Key Acupressure Points for Hip, Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

Key Acupressure Points for Hip, Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

I know that millions of people could get help if they knew these acupressure points for relieving hip pain, lower backaches, and sciatic pain. I think having these acupressure points both illustrated on an anatomical drawing and seeing how to press them in a photo – makes it clear where these points are located as well as how to press them. These points are like my friends. Continue reading and I’ll share how I have used them to heal others and myself.

For best results press down and inward gradually, towards the center of your pelvis, and hold firmly for a couple of minutes, then release gradually. So many people suffer from pain deep in this pelvic area. Acupressure point location for B 48 is one to two finger widths outside the large bony area at the base of the spine (sacrum) and midway between the top of the hipbone (iliac crest) and the base of the buttocks.

Lower Back Pain: I will never forget the woman who came to my acupressure class of over 50 social workers. She told me that she had so much lower back pain that she couldn’t sit in a chair; she had to lie down. At the break, when she asked for help with her lower back pain, these pelvic points surprised both of us. Even though the acupressure points illustrated above were so much lower than the pain in her back, they relieved it significantly in just 10 minutes.

For Sciatica: These acupressure points are the most effective spots on the body for relieving sciatica and hip pain. To relieve this pain, get a one-pound sack of beans and lay on your side so the sack of beans presses into these points. Adjust the position of your legs so it hurts good.

Child Birth & Postpartum: My wife and I decided on having a home birth. The B 48 acupressure points, called the “Womb and Vitals” were the most important points for assisting my wife to dilate and have our baby. These points are also excellent for postpartum recovery. I will be writing more about this experience in future articles in order to empower those who are fortunate to assist a birth, so stay tuned.

Benefits: Sciatica, hip pain, bladder weakness, urinary problems, hemorrhoids, lower backaches, and pain that goes down the leg.



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  1. Thanks Sir, for these most important Pressure points. Thousands of people here are suffering from Back pain and Sciatica. I am using them right away and they seem very relieving. I am sure I will be able to help lot of women suffering from these aches, whom I have been helping by pressure points in hands & feet. THANK YOU. Kindly also tell me points for Sinus, Cough & Cold.
    Warm Regards

  2. Thank you Sir,

    The points for sciatica, hips and lower back is really worth trying and I will use it for others benefits and shall give you the feed back. Meanwhile, I shall be grateful if you could kindly tell something about healing prostate enlargement and urinary tract problem.

  3. Thank you so much for these articles. They are great reminders for all of us. I am delighted that you are sharing your expertise with so many people for their health and well being. As an OBT, I am passing them along to my clients and students. Thank you once again.

  4. Thank you for the e-mails, there really helpfull to me. I am doing a course on Acupressure at the moment at B.S. Y. in England. I wish I had done it years ago. I have two of your books, acupressure for emotional healing and Acupressure how to cure common ailments the natural way. They are like my Bibals. Thanks again, keep up the good work, and please keep the e-mails coming.
    Regards Ben.

    • A major part of my life is dedicated to creating these emails for the Acupressure community, which is going out to all parts of the world. I wrote this article over the last few days, sent this to you early this morning, and you responded immediately. Now I’m replying – this afternoon. If you’re up late, checking you’ll get my reply and what’s amazing is we’re over 20 thousand miles away from each other. I assure you that if I slow down sending you email blog articles on this site, it’ll be due to working on an Acupressure project (book, chart, DVD) that will deeply heal more people. There’s nothing more important to me.

  5. I tried this right away on my housemate (who hadn’t read this). She said, “It’s relieving pressure in my womb”. Loving this affirmation!!

    • That’s so incredible! These acupressure points (B 48) on the center of your buttocks, just outside of the base of your scrum (base of spine) is one of the most important acupressure points that my wife requested during our childbirth. These acupressure points worked like a charm to relieve the labor pain in the womb and lower back. The ancient Chinese called these acupressure points the “Womb & Vitals”. Please share this with your housemate and ask her to try these acupressure points on your body too. Like Karma – what comes around, goes around!

  6. Michael,
    I have been pressing B48 and GB30 with a tennis ball and also doing the entire back, shoulder and arm areas. Also pressing B54 behind the knee with a tennis ball in doing the life nerve stretch has been very helpful to me. My yoga routine has been enhanced by your Acu-Yoga workshops and especially the Intermediate and Advance Acupressure booklet which identifies the points for each of the Meridians of the body.
    I appreciate this information and find your teaching very helpful and I keep adding to my routines.
    Thank you!!
    Albert Cooper

    • You are walking your talk – by using this ancient healing art on your self. Plus you continue to experiment, improvise, and explore new ways to use the Acupressure points, which is why you haven’t gotten bored and have continued using yoga and acupressure for years!

  7. Hi Mich, Thanks for your email articles on acupressure. I am a Reflexologist and use your
    suggestion on my patients. They are very helpful in relieving them from pain. Thanks from
    Coimbatore, India !

