Being Stiff is not enjoyable. Counteracting stiffness was a major challenge for me. I am writing to give you easy tips, including Acupressure points, and dietary guidance, to relieve stiffness, prevent muscular problems, and knee pain. We will focuses on the acupressure points within the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My nest article will provide a series of vital stretches and dietary tips for reducing stiffness and pain.

Many of you ask me how to cure medical problems; I am not a medical doctor. I only teach what I know works – from my experience using these acupressure points for 40 years. In this article, I’ll tell you why stiffness occurs and what to do about it. The acupressure points for counteracting stiffness are one of the many techniques I do daily and suggest for your wellness. My video clip demonstrates these acupressure points (GB 34 and St 36) in greater depth, which can relieve knee pain.

The Holistic Approach to Relieving Stiffness involves the following four aspects: 1) Stretch regularly, throughout the day, whenever you get the chance, 2) Stimulate the acupressure points: GB 34, a muscle relaxant point with St 36 a muscle toning and strengthening  point by rubbing briskly with your fists on both sides, below the outer part of your knees. These points are remarkable for obtaining greater vitality, endurance, and long life. 3) Choose to think positively about issues in your life and make wise choices, and appreciate what you have, and 4) Eat more greens and less fried, rich foods.

Stiffness is a Sign your body is out of balance. Being “stiff as a board” is a wood element imbalance within your body.  However, when your wood element within is healthy and growing, your energy will be flowing, and thus your body will be naturally flexible.

The Wood Element includes your liver and gall bladder, which govern your tendons and ligaments. They become flexible and healthy by eating lots of greens and through more daily stretching.  I know this holistic approach works for not only being more flexible, but for having greater aliveness.



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  1. Greetings; as usual your instructions are very useful and your approaches in responding are great; however, I can’t watch the clips on my PC, for which I don’t know what software is needed to make them opened. One important point in these instructions is to inform of the points which shouldn’t be pressed which otherwise might be hazardous; for example might cause fainting or other damages.

    • Catnip, fish oil, taurine also good, alotguhh not quite Kre4uter.GABA doesn’t work fcberhaupt.Baldrian is strange. Sometimes herbs Arent gut.B vitamins can sometimes be helpful.

  2. I have yet to do the stretching, but I do soley believe that stretching is very beneficial towards being or to feel ing healthly and lively. I did not know about the wood element, but I assure you that I will follow up with this wood element. I have a good feeling about this and I will put this knowledge to work right away, because I know it will work.

  3. I am facing stiffness in my feet. It is not pain. Sensations are like a am walking on a cotton mattress or waking on rocks. It is for 24 hours. I am not diabetic, no iron and b12 deficiency. One orthopedic surgeon, named the symptom as parsthesia and also told that pathology is not known and no treatment is available. I tried shiatsu and some acupressure points without any results. GB 34 and st 36 it helps. any more suggestion? thanks.

    • I am excited to hear that you are getting relief with the Acupressure Points I presented (GB 34 and St 36) in the video. I am writing to encourage you to stimulate these points 4 or 5 times a day. Do the brisk rubbing until you feel the heat for 15 seconds. Then used your fist to tap or pound the points as you breathe deeply for another minute. Then again do the brisk rubbing until your skin has a little pink-ish tone. Repeat this simple routine 4 to 5 times a day for a couple of weeks, and let me know if it helps. If so, also press Lv 3 slowly and firmly for another minute. I hope this helps the discomfort in your feet. Please share this with others. What comes around, goes around. Let’s learn to help each other – that’s what acupressure is all about – for helping ourselves, and serving to heal others.

  4. I am suffering from degenerative osteoarthritis. My neck with surrounding area (i.e. shoulders, upper arms etc.) and lower back portion with hips, thighs etc. are major affected part of my body. Please let me know the acupressure points and their use in order to get rid of this problem of osteoarthritis.
    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Muhammed Perwez Qureshi

    • I wrote an entire book on this with hundreds of photos called Arthritis Relief at your Fingertips. Look up the book at I am currently revising it so that next year in 2012, I can offer it as an e-book. In addition, I will write blog articles on Acupressure points and Acupressure techniques that can relieve these areas especially in the neck, shoulders and lower back – so stay tuned.

  5. Presently I am working as a career counsellor .The main problem with me is Cervical Spondylitis for which I am suffering for Last Seven Years. I am financially not very healthy soif you can send me some acu points for getting well from this problem I will PROMOTE all the products from your company. Hope to get response from your side. With thanks

    • For your cervical neck pain problem, I suggest that you practice the self-healing techniques in the Acupressure Stress Relief DVD for relieving your own neck pain. I realize that this will be an investment for you. The relief you get will be worth it. In this one-half hour program, I show and guide you step by step what to do to get neck pain relief. Practice it once or twice a day – to discover the benefits.

  6. These points are wonderful!! When I shattered my kneecap, Dr. Michael recommended them to me. My leg had been in a full brace for months totally straight, when I finally started traditional therapy the pain from trying to bend the knee was awful. The leg was locked in place. After I started using these and other points Dr. M recommended the recovery was so much better, faster, and the best part the pain was reduced considerable. I have regained total use of my knee, but I still continue to do the excercises, because they keep the stiffness and pain under control that the Doctors said I would have to learn to live with…doing these excerises gives me a sense of empowerment over my injury…I can do something about my pain and not just learn to live with it.~ As always a great post! – D

    • Knee Pain: Thank you for sharing your experience – using these acupressure points to relieve knee pain. Please feel free to give us more specifics or a source for finding the techniques and points which have helped you so much.

    • I worked hard to give you clear instructions on how to relieve your stiffness. Now, I hope you’ll dedicate a part of your life to doing these self-healing points and stretches 2 or 3 times daily. Its not easily; but so much better than staying stiff the rest of your life, and eventually being reliant on drug medications.

