Chest Acu-Points

The Acupressure points on the chest are calming, and easy to find and use. Place your fingertips below your collarbone. Rub with firm pressure, feeling for muscle tightness or soreness. Use your right hand to press the left side of your chest, or your left hand to press the right side. You can do just one side, or both sides if your hands are free. Use enough pressure to connect with the tightness or soreness. Hold for 2 minutes as you breathe slowly and deeply. Repeat 3 times daily.



Acupressure Points for Chest Congestion, Phlegm, Coughing, Difficult Breathing, Chest Tightness, Anxiety, and Agitation — 55 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for giving me this kind of info on acupressure points; it’s very important to me and a very big help also. I’m blessed to have this kind of website for guidance. I thank God for acupressure. May God bless you.

    • I personally had problems with my weight, especially during my younger years of studying and working with Acupressure points. Years ago I wrote a booklet called “Acupressure Weight Loss”. A few months ago when this booklet went out of print, I decided to dedicate next year to expand this into a book and series of DVDs to help people. I started writing it and am excited about how much more I know now about the weight problem issues, practical Acupressure points for food cravings, sweet cravings, acupressure points for balancing appetite, acupressure points for the digestive system, acupressure points for elimination, and self-care for weight problems and getting a handle on obesity. I want to turn this into a well developed, useful DVD program for reducing weight effectively. Please let me know, by leaving me a commit on this blog, if you are interested.

  2. Thank you very much by passing good information on acupressure points. Presently I am doing volunteer service to stroke patients who comes to St. Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore for rehabilitation.

    with regards.


  3. My friend has an heart illness, but not a big problem — only little blood clothes in her small vain. How can i acupressure that Doctor Michael Reed Gach, to remove the blood clots on her heart – not on her arteries. She has high blood pressure. Where are the points for high blood pressure and for the blood clots? Thanks to all doctors involved in this site.

    • For blood clots and heart conditions, please have your friend see a medical doctor. I am not qualified to give this kind of advice; I am not a doctor.

  4. Good Evening sir,
    This is i vipin sharma from india. I am extremely thankful to you for sending me such valuable and informative articles on Accupressure. Respected sir, i am a Medical Representative and i have keen desire to learn Accupressure even you can say that i want to master on it. Sir i am new learner in this field and your articles are really boon for me.
    Last but not the least, sir this is my humble request to you to please keep on sending me such informative aricle .
    Thanking you,
    Vipin sharma

  5. i have stiffness and weakness in my legs. I’m only 39 years old. Is there anyway acupressure points that can relieve my symptoms?

    • I encourage you to comment further about the stiffness and weakness in your legs. Acupressure could help you and I would like to write a special blog on this. Please tell me more – what caused your problem or when did it start? Where in your body does the stiffness and/or weakness stem from? Acupressure points and techniques could help you, so tell me more. Even if you do not write back, I intend to write a blog on a special acupressure point that strengthens the leg muscles and also tones the muscles. So, please stay tuned to this website and tell others.

      • the stiffness and weakness started about 3-4 years ago. so on the advice of med. pro’s, i had surgery, on the c4-c5 vertebrae disc. the initial problem was a herniated disc. although the surgery was successful, it did not relieve any of my symptoms.todate, i have stiffness in my hips, legs, and numbness in rtg hand. i took some of your advice on comments regarding the hand, it seems to be working thus far. im looking for more info. regarding particlular pressure point areas to relieve these symptoms. even if you dont respond, please continue sharing with the world on acupressure!!!

        • For Stiffness (which I’ve also had personally and actually have gotten results) try gentle stretching 5 to 6 times daily for 5 to 10 minutes plus acupressure can be effective. The acupressure points for stiffness all start with GB or Lv points, which stands for the Gall Baller Meridian and Liver Meridian. I suggest getting a good acupressure chart to see what you’re doing – if you’re on the road, get a road map; if you’re finding acupressure points, get a chart for direction.

          Also try reducing your salt intake in less than half; reduce your total food intake 20 to 25%. Definitely, eat a lot more greens (fresh and streamed) and keep stretching. After a few weeks of doing this, let me know if you feel better.

