When a cold is about to come on, there is a slight aching feeling in your shoulders.  This is when Acupressure can come to the rescue effectively. There are points located on the shoulders, just above the tip of your shoulder blades. Firm pressure on points TW 15 and SI 14 (demonstrated in the video clip below) are great for immune boosting and preventing colds.

Using tennis balls to press the immune boosting points

Place tennis balls on these points, which are above and inside the upper tip of your shoulder blades to boost your immune system, relieve shoulder tension and uptightness.  These acupressure points (TW 15 & SI 14) that are great for preventing colds, especially as soon as you feel a cold coming on. Placing tennis balls on these points and applying pressure with the weight of your body, boosts your immune system and relieves shoulder tension.

Breathe deeply as these points are pressed for two to three minutes. Let yourself deeply relax with your eyes closes for another five minutes to gain the full benefits, and allow your body’s energy to balance.



Cold Prevention & Immune Boosting Points (TW 15, SI 14) — 18 Comments

  1. I want to thank you so much for all your information on acupressure points I have used many with much success…thanks again for all your help to me.

  2. Thank You Michael!

    Please explain about the Sp 6 “3 Yin Meeting”, reunion of Sp, K, Liv point, what the function
    of them and the benefits when you hold it.



    • The Three Yin Meeting point is a very potent, healing point because the meridians of the Spleen, Kidney, and Liver cross here. I use this point for edema, female reproductive imbalances, menstral cramps, PMS, varicose veins (gently), and for conditions that need inner healing. I hold this point to foster internal healing energy to areas of the body that need inner nourishment.

      • I also find that using “3 Yin Meeting” as the point where I grab my lower leg, to anchor the bind, during Half Lord of Fishes Pose, is a very effective Acu-Yoga modification to enhance the therapeutic benefits of this twist. I began adding Acu-Yoga poses to my extant (10-year) yoga practice over a year ago, and continue to adapt my favorite hatha poses by activating acupressure points whenever possible. My daily yoga practice has necessarily progressed into a therapeutic practice, as my Stage IV squamous cell neck cancer has progressed to terminal status. Experience has taught me that practicing Half Lord of Fishes, anchored at “3 Yin Meeting,” is of tremendous benefit in assisting to detoxify the body and cleanse the internal organs. Thank you again Dr. Gach! Namaste.

        • I greatly appreciate your Acu-Yoga practice and the valuable input you have given us about using this powerful acupressure point.

  3. Thank you for giving us that point. I’m wondering I started taking a Blk Walnut EXtract some time ago and I developed an itch on my scalp. Is their also a point I might use for that itching? I’ve since discontinued the use of the extract. Thank you.

    • Pressure on LI 4 and GB 31 can be helpful for itching. However, its more important that you have a doctor look at your scalp and give you some medicine. Please be open to receive help.

    • Pressure on LI 4 and GB 31 can be helpful for itching. However, its more important that you have a doctor look at your scalp and give you some medicine. Please be open to receive help. Acupressure can only relieve some of the itching, but its vital that a doctor examines your scalp and determines the cause.

  4. Dear Mr. Michael,
    Thank you very much for all your great posts, your articles are all very interesting. I’m new to this acupressure and looking forward to learn from you.
    More power to you, God Bless!

  5. Hi Michael, Thanks for all the wonderful information you have send me. Autim is now starting here in South Africa so I really belief this last e-mail will be of grate help. Thanks

  6. On the weekend found your book in second hand book store and I am happy that I bought it.
    Have been looking for this kind of information for long time, but did not know that is called Acu-yoga.
    Looked into the book, love the chakra related excercises. Will be doing them for good Ki flow in my body.

    Thank you,

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