Here’s a video demo to guide you to use the Detox Acupressure Lv 3 point on the top of your foot, in the valley or webbing between the large toe and second toe. This powerful point balances the Liver meridian. The Lv 3 Acupressure point is a major gateway for energy that flows up your body. It also relieves toxicity, and all kinds of allergic reactions, especially bloodshot eyes, tired or strained eyes, frustration, irritability, and neuromuscular disorders.



Detox & Decongestion: Liver Balancing Acupressure Point (Lv 3) — 24 Comments

  1. Dear Dr. Michael, thnks for your very informative and useful mails. I have been regularly trying these acupressure tips to improve my life, and to get rid of some of the physical problems.

  2. thank you for all the important information you share with people, it’s kind and caring of you to help so many

    • There are many, many points that can or may help relieve and balance your condition. I suggest that you go to an Acupuncturist who can assess the cause and retreat you using TCM. In the meantime, Acupressure points P6 and TW5, TW 15, St 3, GV 14 and CV 17 may help you.

  3. About detoxing with Lv 3 point
    The same day I began these instructions I felt some activity, a light pain in the left area of my throat, related perhaps to ganglia. I must say that I have a tooth internally inflammated inside the gums at the level of the root. The day after, the pain related to that tooth ceased and has not repeated again. Is it possible that the abscess gave up? If so this is a marvelous system of personal health care. Please inform me about some points suited for tooth abscess. Thanks in advance.

    • I am very happy that Acupressure has helped you relieve your pain and discomfort.
      You need to be treated by a dentist. You need dental care.

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  6. Not sure if I already asked this or not, but what are best acupoints for healing adrenal exhaustion? And “liver fatigue”?

    • Its important to work on the whole body with acupressure and deep with the cause.
      For Adrenal Exhaustion certainly use acupressure points St 36, CV 6 and B 23.
      For Liver Fatigue use the Acupressure points in the mid back and Lv 3.

  7. The video is really easy to understand. I am talking medicines for Liver Fibrosis – will this acupressure point shown in the video aid me in recovery?


  8. hi
    I’m suffering from serious sleeping apnea. dokters don’t know a solution for me, I’m getting so tired, ill and my life is becoming a living hell. I want to sleep and be rested. my body doesn’t function anymore. I almost beg that there is an acupressure point or points that can help me, I’m scared because me body can’t find the stenght to heal itself anymore due to the shortige of sleep.
    I would be so glad of you could help me, please
    sorry for the bad english

  9. Hi Dr. Michael,

    I have a sluggish gall bladder with no stones. I am changing my diet and working on the mental/emotional issues.
    Will the LV3 pressure point help with this too? If not, could you tell me what acupressure point will help?

    Thank you,

    Sandy Lee

    • This is not a medical treatment; I am not a doctor and suggest you get medical care. With this said and to answer your question, yes this would be a good point for you to use for self-care.

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