  6. This acupressure site is interesting and useful. Do you have a pressure point suggestion for reducing prostate enlargement?

    • The acupressure point CV 1 between the genitals and anus is a special point for preventing prostate problems. I do not have experience with prostate enlargement conditions. Please regularly see a medical doctor to advise you further.

  7. Thank you so much for giving me this kind of info on acupressure points; it’s very important to me and a very big help also. I’m blessed to have this kind of website for guidance. I thank God for acupressure. May God bless you

    • Acupressure is effective for relieving stress. If your condition is caused by or worsened by stress, then acupressure can be very helpful. However, acupressure is not the treatment choice for skin diseases, which should be seen by a medical doctor for treatment.

  8. Michael – I am an Acu-Yoga teacher and Hatha Yoga teacher. I incorporate these points in my classes. What a gift… students love learning self-help techniques. Thanks for the emails. What a gift you are. Namaste, Kathleen

    • Since you’re an Acu-Yoga teacher, I want to share with you that I was so scared to create the Acu-Yoga book. It was my first book and it took me over 6 years to finish it. Who was I to read a book on Yoga? After 30 years of being published in Japan, its in its 25th printing. I just saved it from going out of print, given the Japanese economy and disasters. As an Acu-Yoga or Acupressure teacher, you can get it wholesale now. Please help me spread the word that I recently published a new addition of the book with the same content, but re-designed the cover and enhanced many of the graphics showing that Yoga postures stimulate points for self-healing.

  9. Dear Sir,
    Good Day. I am reading your articles which is very impressive. I am practising accupressure since last eight years to the poor people on free of cost. But I do not know one paitent who is suffering from waist pain is continuing his treatment since last one year regularly and after treatment he is feeling OK, but after 4 to 5 hours again there is pain. He is regularly doing yoga and also using belt. Kindly speak about some specific points to give him relieve permanently.
    Yours sincerely,
    Shashibhusana Dash

    • I wrote a blog article nearly 3 months ago, entitled Acupressure Points for Relieving Wrist Pain & Carpal Tunnel which illustrates one of the most important points to relieve wrist pain. Read it carefully and follow my directions – this is certainly an area that can help people young and old get relief and even prevent surgery. I only tell what I know works – from my 40 years of practicing acupressure and from my over 35 years teaching it and directing the Acupressure Institute training programs.

      Thank you for serving the poor people – truly its saintly. If you ever want to learn more about Acupressure Therapy, or you know someone who needs purpose in their life and wants to help others, tell them about the Acupressure Institute, the school I founded in Berkeley, CA. In just a month, you can to complete the Acupressure Basic Training Program. Request their housing resources when you email:

  10. Thank you for posting this very important article on Acupressure. Your efforts in providing this very useful tips and guides will help a lot of people suffering from cough and difficulties in breathing. Heaven will pay you for your unending help to those people in need.

    • Thank you for your blessings; what comes around, goes around. This path of healing, with the acupressure points, fits my purpose in life.

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    new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back

  14. Hi there,
    I have used acupressure on my face with wonderful results. I was wondering if you have any information on using it for younger looking hands. My skin is thin and looks skeletal.
    thanks so much

    • The answer to your question touches on how acupressure actually works. Since acupressure opens the flow of healing energy, the points that are gateways to enable this energy to flow into the hands would and thus would indeed improve the looks of your hands. This is true of the face, breasts, belly, buttocks, all parts of the body. However, its relative (in relation to) the many other factors that govern the flow of blood and energy. Given your condition, the sooner you do healthy exercises and acupressure to increase the circulation into your extremities, the better it will work.

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    • That’s got to be the greatest compliment anyone or anything can get. How many folks will say or write to you that your stuff is so good, they’d like to give you money, when they do not have to? Well, that just doesn’t happen in the United States. So, if you are from the US, then you have just blown my mind. Thank you from my heart for the compliment (maybe I should have a donation button on my site — you’re the second one who requested it this week!

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  17. I was having a back pain and was to visit a doctor then I searched on web for accu point for back pain I tried k 27 point it gave me relief in seconds thanx for the information

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