There’s so much anxiety and stress in the world; we all have to deal with it. The world would be better place to live if more people knew Acupressure, especially its calming points. Most people ingest their stress; their body stores it as internal pressures and muscular tension. This imbalances your body over time, resulting in hundreds of stress related disorders. You can counteract anxiety and stress by practicing the online downloadable Stress Relief Program, which contains these two calming acupressure points.


The Inner Gate Point (P 6)

P 6 called the Inner Gate is located three finger widths up from the center of your wrist crease in between your bones and tendon cords. This acupressure point balances your feelings, perceptions, and inner awareness; it also balances and calms your internal condition.

Sea of Tranquility (CV 17)

CV 17 is on the center of your breastbone, in the indentations or dips of the sternum bone. This acupressure point called the Sea of Tranquility has an immediate calming effect when you’re in anxious, nervous, in emotional distress, under pressure or some kind of stress. I suggest ending your acupressure routines with this calming point as a final balancing step and hold this point with deep breathing whenever you begin to feel anxious or nervous.

Stress Relief fully guides you how to use both of these acupressure points. You can download Stress Relief right now, without paying any shipping or handling fees. You’ll have my soothing voice guide you how to reduce your stress and deeply relax – the rest of your life, wherever you live. Check-it-out here:



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  1. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for forwarding your links to educate me on Acupressure points to cause stress relief
    on various parts of our body. Without a doubt, your notes certainly are a great benefit to me and my family members. Please be assured we are practising your exercises frequently.


  2. Happy Birthday Michael

    I am honored to deliver your birthday wishes and presents to others. May you receive in return all that your heart desires and more. Blessings of health and happiness to you.

    I came through the Institute in Berekley in 1996 and you put me on a life path addiding Jin Shin Jyutsu here in Arizona.

    May your life return all the blessing you and your work have brought to others.

    Infintie love and blessings, Luckie

  3. Happy Birthday Michael. Thank you for helping create awareness in us all how a simple touch of acupressure can make worlds of difference in our hectic lives. I pass on these benefits to as many people as I can because I believe in the benefits. Many blessings to you and yours!

  4. Happy Birthday….I only have one indent in the sea of tranquility? Love these freebies! You are a wonderful man…

  5. So Great!
    Ur Article is owesome…
    Sharing these to my friends…

    By the By
    Many Happy Returns for the day… Happy Birthday Reed.

  6. Happy Birthday Michael. Thank you for helping create awareness in us all how a simple touch of acupressure can make worlds of difference in our hectic lives. I pass on these benefits to as many people as I can because I believe in the benefits. Many blessings to you and yoursfamily

  7. Blessed Birthday! May you be a greater blessing to all people in need!

    You look great for 60 years old! Cheers to the next 60?

  8. Michael, I bought Acupressure’s Potent Points back in 1991 and have kept the book with me ever since. It is my go-to book for what ails me. I keep it with me wherever I go and have passed on your information to many people. My book has lost it’s cover and the corners of the pages are curling up but it is like an old friend. I cannot tell you how much you have helped me over the years and have helped the others that I have passed it on to (of course you already know how much). Thank you so very much, Happy Birthday and may God bless you!

  9. Thanks Michael and Happy Birthday : )

    Your well-defined tips greatly supplement my daily practice of acupressure.
    My Jin Shin Do (plus) self-acupressure takes about 30 minutes each night
    (pericardium/triple-warmer/gall bladder/liver meridians)
    and then all the rest of the meridians and strange/wonderous-flow points in the morning for about 1 hour.

    Great mindbody tune-up and preventive “medicine.”

    You are AWESOME!

    Post Falls, Idaho

  10. thanks for useful informations.I just started accupressure therapy.
    Can you suggest accupressure points for carpel tunnel syndrome

    • For Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: I have found that using acupressure points TW 5 with P 6 gradually but firmly – 5 to 6 times daily other a couple of months, can make a huge difference in managing this condition. I think you’ll find the natural results beat surgery. You’ll see step by step photos and illustrations of this simple routine in my book entitled, Acupressure’s Potent Points.

  11. hanks sir and wish you a very happy birth day!!!!! in indian lanuage Sanskrut they say

  12. Hello Sir,
    Many many happy returns of the day.
    Thanks for wonderful gift of Acupressure points to creat magic in life——-
    Davinder Bhagat-

  13. Happy birthday sir. May God allow you to live longer than you expect = with full happyness and vibrant health. Keep on with the good job. God is the only one that can reward you.

  14. Hello Michael,

    thank you for your wonderful book on emotional healing. It is really helpful and I use it regularly.
    I hope you can help me with these questions:
    1. what would be good acu-points for relieving cold, moist palms due to nervousness?
    2. and the same question about feeling lonely, together with nausea in stomach area?

    Thank you!

    Thanks for your

    • For relieving cold, moist palms due to nervousness and feeling lonely, together with nausea in stomach area – press P6 with TW 5. I suggest that you look for the “Sea Band” that you wear on the wrist to press these points. In addition, use CV 17 with GV 26 for balancing and emotional stability. This week I am writing about an immune boosting point for preventing colds which would also be good points for you!

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