To Heal Yourself – I suggest going to the source of the life force, the healing essence, known as Qi or Chi in China. The ancient Chinese discovered that the Acupressure points are where the life force gets blocked. Finger pressure along with deep breathing opens the life force – to enable you to heal yourself.

The ancient Chinese developed all kinds of self-healing breathing exercises known as Qi Gong. I am excited to share a very easy set of breathing exercises, which I found enables your body to gather the healing energy to be able to heal hundreds of ailments. Thirty years ago, a little, very old Chinese man introduced me to these special self-healing exercises. He said these breathing exercises prolonged his life – over forty years. He showed me volumes of testimony – how these breathing exercises healed hundreds of ailments; it couldn’t be more impressive since it was all written in Chinese.

Cindy, one of my most recent acupressure clients, came to me stressed-out from raising five children. As a child and even as a woman, she was ignored, devalued, and not heard. Her energy was so depleted it affected her self-image and caused a list of symptoms, which would overwhelm anyone. I suggested she practice the Less Stress breathing exercises two or three times a day. After just a few days of doing these easy Qi Gong breathing exercises she felt a remarkable shift, had more vitality to deal with her everyday life challenges, and many of her symptoms resolved themselves.

I recommend you practice Less Stress, A Guided Self-Healing Program for 10 to 20 minutes, twice daily to have more vitality and increase the effectiveness of Acupressure. You’ll feel better, boost your immune system, and increase your internal healing power remarkably.

My goal is to make self healing more accessible — by guiding you to breathe properly, feel your body, find healing pressure points, and give you the proper timing and inspiration to heal yourself at home. I created a self-healing package that combines these breathing exercises and Acupressure. To make it affordable, I am giving a 25% discount on this Self-Healing Pack.