I want to let you know that my new illustrated self-care e-book, Acupressure Pain Relief, is now available. Learn how to ease Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, headaches, sciatica, and pain in the back, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, knee, hip, foot, and ankle.

I was fortunate to learn a very simple method to relieve pain using Acupressure points, when I first began studying over 40 years ago. The method is so simple and easy that I am afraid that, out of the thousands who read my acupressure blogs, most won’t give it enough time or patience to see it work.

This pain relief method does require you to know the location of the acupressure points. Here’s a step-by-step description of the most effective Acupressure method to relieve pain that I have found in my many years practice:

1. Slowly apply pressure to an acupressure point until it feels like you are connecting with the pain you want to relieve.
2. Gradually change the angle of the finger pressure to connect with the pain. Explore which angle is more powerful for connecting with the pain and hold steady for about three minutes.
3. Work on the meridian that goes through the pain, to enable the energy to flow. Hold at least two points at once using both your hands on the same meridian. One hand anchors on or close to the pain, while your other holds points on that meridian away from the pain.
4. Breathe slowly and deeply as you hold each point along the meridian.

Millions of people suffer from different kinds of pain. By using these simple steps above, holding each point for about 3 minutes while breathing deeply, opens the endorphins, your body’s neuro-chemicals that are known to relieve pain naturally. This is good for relieving pain in the joints as well as muscular aches and nerve pain.

The Acupressure Pain Relief book shows you how to hold and press these points to relieve pain using 400 illustrations. Each chapter stands on its own, and is available to download into your computer.

Select the Pain Relief e-chapters to download that address and focus on your pain. The book also contains pain reducing dietary considerations, which you can download into your computer separately.

I guide you how to find and press the points in an introductory section, called “Acupressure for Relieving Pain”. I will include this material with each e-chapter order for free. A free Pain Relief Diary is also included with each e-chapter order to enable you to keep track of your progress.

I am often asked how I developed this Pain Relief program. After years of studying and practicing a wide range of holistic health methods, I created this self‐acupressure system. My experience using Acupressure for over forty years has shown that combining key acupressure points with gentle stretches, movements, and deep breathing results in pain relief.

Most people experience some relief fairly quickly, once they learn to do these techniques properly. However, people with a history of chronic pain usually have waves of progress, as well as setbacks. Please do not expect an immediate cure. From my clinical experience, I have found that people with chronic pain must consistently practice the methods in Acupressure Pain Relief on the average of three times a day to achieve long‐term benefits. It takes work to relieve pain naturally, without drugs, but it’s worth the effort.

I encourage you to practice these techniques daily to discover the benefits.

Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.



Acupressure Pain Relief: Headaches to Arthritis and Fibromyalgia — 44 Comments

  1. I am very much thankful to you since you are doing a noble duty for all without your any return. I trust your accupressure tips will show a light n future for the human beings who believed in this line of treatment. Hope you will provide accupressure tips continously to us and to the world people.

  2. Michael, thank you for sending me the information. I appreciate it very much. I applied acupressure on myself and on my daughter a few times and we feel fine now. We had different conditions and acupressure points definitely worked very well to improve our situations. Your emails help me to feel stronger and more assured that I am on the right path. Thank you.

  3. Hello Michael, I am an acupressure therapist and living in Indonesia. I would like to buy some of your books and point chart but i do not have any credit card, i have only debit card. So please help to inform me how i can pay ang get your books. Thank you indeed for your emails, it helps me so much.

    • If your debt card is a Visa or Master card, then it should work.
      Did you try it in placing an order on Acupressure.com?

  4. thanks for valuable acupressure point you mailed to me which are very effective, i tried
    and found good response.

  5. Michael,My wife has what they call muscle spasms in her right shoulder,also pain comes from the bone in lower part of her neck,[She has been to every type of Dr,and has had all types of treatments ]She is 75, but in good phiscal condition,Any suggestions? Thanks Fred

  6. Dear Michael, Hello i am really glad and its my big pleasure that you never forget me to give some ideas..Really i want to know about it because i like to serve people lay down on their bed and can’t walk because of their sick especially the paralyze person they are losing of hope to be alive…I like to help people especially they can’t afford to pay…Please help me more to know about it…Its not for my self i need to help a people losing hopes and strength….Please teach me then i know how to apply them especially i have one customers she is bed redden she can’t walk for many years.But when i start to acupressure there point she can feel different in her body so i feel very happy if i see they have hope to stand again…..Thank you so much again that you send me now this ideas on my mail its a big helpful to the people…I work in ladies salon as a massage……God bless you and hope you reply may comments to you….

