CV 6 is the Sea of Energy Point

One of the most empowering acupressure points on the body is CV 6, known as the Sea of Energy. You can do great healing on yourself and others – if you know the point location of CV 6, its functions, how to tap the point’s healing energy, and know the applications in this article.   CV 6 strengthens the body’s internal condition especially the colon, immune system, sexual urinary reproductive system, and heightens your ability to heal yourself.

Point Location: CV 6 is located two finger widths below the center of your belly button. The finger pressure should always be applied gradually. Go even slower and more carefully into the abdomen for the elderly and sick. During pregnancy be very gentle, and use the palm of your hand instead of fingertips.

Point Function: CV 6 revives the body’s healing processes; develops vitality; strengthens the immune system, urinary system, sexual reproductive system, and benefits the kidneys.  

Good for Relieving: stomachache, abdominal cramping, constipation, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual cramps, insomnia, urinary incontinence, impotence, infertility, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, digestive headaches, body aches, anal or rectal pains, and general weaknesses.

For Constipation: Press CV 6 two or three times a day to relieve and prevent constipation and irritable bowel. Pressing this point activates and strengthens the large intestine, encourages peristalsis, and relaxes the abdomen. Along with this point, I’ve used Chi Gong breathing exercises effectively for constipation and irritable bowel since the colon’s partner is the lungs in traditional Chinese health care.

Emotional & Spiritual Benefits: CV 6 is good for developing emotional stability and for deepening spiritual awareness; strengthens your sense of self; used for self-abuse, addictive behavior, and codependency issues.

Sexuality: The Sea of Qi (CV 6) is good for all kinds of sexual problems for men and women. The abdominal muscles often tighten during lovemaking, which can block the flow of sexual energy. Pressing CV 6 and acupressure points around it, can relieve the abdominal tension, strengthen the urinary and reproductive systems, and increase sexual intimacy and pleasure.

CV 6 is a longevity point, which can improve your overall health and enable you to live longer. Two to three minutes of firm to deep pressure on this point while breathing slowly and deeply into your belly, strengthens all of your internal organs, and develops your healing energy reserves. For this reason, I have made a covenant, a vow to myself, that I will try to press this point and breathe deeply into it every night before going to sleep. I believe that working on this point in bed with super slow, deep breathing, opens the flow of healing energy while I’m asleep, and thus provides extraordinary healing benefits.

Any worries or regrets in your life will fade away and you’ll get more focused and feel more vital, if you continue to practice breathing deeply into this life giving acupressure point. Share this with your friends and enjoy life; there’s nothing more important!



Acupressure Point CV 6 for Sexual Problems, Constipation, Gas, Irritable Bowel & How to Develop your Healing Energy Reserves — 121 Comments

  1. Sir,

    I am very gratefull to you for this vital lesson as it is invaluable for me as I am suffering from stomach problems. I decided to practise this acupressure point thrice daily and I will
    gratefully inform you the results

    thanking you,

    V John

    • I urge you to also use the acupressure points called the “inner gates” P 6 which I describe in detail here for relieving wrist pain and carpal tunnel pain. This point is remarkable for stomach aches and nausea. If it continues, please see a doctor for medical advice.

  2. Very Good & informative article.
    I would like to know about accupressure points for Ulcerative Colitis with loose bowels/motions.

    • Please use CV 6; its a major point for colitis. Apply the pressure carefully, very gradually since its ulcerated and get medical attention from a doctor. Be sure to eliminate sugar, reduce fruit, and eat a cup of well cooked whole grain brown rice daily for the loose bowels.

      • Can’t stress my agreement with your “eliminate sugar” comment enough! Also eliminate high fructose corn syrup, and the fake sugars (sucralose and aspartame). I was searching for something to help my daughter with a headache and ran across your blog. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of pressure points, Michael.

  3. I appreciate your educational newsletter/blog. I’m glad I signed up for it. I also enjoy your concise, well-written books. (I have them all). Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your teaching of the acupressure points are very useful to us… and I’m very glad to have signed up for this blog… Thanks.

  5. Thank you for posting very useful information on common problems of ordinary people.

    Could you post an elaborated artical on : “Acupressuer Points for Epilipsy”. I am looking for this treatment since I am leaving at Nepal.

    • There are points that are suppose to be good for Epilepsy. Since I have not yet experienced this specific application directly, I am not drawn to write about it. However, I did have a head injury, over 25 years ago, in which my neurologist wanted to give me mediations the rest of my life to prevent the seizures that can result after the trauma of such a head injury. I used a combination of many acupressure points and made myself practice mediation twice a day, which seemed to rebalance my brain and nervous system.

  6. Thank you for your teaching of the acupressure points; they are very useful, informative, and this a helpful article to us. I shall practice this and shall teach other people also. This is a very beneficial point. Thanks.

