The ancient Chinese called this point on the ear the “Heavenly Gate” because it brings heavenly energy into your body for healing. An Acupressure point with heavenly in its name, can bring spirit into your body just by stimulating it. You can actually heighten your spirituality just by taking three to five slow, deep breathes while you activate this ear point a few times a day!

Shen Men is a profound, marvelous point for heightening your body’s overall wellness.

This health boosting Acupressure ear point for wellness relieves aches & pains – anywhere.

Location & Benefits: In the center upper third portion of the ear; it also counteracts addiction & inflammation.

Point Application Suggestion: Stimulate this ear tonic point every night for a minute, before going to bed.

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Ear Point (Shen Men) for Wellness; Counteracts Pain & Addiction — 26 Comments

  1. I have all your books. Accupressure and your teaching has been a great benefit to me.
    I have trigeminal neuralgia and an operation has left a drumming in the timpaniac nerve.
    Any suggestions?

    • Trigeminal Neualgia is a difficult condition to say the least. I highly recommend seeing an few different acupuncturists, to find someone how you trust and really like and respect. Its worth the time and money to shop for the right person.

      It is also very possible that you could learn how to give yourself self-acupressure massage using this DVD:

      Self-Acupressure Healing DVD

      It will be my voice guiding you. Use this self healing program twice a day for 10 days straight. Then use it several times weekly.

  2. I think it is a wonderful thing that you are doing; passing your knowledge on is a credit to your
    profession and to your own spirituality. God has given you a gift!

  3. Hi Dr. Gach and as always, thank you for sharing such wonderful healing info. Quick question… since there is a point on the heart meridian (HT 7) that is also called Shen Men, would this point on the ear actually relate to auricolotherapy?
    Blessings, Maureen

    • Yes, there’s an acupressure point on the Heart meridian called Shen Men, “the Door of the Spirit”. Both the ear Shen Men and this H 7 point on the wrist are used to harmonize the spirit within a human being. It’s very interesting and there’s nothing like this in western medicine. And yes – this ear point is a remarkable Auricolotherapy point as well. I appreciate the essence of sage and the spirit and beauty of butterflies.

  4. ya its great point….very useful for also sleeplessness , nurvous system also.
    thank u for sharing your experience and loving feelings…….. thanks once again.

  5. Dr.Gach: Thanks for this great tip on auricular stimulation! I am recovering from two skin cancer surgeries on my face in the last ten days and can use this to increase my energy and healing. Blessings to you.

    Jim Patterson,CNHP

    • There is a very rigorous acupressure massage that must be done 5 times daily over many, many points, which may help a Parkinson’s patient if its done for 8 to 10 months, but its not a cure. The routine would make a good dvd presentation; it’s too long to describe here. I have 40 years experience with acupressure, but not with Parkinson’s patients. I wish I could help more.

    • I do not think it would hurt or worsen the condition. I am not sure if it would relieve your pain. You might want to treat pressing it several times a day and breathe deeply.

  6. Hi Michael:
    I LOVE this point! Thank you for reminding me to use it. I incorporate some of your methods in teaching yoga classes. The students love them and benefit from them, as do I.

    With gratitude,

  7. I have been suffering from vertigo since about 15 yrs. and nothing has helped me. I have been your follower for the many years. I have tried the accupressure points as suggested. Recently I find that it has taken a different turn. The extreme vertigo has gone but now there is constant dizziness accompanied by imbalance and unsteadiness. I normally go for long walks–an hour or hour and a half. But now I can’t walk for even for 10 mins. I went to the neurologist and the EPLEY Manouvre was done which gave me a lot of relief. I am 75% better. But I still have a feeling of unsteadiness. I am as old as you and have had a very busy life so far and would like to continue doing so. I have to travel a lot. Now I am scared to go out in case I fall. I am desperately in need of help.

    • Acupressure can help you on many levels – what you can do on yourself for prevention and relief. Also consider getting acupressure sessions. Acupuncture is another option. There are so many great points that can stabilize you. St points, CV points, P 6, TW 5, Lv 3, St 36, and more. Just using GV 26 on yourself firmly can make a huge difference – short and long term. Do not consume foods that are made with sugars, not just white sugar. Limit drinks that have sugars, corn syrup, etc. too. Find a naturopath or osteopath or yoga therapist or bodywork therapist that you trust,

  8. Can you please suggest me good healing tips for my mother who is asthmatic and HCV patient. She is feeling breathlessness, wheezing, gassy stomach, fullness after eating, pain in calves, numbness in feet, headache.
    If there are product like foot pressure shoes and back massager pls let me know so that i can buy for her.
    Many thanks May God create easiness for you.

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