    • I appreciate your desire to serve more people hands-on. I made an instructional DVD that covers the whole body, from head to toe, both front and back called Zen Shiatsu which would give you excellent instruction on how to work on others.

      To help people – be able to recover on their own, here is a remarkable instructional DVD that guides you how to do an easy set of traditional healing breathing exercises which can be done standing or even laying on top of a bed called: Less Stress: Deep breathing Qi Gong

      If you life outside of the United States, I recommend the e-book called Acupressure Pain Relief with hundreds of illustrations here:

  7. Muzel Talkar 9/4/2013
    Thanks for the wonderful articles you send me, I do all these according to your instruction, Just 3 weeks ago I visited my Dr.due to acute pain in my right knee, did an X-ray, and was told I have ‘osteoarithitis, I have ‘osteoporosis’ for which I am taking tablets. I have done Yoga for nearly 4 years,I had to stop due to the pain in my knees. Please advise which points I must treat to ease the pain in my knees. I am also going for ‘physio-therapy. I am 67 yrs old, with very good health.I love to walk, but am afraid due to my pain esp.in the knees.
    Do please send me mail and instruct me. I shall ever remain grateful.God Bless you for all the wonderful, articles you send me and your videos too. They are so informative and have helped me.
    Keep the good work going, above all take care.Thanks.

  8. Acupressure is the most effective way to relieve pain in a natural manner, the press-release pressure points when done well produce great results, I have tried ” Self-Help Acupressure and it works beautifully ” with none of the side effects that you often find with medications, I have combined the deep long breathing techniques along side my Acupressure by doing ” Hatha Yoga ” the results on my well-being physically, mentally and emotionally speaks for itself, Dr.Michael is inspiring, I highly recomend all to try and see it for yourselves. A

  9. Dear Michael,
    Thank you VERY much for all the wonderful information you have send me. It has really been of grate help not only to the massages I do, but also for myself. It has many times been of grate help, helping me with my epilepsy and Social Anxiety Disorder.

    • I am thrilled to hear that the acupressure info on this blog has helped you. Please share exactly what you do to relieve your epilepsy and Social anxiety – so more people will be inspired to help themselves too. Thank you so much!

  10. It is a blessing to know you Michael, friend of mine has scoliosis and partially herniated all down the spine so she is get it all over sometimes it also in legs. Would you help how to release the pain with acupressure? Thank you so much for your help.

  11. Thank you so much Michael, once again you have helped me.
    My dear father who has Alzheimers said yesturday “Life is Hard” after I poured my troubles out to him. I immediately thought “Life is what you make of it” why am I making it so hard?
    So I started to look at everything as “EASY”, Gosh what a difference it has made , I send everyone that is negative a wonderful blessing and I look at the chaos around me as a gift.
    You should see all the wonderful GIFTS I have. ha ha
    Ahh! It is good to breathe and feel free again.
    Thank you

    • Good, very good. Keep coming back a positive, creative outlook instead of being stuck in a negative perspective. Also use the points as another way to go deeper into the greatest of your body’s wisdom and come back to trusting it, and being in the present moment. Welcome aboard choosing life and aliveness.

    • BECOMING A BETTER ACUPRESSURIST: I think you can always improve your healing ability if you practice applying pressure into and out of the Acupressure points more slowly. On many, many professtional levels – you can improve your skills professionally, by taking classes and a training at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, CA. The instructors at this school bring healing info, based on traditional Chinese medicine alive! Try a couple of classes by flying into Oakland, California. If you like it, take a training, to heighten your skills.

    • I believe that this healing work is what we all need on so many deep levels.
      Yes, the more we give out this healing work, the more we will create peace on earth.

  12. Sir,
    I have just one question….
    My husband. Since he was 14 to 15 years of age is having chronic depression that is basically he is always sad and feeling low and down….but sometimes it gets really bad that is he feels very low,gets angry fast,and at that time does not wish to talk to anyone and wants to be left alone.. Please could you advice me some pressure points that I can press for him.
    Thanks Waiting for your reply

  13. Dear Michael
    Please advise me on the following matter: Is it incorrect or not incorrect to lift the head whilst doing stomach exercises e.g. lying flat on the floor and lifting both legs up and down for 30 to 40 counts, cycling, circling both legs etc. If it is incorrect to lift the head please let me know the reason for it. I have been doing these exercises whilt lifting the head for about 40 years but recently when I was doing these exercises in the public area someone commented not to lift the head. That is the reason I need to find out the truth in the matter from an expert.

    • Lifting your head is a good option, but if you had a neck injury, it would not be helpful.
      Lifting your head will benefit your thyroid gland. Keep lifting it if you are not having
      any trouble and disregard that person’s misadvise.

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