  7. Your videos and articles on acupressure are just great and helpful . I know many are viewing your videos and reading your articles , could you tell or demonstrate the acupressure points to ease stiffness and pain in the arms and shoulders ? Thank you .

  8. Hello Michael:

    I have been doing the stretches with you, thank you, very helpful.

    Now I think I missed the part where you gave us advice on the
    nutrition to go along with these stretches for stiffness.
    Can you send it to me? Thanks again, Leonida

  9. Michael,
    I am glad I found this! I tried the St36 point you recommended and the stiffness in my calves has reduced in less than 10 minutes. It is still there, but not as intense. I am sure when I do my evening stretches, self massage and this, that it will be unnoticeable.

    Thank you!

  10. thanks for your informative and helpful data i am a flight attendant and i try to follow yr instructions wen ever i can ihave been diagonised with early osteoarthritis if u cld give me d specific points of accupr will be very great ful

    • I can list several points for you to press, but I believe that A. you may not be sure what you are doing and quit, B. Need some detailed guidance of how to press, how long, and visuals to see what you are doing. C. Gain a greater understanding of how acupressure work to relieve pain. I recommend the chapters on Arthritis and Pain in the book Acupressure’s Potent Points

      The best activity you can do for yourself to gain a stronger immune system, counteract your stress and for prevention is the DVD with easy Qi Gong Breathing exercises called Less Stress which I suggest you try to practice twice a day. This alone with give you so much energy to be able to cope with the challenges in your life and save you from much pain and even medical expenses.

      I think you’ll get good results after practicing these exercises a just few weeks. After you start feeling better, keep doing these great Chinese exercises. Just like the body continues to need food —
      the adrenals need more oxygen, especially if you are a shallow breather.

      With healing wishes.

  11. sir all your tips r really good ihave just joined your site and started recently applying pressure points as i was deeply depressed and have over come lots of problems in my life and coz of stiffness and acupressure is helping a lot and i’m suffering from insomnia so i would like to ask u if u can haelp in this

  12. This is a wonderful site i happened across. I’m very excited to use all of your information on the different acupressure points. i have a sever case of rls.nothing helps so far except prescription drugs. Please, can you help me ease the RLS pain I have been having for years now.I take prescription drugs just to cope with the misery. I would like to stop the med’s. eventually.

    • Relieving RLS: I think that a combination of Acupressure and stretching can help you with RLS pain. Practicing Acu-Yoga would be excellent for your RLS. Use the points I show in this article on stiffness, and also B 54, located in the center of the crease behind your knee. There are many other stretches to help you. It will take work on yourself, but start with the Acu-Yoga DVD.

  13. thank you so much for the mini-lesson on how to find each point but even better the simultaneous rubbing of both points. mine are usually sore and now i know the connection. i’ve been working on healing these organs with diet modification, acupuncture, since i had an exposure to toxic gases at work about 1 year ago. you’ve expanded my repetoire again, this is great. thank you again.

  14. heh, what do I do about my hips. If I sit too long and get up, I am so stoved up and I can hardly move! I am also 240 lbs and trying desperately to loose it! I do qi gong 3 x a week and walk my pug. above my waist I feel this drawing pain…is that muscle spasms or what?

    • Due to your weight, pressure is being put on your entire structure, causing muscle spasms, pressure on nerves, and thus hip pain. Acupressure can help relief some of the pain. I wrote and narrated a CD called Back Pain Relief which can help you. By October, 2011 the discounted Back Pain Pack will be out and include the Bum Back Book as an e-book. I hope you’ll try it for your sciatica.

  15. Michael….. I am having a sciatica pain in the hip and thigh back thigh and legs and I have a degenerated disc is hard to seat more then 30 minute I have to get up otherwise pain get worst any advise would appreciate for degenerative disc is there any way disc can get again healthy ?
    Thanks I just found this site is interesting and watch your video is very useful thanks for helping people generous of you .

    • Sciatica usually takes months to heal and acupressure can help the process and relief some of the pain. I wrote and narrated a CD called Back Pain Relief which can help you. By October, 2011 the discounted Back Pain Pack will be out and include the Bum Back Book as an e-book. I hope you’ll try it for your sciatica.

  16. Dear micheal,i am so impressed the way you hace presented &made these points so easy to command,well done ,fantastic jobs,do you have any point for diabetes,high cholestrol,wt. loss,prostae hypertrophy,please e.mail me if possibe,god bless nabil

    • Great to hear that you’re benefiting from this blog.
      I hope you’ll find a healing practice that actually enhances your life.
      Let me know if you need any guidance or suggestions.

  17. I have pain on the right side in the knee , toe joint, elbow and joint of index finger.kindly suggest in this regard.

  18. my son is cerebral palsy patient and his muscles are tight & stiff . He is now under physiotherapy . whether there is any accupressure points to release his muscles and will also help & supportive in his regular physiotherapy treatement . He less uses his buttock muscle while walking . Also waist muscle is stiff due to that while standing he can not able to bear his own weight and bending his knees while standing. he is not overweight and fatty.

  19. Hi
    We are two brothers with a kind cmt2 nervous. (Disease has progressed Can not walk). I’m 31years old and weighed 30 kg and is 165 cm and a step brother, 29 years old and weighs 50 kg and is 165 cm Qdsh. Now we do not eat, but eating well to medication. Pressure medication I am taking. Stress – Opens appetite – feeling feet – warm abdomen – fecal control – voice
    1 – Pressure Point Which is good for us?2 – Where pressure reduces miosture? (I use the training pads.) I have cold finger-miss teeth-tongue ventricose(miosture). Thanks

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