I support you to break old habits that work against you, so you can live a better life. In this article, I will show you how to activate Acupressure points on your temples on the Triple Warmer Meridian for counteracting addictions. For best results, practice this acupressure breathing meditation daily. Happy Chinese New Year – in the Year of the Dragon!

Acupressure Points for Breaking Addictions: I encourage you get help and support in many ways. For instance, here is a link for drug addiction treatment in New Jersey. Using natural therapies such as acupressure, meditation and breathing, here’s a simple self-acupressure technique to break addictive patterns – with eating, smoking, drugs, alcohol, and other unhealthy habits. Are you ready to work on counteracting your addictive behavior by practicing this twice daily?

Directions: Place your fingertips on your temples in the hollow areas level with and just outside your eyebrows.  Place your thumbs between your upper and lower jaws and press the muscle that pops out when you chew. Clench your back teeth as if you were chewing, then release. Clench and release in a rhythmic pattern, approximately once per second.

Each time you clench down on your molars, you should also feel a muscle pop out in the temple area, underneath your fingertips. Exert steady pressure on these points with the muscle movement, coupled with long, deep breathing.  Take long, slow deep breaths.

Continue clenching and breathing with your eyes closes for full three minutes. These acupressure points in the temples activate areas of your brain that govern memory, concentration, mental stress, body temperature, addictions and obsessions.

Most people find it difficult to do this for three minutes. At first, you can rest your elbows on a table for support.  Do what you can, and build up your timing slowly to 5 minutes a day. For instance, you may practice this meditation for 2 or 3 minutes, twice a day.

Further Acupressure Guidance: For healing affirmations and more acupressure points for counteracting addictions, check-out the book Acupressure for Emotional Healing and my instructional video, Touching Emotions.



Break your Habit: Acupressure for Addictions — 27 Comments

    • There is a great deal of flexibility in practicing this method. Thus you can follow either directions or combine different aspects of both versions.

  1. I have ony full top dentures so it is hard to clench where my molars were. Is there another way for me to do these pressure points.

  2. Thank you for this tip to use acupressure point for addictions; it will help me a lot.
    Also I want to report that your stretches exercises that include massage the St 36
    is astounding – I do this before I go for a run, and the results are fantastic.
    Thank you Michael.

  3. Thank you very much for all your good guidance. It helped me a lot, for several years.
    Now I’m guiding a small group in Yoga, Mindfulness and Pressure Point lessons.
    I hope above pressure points will help a person very close to me. We’ll start doing this today.

    Namasté – Monique – from Maastricht
    The Netherlands

  4. You are the best!!! Today is my anniversary and is the best present!!! Thank you again for e
    everything!!! I will share this with many people. I wish you always the best…Ana

  5. This one is working, after one day of self treatment on these points, I have a headache and the thought of drinking alcohol makes me feel sick. Just a few minutes ago, I did the treatment again and my headache is better. Thank-you, you are a great teacher of acupressure. After watching your videos, I’m pretty confident I have the right location for pressure point Triple Warmer. WOW! this is good to know. Thanks again, Jenny

    • Yes, acupressure offers natural ways to relieve our stresses, and even counteract addictions with a little love and support to foster an individual’s willpower.

  6. my husband was addicted to chewing tobacco for the last 15 yrs…after applying this de-addiction points, he has been able to quit successfully. but, while applying pressure to the temples, he experienced soreness on those points and has discontinued. should he continue? what would be the reason for the soreness?
    i am suffering from high blood pressure and take medication for the same.would be grateful if you could suggest some points for treating that and arteriosclerosis. thankyou.

    • The soreness is from pressing too hard. If he gets the urge again, he can practice this acupressure meditation again, using the heel of the palm of his hand or if he likes using his thumbs, tell him to press with less pressure. He was over doing the amount of pressure, but the results he got are very impressive.

      I am not a medical doctor, so please see one for your cardiovascular problems. Here’s an blog article I wrote that may help you balance your high blood pressure and many other aspects of your health entitled: Hypertension, Insomnia & Emotional Healing Acupressure Points

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