pain. She could not walk at least few steps so she is getting body weight. Pleasse advise me which acupressure points will give relief from pain. Please help me.
    – meenakshisundaram, madurai tamilnadu, india

    • My heart goes out to you and your sister. Please try Acupuncture for her knee. Her body weight is putting way too much stress on her knee joint which is injured to some degree. I have an illustrated routine in my Acupressure Points book entitled Acupressure’s Potent Points which covers common ailments from A to Z.

    • My heart goes out to you and your sister. Please try Acupuncture for her knee. Her body weight is putting way too much stress on her knee joint which is injured to some degree. I have an illustrated routine in my Acupressure Points book entitled Acupressure’s Potent Points which covers common ailments from A to Z.

  10. Hi Michael,

    I just begun a course on Complimentary and Alternative Medicine. I am interested in ordering the Acupressure meridian chart. and I am also interested on your books. How do I go by ordering one or more of your books? Would you send me a list of your books. Do you have a book on fascial and how to relieve ovarian pain caused from a cyst? My left side beginning to droop a little, beause I found out that I had a light stroke many years ago that effected the right side of my brain. and by placing fingers on the cheek help my fascial?

    Thnk you,

    • For Acupressure Point Charts and Acupressure Books visit
      Thanks for you interest in learning more about acupressure points. Here’s where to order Acupressure Point Charts, and Acupressure books. Also check-out acupressure booklets which are less than $10 and have lots of acupressure info and illustrations. For a list of my books and more, go to:

      For acupressure points for relieving your ovarian pain would be under the heading of sexual (organ) problems in my Acupressure’s Potent Points or Acupressure for Lovers books.

      The Facial acupressure points (St 3) presented in this blog article are good for drooping in your face due to a stroke. Press these acupressure points several times a day, whenever you get a chance. It will take a month or two to begin to see or feel some improvement.

        • I have a questionmy eyes gets itchy soeemimts, and I scratch/ rib on ityes, it bad habit, but it’s impluse, soeemimts I dun notice that I’m rubbing/scratchin on itnow it made these wrinkles and dryness under my eyes that make me look kinda tired, how would you fix this

          • I suggest that you simply hold these facial beauty points for at least 2 to 3 minutes with light steady finger pressure – pressing up underneath your cheek bone.

    • OK, I tried It. I have had back pain for years on and off. I’ve had it back now for a week or so and tried this. It worked, what’s up with that? Is it power of suggestion? It really worked. Wow thanks. I can not believe it still.

      • Great! I am happy you got relief from your back pain. Acupressure is something. Keep in touch and let us know what happens.

  11. Thank you so much – this information is like gold to me. I will get the books you recommended and start my facial acupressure points. I am going to order also the facial book or booklet. I am so thrilled! it’s beyond me. Again, thank you so very much, you’re heaven sent!

      • I sense regret, which will not get you anywhere. I hope you’ll open to this wealth of healing info – using the acupressure points, and embrace it now. What you give yourself and others fully in your life, you’ll gain cumulatively in the long run. Focusing on what you regret will lead to disappointment; while focusing on what you know is true, right and good for your body – will add to your well being.

  12. I have purchased many of Dr. Michael’s wonderful books,DVDs, and CDs for myself and my husband. They have changed my life, but as Dr.M. said, you must stay with it. My last order were purchased as gifts for my family, something I would never do if I didn’t believe in the results. The Less Stress DVD my be the best gift You’ll ever give to yourself or someone you care about.~ Debra

  13. I want to add to the best gifts ever list, the “Stress Releif” DVD and the “Acupressure for Emotional Healing,” book. In one word, they are “wonderful”! ~ Debra

  14. Nice article regarding facial healing. Is there any treatment for blackness below eyes. I tried all chemical treatments and situation got worse. So looking for acupressure treatment for the same.

    • In traditional Chinese Medicine, blackness under the eyes is related to the Kidneys. See your doctor or an acupuncturist for more care. The acupressure points near the Kidneys in the area of the lower back can be very helpful. I will write a blog article and illustrate these acupressure points in the lower back soon in celebration of launching my Back Care book as an e-book very soon. Stay tuned!

  15. Hi Michael

    Would st3 be benefical for graves eye disease also blurry vision and floaters after heavy medications in intensive care or are there other poinTs for this? Also autoimmune ear disease causing deafness + tinnitus advice would be greaTly appreciated.

    Much love


    • inguinal Hernia Acupressure points: I have used gentle pressure on Sp 12 and Sp 13, using the palm of my hand to apply the pressure gradually. Please start with a light touch on these Acupressure points. Take slow, deep breaths as you hold these points sensitively. Increase the pressure ever so slowly and gradually. After a few weeks, you may begin to discover the benefits. Continue for a couple more months to strengthen the health of the area.

    • : I’m not a doctor but imho if you have capral tunnel beware how much pressure you apply to the acupoints near the wrist (and in your case near the base of the thumb since its radial) as it may aggravate your condition. Acupressure probably works on the muscular and nervous system to relieve the pain receptors, but any mechanical problems and deficits would require individualised care.

      • In Acupressure and Shiatsu, there are specific techniques for applying pressure which provides a good deal of pressure but does not injure the wrist or aggravate the carpal tunnel.

    • Good question. I really do not have specific experience to tell you how successful acupressure points are with cataracts or glaucoma. Did you do a Google search under acupressure or acupuncture and cataracts or glaucoma?

    • Thank you, I’ve recently been secarhing for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have came upon till now. But, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you positive concerning the source?|What i don’t realize is actually how you are now not really a lot more smartly-favored than you may be right now. You are so intelligent.

  16. hi michael
    i love your is very helpful.i applied some pressure points for allergies,they work.thank you very much.i want to ask ,is there any pressure point for nasal polyps.if there is then please can you tell me about that point.

    • For this chronic problem, the relief is partial and recovery will usually be slow. Use acupressure points St 36, Li 20, and GV 26. You will find photos and illustrations of these acupressure points in my book entitled Acupressure’s Potent Points, especially in the chapter on the Sinuses toward the end of the book.

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