TIRED & EXHAUSTED? Acupressure massage can relieve chronic fatigue by rubbing lower back Acupressure points briskly a few times a day. This self acupressure massage technique is effective for both the lower back and the exhaustion that so many suffer from. It’s especially good for preventing lower back problems and for boosting your vital energy and immune system.

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Acupresssure for Fatigue, Exhaustion & Lower Backache Relief — 19 Comments

  1. Thank you for this tip. At the moment my friend and I both have some pain in our lower backs. I will definitely apply this acupressure massage for us.
    I’d like to ask. Some time ago I was pressing regularly on St 36. After some time I got stomach problems like gastritis. Again, some time ago I kept pressing regularly on L1 and now I have painful shoulder since last April. Then I was pressing on various points to improve my insomnia, and I got worse. I sleep better now, thanks to traditional Western medicine.
    I am a strong believe in acupressure but now I am confused about what is happening to me? Am I going to have some unwanted effect if I massage B23 and B47 regularly on myself?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.

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  3. Thanks for the backache video. This was the same as in your book. Anyway, is there any acu pressure for improving blood circulation in the toes and how to cure cramps and spasm in the hand fingers.

    • Yes there are many points for improving blood circulation into the toes. Points in the shoulders (GB 21) and in the groin (Sp 12, 13) plus in the foot Sp 3 & 4.
      For spasm in the hand and fingers under the inner and outer gates (TW 5 and P 6) I hope that helps you. My books, charts, and booklets will illustrate all these points clearly.

  4. I’ve been rubbing my back acupressure points for a couple of days now. I started b/c I have buttocks pain when sitting. After the first day of rubbing my back muscles and acupressure points are very sore. Am I rubbing too hard or is this normal? Should I keep on massaging?

  5. Michael,
    I appreciate your generosity of sharing your knowledge to help mankind. It is so refreshing. The kindness you give always comes back to you. I thank you.

  6. Thanks alot. It is not just teaching acupressure. It is a great service to humanity. I will pray for your well being, so that the world will be benefitted.

  7. Get is a break. Hold lightly to smooth and send healing energy instead of rubbing.
    Also use other K and B points to move the blocked energy to flow.

  8. Michael,
    Thanks u so much for showing us the acupressure point technique of how in helping lower backpain. I had a severe backpain for over a couple of years.so.. I,ll try this technique every now and then.
    thank you.

  9. thanks first of all for making the securit;y numbers/letters easy to read!!

    I am so grateful for your videos. My problem tho is with strength in my arms to keep rubbing my back. My muscles in my arms give out. I do try to do the accupressure points on my ears before I get up, the other ones on my head, neurovascular points… they are so gentle but the feeling goes so deep.

    So thank you in advance for any additional help!!!

    Sincerely and blessings from the New York edges of Lake Champlain in upstate New York where we have temperatures in the singel digits and a baeautiful red sky.


    • If you get tired by using the backs of your hands to rub your lower back, I believe that you will get stronger if you just “keep up”.
      I am glad you like my video clips for self-care. Keep Up!

  10. Dear Michael, I have a old and nagging backache. I went to a practitioner 2 months back. She started treatment with electrical pulse machines. And without any diagnosis on her part and neither did she go thru my reports. Is it the right way to do it? I am confused. Initially there seemed to be mild relief but the pain has worsened recently. Please help

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