Major Acupressure Points for the Sinuses

To relieve your upper or frontal sinuses, use B2, located at the bridge of your nose.  This mental stress point is located in the indentation of your upper eye socket, where the bridge of the nose meets the ridge of your eyebrows.

To open the maxillary sinuses in the cheek, use the foremost acupressure points for the sinuses: LI20 and St3, underneath your eyes, just below your cheekbones. Use gentle pressure.  These points are safe and useful to teach to children.

To enable you to release your stress which may be aggravating your sinuses, here’s a resourceful link to a self-acupressure DVD video for releasing stress. For more instruction on the acupressure points illustrated here, check-out my video clip and the rest of this blog post.

I like to hold these acupressure points, described above, on both sides. Apply the pressure gently and gradually. After holding each of these points for about 2 to 3 minutes, end by lightly holding the points as you breathe slowly and deeply.

Light touch on the points at the end is very important for getting the energy to flow and for sealing the acupressure points.  If you let yourself deeply relax immediately afterward, you may find that the results are longer lasting.

Hoku Point (LI 4) is a decongestive and antihistamine point.

Hoku (LI 4) in the webbing between your thumb and index finger, is distal acupressure point for relieving pain in your sinuses. This is a nasal decongestive point, which has an antihistamine affect, opens the descending flows for bring blocked energy downward.

The sinuses resemble packets or valleys. When either the upper or lower sinuses are congested or inflamed, pressure can build causing referred pain, headaches, toothaches, unclear thinking, general confusion and more.

The Neti Pot uses salt water to clear the sinuses.  Steam can also be helpful for clearing your nasal passages. Use the acupressure points for the sinuses before and after using the Neti pot to increase its effectiveness.



Acupressure Points for Sinus Problems & Nasal Congestion — 36 Comments

  1. Thanks for the acupressure points.
    I love all the information you give with them,
    and use them often with alot of the elderly I take care off.

    • What about allergies casinug sinus headaches? You mentioned that, if you don’t have a sinus infection, then you cant have a sinus headache But cant allergies cause the sinus pathways to swell and become inflamed and shut creating pressure which in turns gives you a terrible sinus headache?

      • Allergies can certainly be a cause sinus headaches. For allergic reactions in the sinuses, I use acupressure points LI 4, between your thumb and index fingers..

    • Good to hear these acupressure points are useful. I’d love to also get details of your actual experience or questions in using them, so others will benefit.

  2. I love to read your information regarding the acupressure points and find them very useful.
    I have use your Sinus Problems & Nasal Congestion to cure my itchy nose problem. However it doesn’t help. I have this itch in my nose thats driving me crazy. No amount of washing it with the neti pot helps . I even went for an operation but the itch still remains. Is there any acupressure point that will help me to relief the itch. Please help.

    • You must hold the acupressure points firmly for 2 or 3 minutes to get results. To relief your itchy nose, I suggest you use the acupressure point GV 26, located between the tip of your nose and your upper lips. Pressure firmly into your upper gum for 2 to 3 minutes as you breathe slowly. Do this a few times a day and let me know if any questions arise.

  3. Dear Michael,

    Thank you for this sinus problem points.
    Which point is better when somebody should use for demonstrating something in front of people?
    Thank You!.
    Ricardo Hercules.

    • The best point to demonstrate for opening the upper sinuses is B 2; for the lower sinuses – I recommend demonstrating St 3, the facial beauty point.

      • I would say you have chronic siituisns your first step should be to visit an ear, nose, and throat specialist. They’ll probably be able to diagnose the causes of your ailment, of which there are many (allergies, GERD, etc.). They’ll probably put you on a strong antibiotic and run a series of tests.

  4. Great article! As you have meonitned, sinusitis effects so many people. It’s good that there are articles out there informing people of what’s really going on when they get a pesky sinus infection. I work for a company called Sinus Dynamics, and we treat sinusitis topically. I would love to share some more information about this with you, as I feel that you’d be very interested. If you’d like to know more feel free to contact me anytime! Have a great week

  5. Michael, Great info on sinus relief points! I’m wondering if points for hypothyroid/depressed adrenals are the same as the points for weakened immune system? Or are there other specific points to strengthen thyroid and adrenals? Thanks! Love your blog!

