I know so many people interested in learning acupressure, but can’t study with me due to the distance and travel costs. Shipping these materials to you can also be expensive.  So, I discounted these Acupressure e-materials 20% off to download directly into your computer.

Acupressure Home Study Learning Materials – download into your computer

I used the core of my acupressure Home Study Pack to create this special e-package.  Receive these e-materials without paying shipping costs.  I’d like to give you more details of exactly what’s in this Acupressure Distant Learning e-Package.

The learning materials in this pack are interactive, guided and visual, which makes learning Acupressure points and meridians fun and easy.
Acupressure Distant Learning e-Pack contains 8 instructional materials which downloads into your computer:

  • 5 Instructional Acupressure Booklets
  • 30 Acupressure Point Flash Cards
  • 2 Guided Visualization CDs for learning the Meridians and 5 Elements

Here’s a description of the 5 illustrated booklets:

  • Fundamentals of Acupressure – Learn 12 points, Shiatsu instructions for the whole body, self Do-In Acupressure techniques, and Jin Shin acupressure
  • Basic Acupressure Booklet – Illustrates over 50 points and provides 20 acupressure point healing formulas, and much more
  • Intermediate/Advanced Acupressure – Learn the meridians, where they go and their function. Yu points, Source points, and Alarm points are illustrated. Covers five element pulse reading and more.
  • Acupressure Workbook – Draw in the points and meridians, an interactive, fun way to learn the basics of Acupressure.
  • Meridians, Five Elements & Assessment Forms – this useful booklet contains large, clear acupressure charts of the meridians, pulse reading, face reading, Alarm points, Yu spinal points, instructional charts, five element assessment questions, and acupressure treatment forms.

The Home Study e-Pack also includes:

  • 30 Acupressure Point Flash Cards, fully illustrated to make learning fun.
  • Instructional Visualizations: My voice will guide you to learn Acupressure’s 12 meridians and the laws of the five elements, which are rooted in traditional Chinese Medicine. Learn to apply this healing info to practice acupressure therapy in a holistic way.
  • 12 Meridian Visualizations: I’ll guide you to visualize the meridian’s route in your own body.  Learn the functions of the meridian, including its corresponding organs, body fluids, and emotions.  You’ll discover where the meridian travels, by visualizing it, what it governs when it’s flowing, and what can happen when the meridian is blocked.
  • Five Element Visualizations: For each Element, you’ll discover how the element governs body functions.  I will guide you to experience the characteristics of each element.  Learn how the elements function when the energy flows, and what imbalances occur when energy in the meridians gets blocked.

Once these programs download into your computer, you can burn them on to CDs to have while you drive or use at home.

The E-Pack contains 268 Acupressure illustrations without any shipping or handling costs! Here’s the link to get this offer:

Acupressure Distant Learning E-Pack

I’m confident that these materials will enable you to learn over 50 Acupressure points, the 12 meridians, and 5 elements of Acupressure Therapy.

Order the e-pack now.



Acupressure e-Pack Materials to Learn Acupressure at Home — 8 Comments

    • I am dedicated to this form of service, making these points and healing methods accessible to hundreds more people, to improve the quality of our lives.

  1. Dear Dr Gach, Thank you so much for making this information available to everyone. I had decided to do what I could to reduce/relieve my headaches, for which I take daily medication. With the help of the points shown to me on your website, and the reduction of saturated fat in my diet, I am able to cut my medication in half (that’s okay with my provider). So, I am quite grateful.
    I have received the CD Touching Emotions, but I need something more for the beginner which will explain the landmarks very clearly to me. Ithink this is a great form of healing, and one that has been proved over thousands of years.
    Thanks again. debstepp

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