    • Please explore various ways of using this point, and share it here with our acupressure point community – so we all benefit from knowing what really works.

  7. Hi Michael,
    I want to thank you for the knowledge and hand-ons experience I’ve gained from using Acupressure’s Potent Points book. I have helped myself, my family, and friends for many common ailments. It works great and enhances my Qi. It’s my bedside reference. I learned about acupressure from one of your students, and it’s one of the books I will use over and over again. May the Qi be with you!

    • Please give my past student who turned you on to acupressure, a big hug. This is the ancient “Hug-U-Pressure” tradition. I am so glad you’ve benefited from my book.


    • There are many points on the Gal Bladder meridian, many of which can relieve gall stone pain. However, I suggest you see a medical doctor for treatment. Acupressure for gall stones can offer some relief, but please did not expect this to be a cure for your Gall Bladder condition, unless you work with Naturopath or another type holistic medical doctor. I hope you continue to use the CV 6 point, since you’re getting excellent results.

  9. Hi Micheal
    Thanks a million for sharing such a great point likes of CV 6, its ability to help sex problems are great. We are as acupressure friends are grateful to you Michael
    for yet another wonderful Acupressure article.

    PS- off the record, is there any point for penis enhancement.

    • To answer your question, think of the way acupressure works – by releasing blocked energy – it can flow into the male and female sex reproductive organs and enhance many aspects of the genitals, and their function. If you want to learn more specifics, I spent several years of research, writing Acupressure for Lovers, which contains over 400 illustrations of the points and what to do.

  10. Thank-you very much for your very informative blog. I suffer from fibromyalgia and associated conditions (IBS, low energy, digestive problems, etc) and I am looking forward to trying self accupressure to help relieve some of the symptoms so that I can start exercising again. I’ll check back in and let you know how it is going.

  11. Dear Michael,
    Could you please send me more of your informative articles regarding acupressure. The beauty of your material was that it elaborately pointed out the various benefits connected with that point. Acupressure is something very new to me, yet it came in my life very unexpectedly. I have had severe problems with my stomach for around 15 plus years. Constipation, gas, pain, churning, stomach sometimes loose sometimes normal are a few to name. Then I quit everything in a sheer state of disappointment. No remedy, no treatment for more than a year. One night one thing very miraculous happened. I had a flash across my mind that acupressure would remove all problems. I at once started reading on the net. I came across a few points such as the point in between the index finger and the thumb. I applied the pressure on both the places on my hands. And when I woke up next morning I found myself almost completely relieved. It’s been well over two weeks and I think I am 90 percent cured! Thanks to the Almighty. And the people who love humanity.

    • There is a power point in your lower abdominal area, below your naval, which is effective for constipation, gas, churning, and many digestive imbalances. I wrote about this CV 6 point here – just following the description and directions. By the way, it works for not only for relieving these problems, but also for preventing these digestive and elimenatory problems – by gradually strengthening the internal organs of your body. I try to do this point just before I go to sleep, every night.

  12. Respected Michael,
    It’s is one of my best day ever that finaly I got your website. Just want your kind attention
    regarding my digestive problem as well as heavyness after eating any meal in the chest. Feels
    like gas in the chest area and sometimes food is stuck in the chest. Could you please advice me
    any pressure point to get rid of my indigestion,gas,and discomfort feeling in the chest.I had the same problem 8 years back now again since last 4 months having same problem. I would like to
    enjoy all kinds of food like a normal person. I would greatly appreciate your time and effort for
    a sufferer like me. Please kindly reply.

  13. Hello Sir,
    i want to know all acupressure points for general fitness and specially a point to get rid of Acidity Problem.

    • I am not a medical doctor. Although acupressure may help you, I think its important to continue to get medical attention. There are points that can be helpful for relieving gastritis. Thank you for you suggestion. Stay tuned to my blogs. I will touch on this subject so you can benefit. With healing wishes.

  14. The post is written in very a good manner and it entails many useful information for me. I am happy to find your distinguished way of writing the post. Now you make it easy for me to understand and implement the concept. Thank you for the post.

  15. R/Sir,

    I am suffuring from quick/premature ejaculation since long years. Please give accupressure point for the problem. I will be very greateful for the same.

  16. hi……michael….
    thanx for sharing cv6….its really helpful……
    but can u kindly share ….if there r any different points for burning fat from love handles and thighs…..
    and i hv heard that there r points to increase height as well……is it true???
    could u plz share wid us?
    once again thanx a lot….

    • I hope you will continue to work with CV 6 for toning your abdomen and strengthening your internal condition. I have a lot more to teach in this area and hope to complete it in a year or two. I have not found that acupressure can increase your height.

