While not a cure for allergies, Acupressure can be an effective method for relieving and preventing many symptoms from allergic reactions by balancing your body’s energy system.

How to hold Lv 3 to balance the liver

LI 4: Settles all kinds of allergic reaction

Relieve Allergies using these two powerful acupressure points, LI 4 and Lv 3 on both sides called the Four Gates. These potent acupressure points open the flow of healing energy through the Large Intestine and Liver to subside allergies.

LI 4 governs descending energy down the body, and thus brings down allergic reactions.

LI 4 is on the outside of the hand, on the highest spot of the muscle when the thumb and index fingers are brought close together.  This anti-inflammatory point, in the webbing between the thumb and index finger, opens the Large Intestine meridian, and the energy that flows down the body.  Strongly stimulating this point should be avoided if you might be pregnant.

Lv 3 is on the top of the foot, in the valley or webbing between the large toe and second toes. This powerful point balances the Liver meridian, all energy that flows up the body, and relieves all kinds of allergic reactions, especially bloodshot eyes and neuromuscular disorders.

Lv 3 balances the Liver and ascending healing energy.

For an Allergy, I suggest breathing deeply as you hold each of these points for 1 to 2 minutes each, alternating three times between holding each of these points, to discover the benefits next time you have an allergy.  Use these same points in the same way to prevent an allergy from coming on, especially before entering a space or situation you know you may have trouble with later.



Allergy Relief Acupressure Points – for Allergic Reactions — 75 Comments

  1. I will be waiting anxiously for your up coming article about back ache.
    Thanks a lot! Wonderful, amazing and really beneficial article.
    Thank you very much Dr. Michael Reed Gach!

  2. Hello Michael,
    I always enjoy your articles from which I learn a lot – thank you. I
    have a question: Is there an accupressure points’ sequence for healing the stomach of a
    hiatal hernia? I realize that there are many layers to this physical
    problem. My doctor suggested surgery and I’ve told him “never.”

    Your response is greatly appreciated.

    God Bless,


    (Mrs. Greer Palloo)
    Toronto, ON, Canadz

    • I have found that holding Acupressure points Sp 16 with St 19 at the base of the rib cage are be helpful for relieving a Hiatal Hernia. There are many, many details to guide you to press this point correctly. I will put this on my long list of blog article topics that I want to write about, so stay tuned. In the meantime, get a good acupressure chart.

    • Over 40 years ago, I studied with a western medical doctor who was an acupuncturist. He really impressed me when he said that 80% of all ailments would benefit from these two acupressure points, known as the Four Gates. Thus, use them often on yourself and others.

  3. When LI 4, Hegu (Hoku) is used – does that mean that toxins or allergies involves the Large Intestines meridian? My general understanding is that LI 4 is excellent for tonifying the defensive qi and any diseases of the head, face, ears, eyes nose, cheeks, mouth and cheek. In treating the defensive qi with this acupressure point, is this reducing or reinforcing?

    I really love receiving information from you, and it is so helpful to my clients, so much, I am going start teaching it to the communtiy. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, hoping that you give me your blessing to do so using some of your useful information I have been receiving. I would come to USA and learn more from your Institute if I could afford it.

    Elemai, Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner

    • This LI 4 acupressure point is so useful and effective – since it works on many levels – all at once. Yes, it’s good for detoxification, headaches, facial pain, facial swelling, and effective for toothaches! This point brings reactions down and at the same time opens the healing energy in your body to flow down too. This point reduces pain and inflammation, while it reinforces the flow of the life force. I am glad you have learned so much about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – its very exciting to apply these specifics TCM connections with the practice of Reiki. I hope that the way I am presenting this information – is giving you a more practical understanding to apply these acupressure points in a healing way.

  4. I am a senior Accpressure & Sujok Therapist and delivering my free services at Jai Shree Shyam Accupressure Aurogya Seva Sansthan ,Khandelwal Collece Shastri Nagar JAIPUR for the last Twelve years. I am very much thankful for the accupressure articles posted to me and I try to apply the points suggested in it. The points are very effective.