  8. I was trying to figure out how to lay on my side and where to place the bag of beans to press on the pressure points. can you explain in more detail how to do this as I’m not visualizing it well. thank you for all your help. I have tried other points in your articles with good success.

    • Place the bag of beans or a tennis or golf ball rolled into a soft towel on the center of you buttock – the side that you have the pain. This would be midway between the base of your spine and your hip bone. Here’s another way to visualize where to apply the pressure. If you were wearing pants with back pockets, the pressure needs to go on the upper side corner of the pocket nearest your pain. Anatomically speaking, its behind (posterior) the head of your femur. Lay down on your side, placing the ball roll or bean bag underneath the center of your buttocks. Then exploring the position of your upper leg, bringing it forward and backward, so that when you get the correct spot, it will feel like the pressure is creating a pain that goes into your hip or back pain.

  9. Your artical is very good and helpful to me. I shall try for my back pain and will give you the feedback. But recently Ihave a pain in the left side of my right knee, pl help me get relief at the earliest.
    D R KAR

    • I hope this article helps your back pain. Your knee pain needs to be seen individually by a doctor or skill practitioner, since the causative factors and placement of the pain matters. There is an acupressure routine for relieving knee pain illustrated in Acupressure’s Potent Points, which many people have gotten results, but involves too many photos to post here.

  10. A lot of thanks for the useful article of back pain & sciatica, which is a very common problem. I am sharing this to all my students & my collegues.

  11. Thank you for sending this article of back pain & sciatica. I hope, this will be very usefulll for our life. I will be shared this article to my relatives & my friends.

    Thanking you,
    Md. Ahsanul Habib


    • I am glad to hear you have had good results with these lower back acupressure points. I do not have experience with Lichen Planus; I wish I could help more.

  13. I purchased your book ‘Acupressure Potent Points’ over 12 years ago after going through 2 jaw surgeries; I applied the points for many years post-operative. Your book also helped me while going through a divorce.

    Anyway, after the divorce and 20 years of the banking industry, I’d had enough. Your book carried me through a lot of different circumstances until I began a new life with massage therapy and energy work. “Touch For Health” practices along with kineasiology are now a part of my daily life and practice. I continue to use your book to this day and share it often with my colleagues.

    Thank you for your insight and knowledge.

  14. Hello and thank you for all the information you are shareing. I find this to be very helpful and interesting. I have had ear noise seems like forever. The noise is not a ring, it is more like water going through a pipe when you are in a cellar and someone upstairs turns the faucet on. Often I can’t hear what is being said to me because it is that loud. I find it seems to get louder when I have excess salt like on pumpkin seeds or when I’m tired or when I eat somthing HOT and spicy. I also feel pressure in my head.

    • I think acupressure can help you. One of the points for releasing pressure in your head and for relieving headaches is GB 20, the Gates of Consciousness points. I wrote about this point two months ago. For your convenience, just click to see the illustrations of GB20 here. Since this point is so useful and effective – if you know how to press it you can get remarkable results yourself for mental stress, migraines, it even can help balance hypertension, relieve aches and pains and sleep problems. Thus, I intend to write details on how to use this point, and more importantly I want to include a video clip to show you how to press this point correctly on yourself. So please stay tuned to get this guidance.

      In addition, I urge you to have your ears examined by a medical doctor to get a better perspective.

  15. Acupressure as well as chiropractic care can be great sources of relief. It is imperative, however, that individuals seek assistance from licensed medical professionals lest they incur more harm to themselves and others. Dr J Malay

    • Acupressure is related to how massage works, but since acupressure works directly on where energy gets blocked, it works on another level of healing the body, by relieving pain, releasing stress, and much more.

  16. your acupressure tecnique is very easy to understand even a student of 10th class can practise it and so it is excellent .

  17. I would like to seek your advice on my specific health issues. I am a 62
    years old female, and my general health condition is ok for my age excepting
    HIP PAIN, which though not acute, is a nagging pain which bothers me all
    the time. More than pain, it is a kind of stiffness I experiencce on every movement while bending/ turning on either side etc all around the lower lumbar region,
    especially early in the morning. I find it
    difficult to sit, to get up from the sitting posture and to bend etc.
    I have been diagnosed having osteoporosis in 2004, since when I have been taking calcium & Vit D supplements. I also
    take medication for hypothyroidism and cholesterol. My weight is 46 Kg
    and height 155cm. My static weight was 50 kg for so many years till the recent past, now getting reduced.

    I have difficulty bending my knees also (while sitting on squatting posture) since the last 6 years after I developed Chikkun Guinea fever in 2008.

    I am very keen on finding a solution by your natural therapy. Could you please
    suggest me the appropriate accu points and method of applying pressure for
    my ailments. Please specify the method of applying pressure, duration, how many times per day etc.

    Looking forward to your answer soon to my email id


    • The best point for your hip pain and stiffness is B 47, however you need detailed instruction and guidance, which you can get from my “Release Back Pain which will also help you with your stiffness.

      Blessings on your drive to follow this natural way of self-care.
      With healing wishes.

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