Relieving Knee and Lower Back Pain and Injuries: When I have back pain, its usually due to strain and injury due to lifting. This often results in pain hours later, due to the inflammation. In addition to using acupressure points, locally as well as above and below the painful area, I apply ice packs every two hours (for about 15 minutes) to reduce the inflammation and pain.

Holistic Medical Advise: I rarely see my western medical doctor, but he taught me something valuable, that works therapeutically with acupressure – so I want to share it with you. As a preventive medical care physician, he taught me that icing your knee or lower back 30 nights, before retiring to bed, can be remarkably healing. It also works for injuries and pain in your ankles, including sprained ankles and for knee pain.

How Ice Works to Heal an Injury: Simply ice the area for 15 to 20 minutes before you go to sleep, 30 nights in a row. When you’re asleep, your body weight is supported, and thus there’s no pressure on your knee or spine. As ice reduces the inflammation, blood and energy can freely flow to heal your injury during the time you’re asleep. Giving yourself gentle acupressure for 5 to 10 minutes to increase the energy flow is especially healing.

Back & Knee Pain are one of the most common health complaints. Four out of five people have had severe back or knee pain at least once in their lives. Thus, I hope you’ll share this practical tip of using ice before going to bed — with anyone you know who has sciatica, lower back pain, hip, ankle, or knee pain.
* For more Acupressure Back Care, check-out the Bum Back E-Book (no shipping cost). Here are a couple of the pages from the book on relieving severe Lower Back Pain.



Back & Knee Pain Due to Injuries: Using Acupressure Points & Ice — 20 Comments

  1. Sir, I am highly thankful to your good honor for providing such health related articles, which are very easy to follow. I am sure your efforts for removing pains from the suffers will definately be helpful if followed sincerely and strictly.

    I have read your book “Acu-Yoga” in which you have explained nicely using drugless therapies i.e. Yoga, Acupressure and Pranayama, most of the diseases are cured using the tips suggested by you. Your command on these therapies is highly appreciated by me, because you go deep into the root cause of the body disorder and then suggest the treatment. Best wishes from me.
    Subhash Chopra

  2. I’ve got the Acupressure’s Potent Points book and am using it extensively. I’ve taught my children (10 & 4) the points to use to relieve themselves when having trouble breathing, for blocked nose, and particularly cough. I use the acupressure points for cough on my 4yr old quite often and am still amazed at how an incessently coughing child stops almost before i’m through stimulating all the acupressure points, and stays cough free through the night and for days after. Now she wakes up well rested, chirpy and full of bounce. Earlier reports of her sleeping in school have stopped.

    (Once she was at a friend’s place and started coughing quite badly. The worried friend called us asking if she should see a doctor. I asked to speak to my baby, told her to show my friend which points to press – and hey – she’s ok! The amazed friend, with a 2 yr old herself, calls, and is quite speechless. I put her onto your site. She should be buying the book as well!)

    The book is a bedside reference. I use it for back ache, relieving stress, built up tensions in the head, neck and shoulders. I use it at work, have recommend it to friends and family. I feel both delighted and humbled when i use acupressure on family/ friends and just like that, casually over conversation or dinner, they find relief. To have the power to heal is trully humbling.

    Though i practice (irregularly, I confess) the pressure points for back ache, i’m still not finding complete relief. So I’m delighted you have resurrected the Bum Back Book and will defenitely want a copy. Just dissapointed I cant have it as a book as bedside reference. Also its a bit messy to have to go back to your computer for every point and reference. If there is any way i can have it as a book, please let me know.

    Congrats on the new book. I hope a lot of people find relief in those techniques. As your book mentions, chronic back ache is so common and so debilitating i’m sure a lot of people can benefit from it.

  3. Michael,
    How about upper back pain in the levator scapula? What exercises and suggestions.
    Thank you for all this information, I try to share the information with my clients.
    Highest regards,
    Albert Cooper

  4. Thank you for your valuable website. I am a phd student in nursing(and a massage therapist) and have recently completed a pilot study for self-performed acupressure for pain and sleep. For my dissertation I will be working on self-performed acupressure for osteoarthritis of the knee. Do you have any thoughts on this? I have been waiting for your arthritis book to be available again, but it looks like it will not be in time.
    Thank you

    • I am excited about your work and how it will contribute to Acupressure Therapy applications. For insomnia and sleep, I hope you will have a chance to use my guided self-healing program called Sleep Better. For knee pain, go to Acupressure Potent Points to see the acupressure points and techniques for relieving knee pain. By April 2012, I intend to have my Pain Relief book completely revised in a good way and ready for orders.

      Blessings on your healing work – I believe it will be a great contribution.

  5. Hi Michael and Friends,
    I love the idea of an E-book, but also 2nd the idea of a bound copy! Call me old fashion! But a great book deserves its place on a bed stand. My bed stand has its own Dr. Michael Reed Gach section and I just feel better knowing they are there! There’s 2 in favor, we just need 48 more to say yeah!!!
    ~ As always a faithful reader and member of the Dr. Michael Reed Gach Accupressure Community! Don’t just Read it- Live It! ~ Debra

  6. Hello sir,
    I m new acupressure therapiest in my town. So many people facing knee pain problem , please tell me the most effective point for healing of knee pain. how can i recuce knee pain immediately.

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