Anger and rage is like fire.

My healthy outlook of balanced anger is based on traditional Chinese medicine and Transpersonal Psychology. Most people associate anger and rage with fire, which can get out of control and be destructive. However, when anger is balanced, it can be a motivating force that supports your determination and creativity.

In this blog article, I will give you an easy acupressure technique for balancing anger and the fire element within the body. This is useful in stress management, especially for someone who’s anger gets out of hand or tends to have bouts of rage.

In this video clip, I make light of the acupressure method I am demonstrating. However, it’s remarkable how effective this simple acupressure technique is for calming rage. Read on for more specific info about anger, tips for balancing it, and where to find more acupressure info.

Acupressure Directions for Balancing Anger

Use your left hand to firmly hold your right middle finger, resting your hands in your lap, as you breathe deeply with your eyes closed for one minute. Then switch hands to hold the length of your left middle finger firmly. Take another minute with your eyes closed to breathe deeply and relax. Holding the middle finger in this way stimulates acupressure points on the Pericardium, associated with relieving excessive anger and resentment, high fever, and exhaustion. Traditionally, this is also used for emergency revival.

Using emotional balancing points, like holding the third finger, regulates your system and allows healing energy to flow when anger surfaces.  This can help you experience anger with stability and spiritual awareness.  When you are feeling secure, you are able to make constructive and empowering decisions.  When your anger is repressed or unexpressed, the result can be self-sabotage, passive aggressive behaviors, physical pain and the inability to enjoy equanimity.

Unexpressed anger and rage gets stored in the body. Anger commonly accumulates in the shoulders, neck, jaw muscles, pelvis and mid-to-upper back region.  Anger can constrict the blood vessels to the digestive tract, taxing the cardiovascular system, causing hypertension, insomnia and headaches.  Holding acupressure points in these areas can release anger and enable you to process your experiences.

The spirit of anger can awaken courage and self-determination. Expressing anger in a healthy manner can provide renewed energy, insight and courage that will culminate in emotional and spiritual balance.   When an issue arises that angers you – such as human rights violations, anger can be used as a motivating force to speak up, take action and initiate positive change. When anger is balanced you can trust yourself to make wise choices and be more compassionate with yourself and others.

Suggestions for Balancing Anger

Drink some water when you feel angry. Take slow deep breaths as you sip a glass of cool water.

Firmly hold the length of your middle finger while you take slow deep breaths. After a minute or two, switch to hold your other middle finger. Repeat this two or three times daily.

Wear pure rose oil is deeply relaxing and balances anger due to its association with love and beauty.

For Acupressure and Affirmations to Balance Anger read:

Acupressure for Emotional Healing. Here are interesting thoughts on anger from my book:

Anger can generate energy to initiate change. Your body produces the necessary ingredients for dealing with challenges and speaking your truth. Chemically, your body releases epinephrine and nor epinephrine, the same hormones excreted when you are under extreme stress. Both of these hormones stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, accelerating the pulse, raising blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Releasing anger and also brings out these hormones which generates awareness to make healthier life choices and assert yourself in a positive way.”



Anger & Rage Relief using Acupressure Stress Management — 17 Comments

    • I am thrilled you actually experienced it. This is so simply and easy. I hope parents will teach it to their children. The amount of knowledge, practical methods, and points are immense.

  1. This articleis nice.Fear and angercan be our worst masters. As sleeplessness is one of the reasons for angerplease provide some acupressure points for sleeplessness.

    Many thanks

  2. hi,michael
    i believe that accupressure is avery useful treatment.i am appling allergy relief accupressure points for my nasal and breathing diffigulty.and found these points very benificial.i am using these almost six months.i am still taking my medicine but not those horrible steroids,which i was use to take every month.i am appling these points regulerly as you guide me. i also apply gb 20 and third eye points.they are also very amazing as i mention this on face book.i am sure ‘anger and rage relief points will be also very useful, is this also good for high blood pressure?and how much pressure points one can apply daily. i read your every blog and appriciate your work.please write something about fear of close places like planes and buses and cinama houses etc.and crowded places,i have all of them.please guide me about the points [top of the head and third eye point]they deal with fear or not? i feel good after appling these points.thank you for the nice blog.God bless you.

    • I appreciate that you are using the self-acupressure techniques. To answer your questions: Yes, these anger and rage relief points will also be good for high blood pressure and reduce your salt intake. Also practice conscious deep breathing exercises. You would benefit from the Stress Less DVD breathing exercises. I hope you’ll get hold of my Acupressure for Emotional Healing and use it for the anxieties and fears that start to come up. I send you healing wishes.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I’ve been using the peracardium and the point on the wrist below the crease in the hand to relieve heart palpitations for the last few years. Very successfully by the way. I have seen in your writings that the wrist point is 3 fingerwidths and in another case 2 1/2 fingerwidths from the crease. I guess it doesn’t matter which. I know it works for me. If I stop for an extended period the p alpitations come back. They resolve when I start again. Thank you for your great tips.

  4. Mr Michael, Thank you very much for your time sending me your knowledge. May i ask for a whole body chart of the ACUPRESSURE MERIDIAN POINTS. Thanks a lot and God Bless.

    • There is the acupressure pressure meridian points chart I suggest:

      This chart is 2 feet x 3 feet; it comes laminated which will last you 10 to 20 years or more. Having a good chart enables you to find the points; its like a road map to find where you’re going. It’s a good feeling to know where the healing points are located in the human body.

  5. Greetings Michael: Are There any accupressure points that you could recommend for pyschic protection? I know that the chinese speak of the 7 internal dragons and the 7 external dragon points to chase away”evil” spirits. Also the lungs play a big piece in entity posession as well as physical illnesses (the wei qi and evil wind). Can you please comment on this. There are alot of people I’ve met who could possibly benefit from this. A new pamphlet or booklet would be great on pyschic protection using accupressure. I think it would be a best seller seeing as how many people are actually effected physically as well as emotionally by spirit possession.

    • You did an excellent job of summarizing the types of Acupressure points for psychic protection. In addition, making your breath long, slow, and deep makes all these points more effective. I recommend aerobic exercise, pranayama exercises, and Qi Gong breathing exercises for pychic protection. All these strengthen your auric radiance. Sage or Cedar helps to purify. Certainly affirmations and positive visualizations on light and love can also be helpful. On that note, I use points GV 24.5 and GB 14 for clearing your mind.

  6. What if I tell you all that acupuncture saved my life a few years ago? I had a rare type of blood infection and acupuncture helped my medical treatment and now Im feeling great…
    I stringly recommend it!

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