  17. hello michael, how can i perform the cv6. i do not know this point. plz help me to make my life better. right now i’m suffering from ameobasis from since last years – plz guide me.. i am only 26 year old and a common boy. help me… help me….

    • I think CV 6 can help you in many ways and prevent many health problems associated with your condition.

      To find CV 6, go down 3 finger widths (two inches) below your belly button (the naval) in the center of your lower belly. Its best to be lying on your back. Apply the pressure gradually. Hold for 2 or 3 minutes with a deep pressure that hurts good. It helps to breathe slowly and deeply while you press and deeply relax for several minutes afterward while breathing deeply. Do this 3 to 5 times daily.

      Blessings and healing wishes to you.

  18. Michael please advise on cramps in a baby of 1 and half weeks old. Ceasarian birth with forceps due to tissue scarring. Greatly appreciated Linda

  19. Sir,
    the cv6 point is how many inches below the centre of the navel? i m a bit confused, as to whether i am at the right point or not. Also when we press into the belly, do we have to breathe in at the same time, and exhale when we relieve the pressure at the belly?

    • Good questions. CV 6 is three finger widths directly below the naval.
      Apply the pressure gradually, increase the the pressure gradually.
      Maintain the firm pressure as you breath in and out.
      As you inhale, breath deeply into the finger pressure.

    • The strength of the stomach is vital, however if there are other imbalances and blockages within the system, your health can be compromised. This CV 6 point however has a remarkable effect for strengthening the colon and many other organs and functions for optimal wellness.

  20. Thank you very much for the information you give.

    It works, however I would like to see you demonstrate how to press CV6 point. I am not sure whether I am pressing the right point or not.

    • I will make a point to demonstrate CV 6 in an up-coming blog post since its so important for wellness – so stay tuned.

  21. Hi Micheal,

    I would like to know the following:
    1. What is the right time during the course of the day to apply pressure on CV6 more specifically time (In Hours) since last meal?
    2. For best results when is the right time(Morning/Evening) to perform Chi Gong Breathing Exercises?
    3. I know its stupid to ask but on a average how soon do you think this method will start showing results?

    I too like many others in this page have been suffering from digestion problem wherein the food stays in the stomach for hours after meal and I do not feel hungry which is coupled with gas and acidity and I have been having this problem since my childhood and it got escalated after I had jaundice 1 year ago. Have been surviving on medications which do not offer lasting relief
    Frankly just be reading your blog I think I have enough confidence to cure myself from my IBS syndrome. Words fall short to describe the excellent work you have been doing and I have decided to buy your book “Acupressure’s Potent Points” to further augment my acupressure skills.
    Hope I didn’t ask too many questions.


    • I appreciated your questions. Chi Gung and Acupressure, especially abdominal points, are best to use when you are not digesting food – this should make sense. My favorite time to press CV 6 is when I go to bed at night. However, you can use this point and other points, any time. Acupressure’s Potent Points is going to give you so much guidance and practical answers – its exciting that you have decided to get this book because it has over 400 illustrations for over 40 common common compliants. Use the chapters on Constipation and Chronic Fatigue in the book.

      In addition to using CV 6 daily and sometimes several times during the day or night, I highly recommend that you get the Chi Gong Deep Breathing DVD called Less Stress or sometimes its called Stress Less. Practicing these breathing exercises a couple times a day will give your body a huge boost to healing your condition along with using these acupressure points.

  22. This is an excellent method relieving rectal pain. During pregnancy I got rectal muscle swelling protrudes outside anus just like piles without bleeding. After delivery it did not shrinks, sometimes it swells and inflamed. After 6 years it is still there. How can I shrink or vanish this rectal muscle protrusion. Please suggest me.

    • There are acupressure points at the tip of the tail bone, sacrum, tip of the pubic bone and perineum that can relieve some of your discomfort. My book and DVD called Acupressure for Lovers illustrates these points. You may also consider seeing an acupuncturist that you trust or an ABT (Asian Bodywork Therapy) practitioner.

  23. my name is prabh dayal. my age is 22 year .sir i want to know if we pressing cv 6 point by mistake to other point press. what is the effect of our body ?. please tell me this point.

    thankyou sir

    • Please apply the pressure gradually to CV 6 between your belly button and pubic bone. If you are off the exact location of this point, it will not be harmful as long as you apply the pressure gradually and you do not have a life threatening condition. By using common sense, acupressure is natural and safe.

  24. Hi Michael,
    I am suffering from vaginismus, Nothing has helped so far . Married since 10 years but unfortunately can not make love.
    When I read this article about CV6, I felt there is a hope..
    It could be block somewhere in my mind which makes me very tight.. I dont know…
    Would you able to suggest me accupressure points and how many times I need to do daily>
    Many Thanks

    • Just this point could help you and there are others. I suggest that you lay down on back comfortably with your eyes closed, and use all your fingers to gradually press into CV 6 as you take slow deep breaths into your belly. Hold the point for 3 to 5 minutes. Notice what thoughts and feelings surface. Often the tightening associated with vaginismus can a result from trauma or sexual abuse. For trauma or sexual healing, use my book entitled Acupressure for Emotional Healing.