  5. Dear Dr. Michael, There are various types of hernias, one of them is in the groin, the other is Haitus Hernia and many more, I would like to know the pressure points for these hernias please.

    Thanks much – Ms. Khush from India

    • Great question, for an Acupressure training, in class together, where I can show you the details of applying acupressure points for relieving hernias. The finger pressure must be gentle at first and apply it gradually. I have used Sp 12, Sp 13 for a hernia in the groin. I refer to teach in detail the art of applying gradual pressure to Sp 16 for abdominal hernias.

  6. I am very much thankful for the accupressure articles posted to me and I try to apply the points suggested in it. The points are very effective.
    thanks very much

    Dr GK Sharma

  7. Dear Dr. Michael,

    May I know the pressure points to treat anemia and increase of hemoglobin in a patient. I am using points of spleen 3, 4 & 6 and KI – 3 & 7; also ST 35,36 & 35 in addition I am treating GB 34; all of these to strengthen blood. Could you please let me know if I am right and which would be the other points to use for hemoblobin please?

    Thanks much, & Best regards
    Ms. Khush – fm India

  8. I am a student of Acupressure not by attending classes but by reading books and I do practice almost on a daily basis. And your articles from time to time is very instructive and refreshing.

    • I have a lot of good acupressure points and methods for weight loss – enough for a book – which I hope to work on next year.

    • This is the best way for me to answer your questions here – because many others will benefit from the answers and our interaction.

  9. This is really interesting. Are these pressure points also appropriate for delayed food allergy (which result in digestive problems)? I am on a really restricted diet after diagnosis with food allergies (pretty much no processed food at all) and have heard that acupuncture/acupressure can be really helpful. I am not ready for needles, but would like to do what I can to calm the immune system’s reaction to everyday things and also heal the digestive system over time… Thanks for the articles on fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I’ve heard some good things about acupuncture/acupressure and am interested in at least seeing if it will help…

  10. Special thanks for posting your articles. I am applying your acupressure points. These acupressure points are very effective. Please refer to me Eye point effect to R.P. (Blood). Without it he is not capable to see 100%, so I requested to you please send specific point for this purpose.

  11. I always look forward to hear and see any of your acupressure treatments. I take care of people with physical disabilities and Iam taking a course for small animal acupressure.So I really look forward to hear from you. I have someone with tumors(not sure if cancer) But I would appreciate any acupressure and some insite to the meridians being effected and why?

  12. I always look forward to here and see any of your acupressure treatment.I take care of people with physical disabilites and Iam taking a course in small animal acupressure.So I really look forward to hear from you .I have some one with tumors(soft masses) Iwould appriciate any acupressure points and some insite to the meridians being effected and why.

  13. I have a prolapsed bladder and uterous. what pressure points would be helpful for this. Dr says no cure would eventualy need surgery. Which I don’t want to do.

    • I am not a doctor; thus I can not and should not advise you. There is a difference between mild or beginning stages of the prolapse in which preventative measures could be effective. I suggest you see a holistically oriented doctor or nurse practitioner.

  14. Michael
    I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid and rather than take medication I went on line to search for acupressure points for the thyroid and found your webside. I immediately went to work on the K 27 points your you tube video illustrated. I could not believe the feelings I was having. As a student of Reiki and other energy modalities I have learned to go within to feel/listen for the energy of my body.

    The results have been astounding. I am convinced my thyroid has improved as my energy level and my joy for life has returned. I cannot thank you enough. Your video was as a door opening to me and I bought your book and have shared it with one of my colleagues at work. The K 27 point also seems to have improved my digestion and vision. Is all this possible with one point? Thank you so much.

    • Yes. The points for hair loss depend on the individual’s imbalance. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Kidney and Bladder points are used for hair loss. For hair loss, there are also Chinese herbs and tonics.