    • Thank you for this valuable inmoafrtion..Every year ,once or twice ,I go through this ailment,which starts with a throbbing pain in the forehead,irritating nose and the eyes. Lately I have tried the steam inhalation and found it really relieves the nasal congestion to a great extent.Thanks again

    • Get ting instant relief is pretty good. The reason it’s only temporary is that you need to deal with the cause of your sinus problem. This is actually the best part of doing acupressure, as a skillful acupressure practitioner. To learn how to get to the cause of your sinus problem, or any other energy imbalance, you need more guidance, information, and training. You can get this at the Acupressure Institute. If studying in Berkeley, CA for one month is too much of a time or money commitment, then I suggest getting the Home Study Pack, which is discounted, and can be delivered to your home.

      Thank you for including a remedies for congestion link, so others can benefit.

    • Wow, that’s my vision for all the work I do to make it happen – to serve more people – and enable them to use acupressure points to active the body’s self-curative abilities.

  6. Is there any accu pressure points for relieving clogged nose due to allergic rhinitis? And i also want to know what are the pressure points to relieve numbness in the legs and feet. Thanks!

    • The acupressure points for clogged nose is St 3 with Li 20.
      For numbness in the legs and feet use Sp 12, Sp 13, B 48, B 54.
      Knowing more details about the inner or outer part of the leg and which toes are somewhat numb would lead to other specific points.

  7. Michael,
    I had a sinus headache for two days. I took ibuprofen and got relief but it wore off and I had to take it again. I woke up with a headache the second day and researched acupressure points to try to find relief (instead of taking more chemicals). I used the techniques shown by you in this article and video and my headache disappeared within 10 minutes and did not return.
    I was shocked that it was so fast and effective and just wanted to say thank you for the information.

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    • Thank you so much. You can certainly support my work by purchasing my Acupressure materials – charts, booklets, CDs, and especially the DVDs which enable you to do acupressure at home with the correct timing, breathing, guidance, and self-treatment techniques to discover the benefits. They make get gifts for friends and family. Just go to:

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  11. having mild deviated nasal septum causing sinus problem no pain in any part of body. is surgery only solution or temp. relief .I have heard mixed report. suggest best to get rid of this problem

  12. I have had problems for 20 years. I have horrible dull pain when my glass nose pads are against the bridge of my nose. At the same time the back of my neck gets tight and if I push around on it it will crack. I also at this time get a cracklings / crunching noise in the back of my head that sounds like crunching of a hand full of cellophane . I get fluid behind my left eye and if I rub my eye on the lid with it closed , I get a squeaking noise also pain behid the eyes Some times if I push on my neck it will check a release the pain. If I use saline 2-3 times it helps also. The pain is horrible and my family doctor looks at me like I am crazy. I can’t figure out if the pain is from my neck or sinus problems . Any suggestions how to figure it out and what to do?

    • All I can say from this distance, is that Acupressure, even learning how to do self-acupressure, may be able to help you. I am not a medical doctor.

      Often there is a connection between the neck and sinuses. I suggest holding both St 3, under your checkbone and hold your neck muscles firmly for about 3 minutes as you take deep breaths. Its not instant. You have to do acupressure 3 times daily for weeks and continue for prevention. Here is a self-care dvd that will guide you how to do Acupressure in a chair.

  13. Annnnddd, the draining begins about 5 minutes after I did all the steps – thank you much!!! I have been suffering for about 3 days now.

  14. Thank you for this. I had such severe sinus pain tonight that I felt nauseated. This immediately worked! I couldn’t believe it!

    • Isn’t acupressure awesome. This is why I have dedicated my life to teaching this. Its so rewarding. You got the point – relief and no bad side effects!

  15. The Chronic Sinusitis Cure
    This is a Cure Not a treatment for Chronic Sinusitis.

    Mayo Clinic found that fungus causes Chronic Sinusitis.

    My booklet explains how to kill that fungus by reintroducing selected “Friendly” bacteria directly into the sinuses. These bacteria are normally present in your sinuses, but are killed by antibiotics and/or other means typically used to treat Chronic Sinusitis. Orally consumed bacteria will not reach the sinuses, to eliminate that fungus.

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