I want to introduce you to viewing death and dying in a positive light – as a sacred passage into a peaceful, divine place. My father, who is 92, recently said to me, “When I die, I’ll be OK; it’s just like going into another room…”

I want to offer you some acupressure points that help to nurture emotions, calm anxiety, relieve depression, and balance grief. These quite possibly are some of the most important acupressure points that you will ever learn.

At the end of this email I want to share a powerful video program on Death and Dying called ‘Dying Into Love‘ featuring Ram Dass, Joan Halifax, Bodhi Be and Dale Borglum – all leaders who have been helping those in transition and especially those who caretake for the dying.

Acupressure points and slow deep breathing can help you transcend the fear of death and make it a graceful passage. I will show you the Sea of Tranquility point (CV 17) to use on yourself during the dying process and after the person dies to calm your spirit, nurture your body while grieving, and enable you to keep your heart open. [more]

For Others: I suggest gently holding the inside of the wrist, to cover acupressure points L7, L8, and L9, below the pad of the thumb on both sides to feel the life force of the radial artery and connect with the person you are caring for. Focus on being in the present moment, and remind yourself to breathe deeply, continually.

For Self-Healing: Hold CV 17, at the center of your breastbone, known as the Sea of Tranquility point. With your spine straight, focus on breathing slowly and deeply into this emotional healing acupressure point to nurture your heart. Using this acupressure point in a hospice environment can clear and transform negative emotions, overwhelm, deepen your breathing, and nurture your heart.

Point Location: CV 17, a great emotional balancing point, is four finger widths up from the base of your breastbone, in the center of your chest. Use your fingertips to slowly rub up and down in the center of your breastbone to feel for an indentation, between the nipples on a man.

Holding CV 17 with your fingertips enables you to practice throughout the day to encourage yourself to breathe deeply into the pressure being applied to your breastbone. This will calm any anxiety or stress in your life.

I invite you to checkout a very important program that is 18 hours of video in 10-20 minute segments from four leaders in the field, Ram Dass, Joan Halifax, Bodhi Be and Dale Borglum. The program is called Dying into Love and helps those in transition and those who caretake to those who are dying. You can signup for four free videos just click here: www.dyingintolove.com

I also recommend Graceful Passages, offering guidance from profound elder teachers with beautiful healing music, designed to reduce the anxiety of life transitions for supporting family members, patients, and caregivers in creating a spiritual experience for honoring the dying process. Check that out here: Inner Harmony – Graceful Passages

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Death & Dying: Acupressure for Relatives and Hospice Caregivers — 11 Comments

  1. Dear Friends:

    Please let me know of any and all relevant thoughts dealing with grief-counciling. I encounter these issues at least once per month in my line of work.


    Artin Baba

  2. hi michael, your this blog death and dying is very beautiful.i believe that death is our guard and friend.throughout our life it stays by our side.and save us from many accidents and mishaps,for the right time.when the time will come everyone has to go with it if one wants to go or not.but dying in peace and gracefully is an art. you can tell us more about it. and now about cv17.it is very important point ,you told us about it.cv17 and one more point you told us which one is at the top top our head.when i hold cv17 and breathe slowly .some times i feel warmness in that area .but some time it remain silent.same with the Gb20 .i hope it is ok?
    i think cv17 is the point which ga.ve me the courage to write these coments. other wise i never comment at any site.you encourage us and you give people hope.your healing work is connecting the world .my english is not very good.but next time i try to share the very strange moment which i experienced some months ago in my asthma attack.so that is the reason ,i am very much interested in this blog.thank you very much.

    • I cherish your comments here. Acupressure points do enable us to be more self-reliant, to be able to care for ourselves. Holding the points opens us to the flow of the universal healing energy. The acupressure points are where our energy get blocked. When someone cries, is endangered, or is close to death or dies, we naturally tend to almost stop breathing, and our energy gets blocked. By using Acupressure points, you can choose life, open up your awareness, go deeper into a appreciation of life, be able to breathe deeply again and have more energy to give.

  3. This is really profound ! to connect with the person we are caring for using acupressure points L7, L8, and L9 to feel the life force of the radial artery. Question… can we direct our qi for healing through this touch?

    Sometimes I feel traumatised thinking about a sick person I must visit yet dread doing so. Using CV 17 on ourself is such a helpful tip. Will do do this next time.

    Thanks for your most compassionate and emphatic help and guidance.

    • You really understand what I’m writing in this post.

      Yes, you can project your healing energy and your greatest healing intentions through the way you touch acupressure points and through creative visualization. By using a loving touch on the acupressure points will enable you to send loving energy from your heart. This form of channelling your healing energy and love gets amplified through focusing on making this a deep breathing meditation. The more you practice this, the better and stronger you’ll get at sending energy through your fingertips and into the acupressure points. At my age, after practicing acupressure over 40 years, channeling healing energy has become increasingly powerful, which is an extraordinary experience and big fun.

  4. Hello! Dr. Mike,

    I sincerely thank you for this wonderful “death & dying” blog. Millions of people around the globe have been helped with your powerful discoveries in acupressure; relieving them from the unwanted disturbances both in the inner and outer of respective human system.

    More power to you Dr. Michael Reed Gach!!!

  5. for the past few months i have been experiencing anxiety, stress and fear for no reason…i have had tachycardia(pulse rate above 150)… i really want to lead a happy and confident life… can u help me come out of this?

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