      For more Acupressure points and techniques for healing yourself and to do with your husband, use my Acupressure for Lovers book I encourage you to share your experience with using Acupressure. Please feel free to ask me questions. If that’s too personal, you might want to find a woman therapist, counsellor or bodywork therapist that you trust.

  25. Currently going thru chemo therapy. What point can I use to stop diarrhea which has been a regular occurrence as of late? Immodium and other products have not worked. Please help!
    Thank you.

    • I think that teaching how to use CV 6 to stimulate the large intestines to make defecation easier is appropriate for your article and so many people, new and old.

      • Dear Michael,

        Thank you very much for your kind feed back. As I have already noted certain potent points including CV6, out of your book, in my article.

        Can I conclude from your answer that CV6 is the most effective point?

        Best regards,


        • Yes, CV 6 is the most effective point to counteract constipation and support the body to eliminate, since it activates and tones the Large Intestines.

  26. Dear Michael,

    Million thanks for your kind devoted time. Since you are also an expert on the yoga therapy, I would like to have your kind comments on the poses suggested for the ease of defecation, in my article:, namely; Sukhasana pose and Baddhakonasana pose. Do you kindly suggest any other poses, while in the sitting position, on a western toilet?

    Sincere regards,


    • To promote elimination when on the toilet, I suggest using your longest fingertips of both hands on CV 6 in the lower abdomen, between your belly button and public bone. Lean forward to relax your belly and slowly go into your lower abdomen at CV 6 with firm deep pressure, as you breathe deeply.

      There are a variety of Acu-Yoga postures which stimulate CV 6. These postures ideally should be practiced on a rather empty stomach. Bow Pose is an advanced, powerful posture, but requires warming up the spine beforehand. I suggest pit pose, which stimulates CV 6 in a very powerful way. For illustrations of the points and yoga postures, here’s how to get the Acu-Yoga book.

  27. Hi,
    My father is suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease – Stage 5. Doctors have recommended the dialysis. he is about to start the same. His kidney problem is 11 years long, but condition has aggravated recently.
    What would you suggest for reviving the kidneys ( if accupressure believe in so)? You have mentioned CV6, but would it be safe, considering very poor state of his kidneys (less than 15% working)?
    Kindly suggest.

    • For your father’s condition, please use western medicine. At this stage, acupressure is not the treatment choice. Please follow his doctor’s orders.

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  32. Thank you for the info, I intend to put it to use, as I have a client who has recently undergone surgery for prostate cancer. Since the removal of his prostate, he is yet been able to produce an erection while laying supine, but can produce a slight erection while standing. Also is still having trouble controlling bladder while in deep sleep. would you happen to have any other suggestions?

    • Yes, I suggest using B23 and B47 in the lower back with one hand, while your other hand goes gradually into CV6. Also the K points could be helpful. If you want to learn more or if he wants to help himself, see the last chapters of my book, Acupressure for Lovers which illustrates and guide you to these points and more.

  33. I am practising acupuncture since long time,but only i have training with out official certificate. Any mean can I joint your institute from my place to take certificate in acupuncture,( I am Iraqi,66 Yrs old, having PhD in Food Hygiene).
    Kind regards

  34. I have problem of GERD since 3 years. Sometimes i feel like i may be affected from Congenital tracheoesophageal fistula as I vomit acid over every two or three days. Please suggest me some solution.

  35. Hi Michael! I am a new fan (2 weeks and counting) of yours…going through a lot of medical conditions now (fatigue, headache, muscle tension in neck/shoulder, nausea and sciatica); presently I’m awaiting blood test results from my PCP. I expect your teachings will lead me to wellness. I am so happy to have found CV6. Whenever I am looking for an acupressure point on the web, I always look first for your blog. I am planning to order your book, Acupressure Potent Points and share with my family, too. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with all of us – I know we all are eternally grateful to you – I sure am!!!

    Wellness and Chi to you and yours!

  36. I wonder if this point can be destroyed by operations: i had three (2 Cesareans+umbilical hernia operation – some 35 years) and have a quite big scarf of about 20cm on that part of the CV channel.
    Thank you for your great site

  37. A food specialist told me that to prevent the gas producing effect of beans, you should simply throw away the water the beans are cooking in, after about 20 minutes of boiling time, and then put fresh water on the bean and bring the pot back to boil, reduce the heat and continue cooking the beans until they are soft ready to eat.

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