  15. I am waiting anxiously for your article about back ache,vertigo and thyroid problem.
    Thanks a lot! Wonderful, amazing and really beneficial article.
    Thank you very much Dr. Michael Reed Gach!

  16. Hi Michael!!
    You are doing a wonderful job here by helping us.I’d like to ask for any specific points for painful menstrual cramps if any.Thanks!!!

  17. Any tips for chronic non itching urticaria ? I get red patches on my skin which subside within few days but comes and goes and never really disappears.

    • The Hoku point (Li 4) can be helpful. If you eat shellfish like shrimp, stop, discontinue eating it. These are just a few thoughts. I hope you have had it examined by a medical doctor.

  18. Hi Micheal –
    Thanks a lot for your answer, you guided me about 3 points for nasal polyps. I wanted to ask that how many times a day and for what duration i should apply pressure on those points? I have been suffering with nasal polyps since 2008 and have been using nasal spray, steroids, and anti allergy tablets for it from time to time. And becasue of this i have develped asthma.

    I was searching the web for asthma cure when i stumbled across your website. I watched your video about breathing difficulty (Allergy Relief Acupressure Points – for Allergic Reactions). I used K 27, L1 4, and foot point(LV 3) pressure points and they have been absloutely amazing for me. Now it has been 15 days since then and thank God there have been a major difference in my breathing.

    Now I would like to commend you for your work and what you have been doing is angelic for people.
    Please guide me about for how long (as in for how many weeks) should i stimulate these points and when to stop.

    Thank you. May God shower you with his blessings.

    • Reading your comment is thrilling because everyone can tell it’s real, your story of taking nasal sprays, steroids and anti-allergy medications and what developed into asthma. Then you share what acupressure points actually worked. Yes!

      After hearing your story and question – about how long to practice and when to stop – I wanted to shout out — DONT STOP. KEEP UP. Using these points are working. If you continue – and make this a routine that you enjoy – you will turn the corner. With using slow deep, deep breathing – you will be able to obtain great states of mind, clarity, realizations of your next steps in life, and more. Make this a 10-minute routine and continue the rest of your life – if you want to choose life. As you know, most people are numbing out. You can use acupressure to heighten your life! Try doing it twice a day and you’ll continue t discover and receive the benefits. Keep up!

  19. Hi Michael
    Thank you very much. Now i can use pressure points whole my life without any worry. Acupressure points and its use is new for me, but it gives fantastic results; it is wonderful knowledge. Thank you very much. You are sharing it with the world. Please keep it up.

  20. Thank you so much! … issues with itching (EVERYWHERE!!!) as a reaction to food allergy. Thank you for providing the locations to which I can get relief and a good nights sleep while I find the culprit food or foods that is effecting me.
    Again, thank you

    • Did you try these points for allergic reactions – specially LI 4 for your itching? I believe that you’ll get some good relief by pressing this point between your thumb and index finger for 2 minutes, several times a day.

  21. Thank you for sharing these wonderful accupressure points. I’m a allergic rhinitis sufferer and I do visit the traditional chinese medicine physician sometimes who does accupuncture for me and these are some of the points he used the needles on. Now I can try them on my own at home!

    Quick question: does these points work for other allergies like food allergy or eczema too?


  22. thank you so much for your articles..they’re very usefull for us..by the way.. which’s the best points for the asthma patient?

  23. I am having an issue with food allergies. I never know from one meal to the next if something will now be giving me a problem. My face turns bright red and my wrists and the forehead feels like it is swollen.
    I usually have to run to my homeopathic doctor for relief, but today being Sunday and I don’t drive, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I looked up accupressure points to relieve allergic food reactions and used these two points.
    Within 30 minutes my face and wrists are calming down and I can breath and swallow normally. I only feel slight swelling on my forehead and throat.

    • Excellent testimonial. I am im-pressed.

      Now I need to inspired to keep pressing and holding these same points.
      Why, because they are also good for preventing and reducing allergies!

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