"Center of the Person" GV 26 Point

If you want to have a better year or create a new start, making resolutions for this year can empower you. I want to share GV 26, an acupressure point you can use to be more focused, think more positively, and help ground your New Year’s resolutions.

I was so depressed in high school. My mother was concerned about it, and told me, “You can have anything you want in your life – but you need to know what you want – in order to get it” she said. I was blessed to have that wisdom, clarity and support.

I’d like to give you guidance to get in touch with what you want in your life. When you are ready, sit down with your journal, pen and paper, or a new Word Doc. Start by asking yourself:

– What do I want for next year?
– How do I want to shift my life?
– What do I want to focus on, resolve, complete or accomplish?

If you have difficulty answering these questions and you find it hard to focus on what you want – press the following acupressure point. Breathe deeply through your nose as you firmly hold GV 26 and ask yourself the questions above. Point GV 26 can ground you to explore what’s important, inspiring and vital for your life.

Firmly press GV 26, between your upper lip and nose, on the center midline. Press this Center of the Person (GV 26) point firmly enough to press into your upper gum, which can enable you to concentrate, feel more centered and focused.

GV 26 is a revival point – it calms and restores the spirit after a traumatic experience. Pressing GV 26 is a potent point for mental health because it relieves depression, revives consciousness, and improves morale.

A Spiritual Teaching: This acupressure point clears your mind, enabling you to think more positively. When you treat yourself more positively, it makes a huge difference. In addition to using this point, train yourself to think in a positive way. What you focus on, you attract in your life. . .

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Thank you for reading my blog article.
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Blessings on your New Year!

With healing wishes,
Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.



Acupressure to center & ground your Aspirations & Creativity. Make your New Year’s Resolutions attract what you want in life. — 22 Comments

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR MR: MICHAEL,thank you so much for all the good advice that you ,
    let us known,Hope you and your wife have a wonderful 2013.
    Sincerely,Rosa Altobelli

  2. Thanks so much for this info on GV26. It’s perfect for me. I did it and immediately got grounded and focused. It even seemed to clear the nasal passages. Hope you and your family will have an extraordinarily happy 2013. Pressing away, Kaycheri.

  3. Thank you. My Wife an I just separated and I need direction now. It often amazes me that things, such as your blog come to me just when needed. Have a great New Year.

  4. Bonjour Michael,
    Merci de nous offrir ces vidéos d’acupressure … elle m’apporte beaucoup, car je pratique une nouvelle méthode ( patches non transdermiques – nanotechnologie)
    depuis peu de temps et votre site m’aide beaucoup dans la pose des patches..
    Mais j’ai “UN ÉNORME PROBLÈME” c’est que tout est en Anglais… et je n’arrive pas à traduire ce qui accompagne vos gestes.
    Merci de prendre en considération la demande d’une petite française (mon anglais date de l’école il y a 55 ans !!!)
    Bonne année aux vôtres et à vos équipes . Mfrance Vollet

  5. I love the relaxed look you give at the end. It looks like this is working for you.

    I’ve been looking for a more natural (and less expensive) alternative to albuterol to relieve asthma symptoms. Do you know of a pressure point or acupressure programs that works for people who have allergy-induced asthma?

  6. I am just now starting to open my self up to the idea that Acupressure could be real;-) I tried this and it did do something, kind of hard to quantify “focus” and “concentration” but it did do something. I look forward to learning more!!
    But some folks I have a lot of respect for, find some success from Acupressure so I am trying to be open minded. -Clay

  7. Michael, thanks a lot for the GV 26 point. Please could you give some guidance about acupoints for helping children with learning disabilities…..thank you once again

  8. Hello Michael,
    I have a dyslexic Husband. His dyslexia was caused by an accident after a traumatic abusive situation when he was about 8 years old. Before this he was brilliant, his mother told me. After the trauma he became violent, bullies at school teased him for being dumb and stupid, he became a street kid and had a wild time for many years. He was very clever in concealing his dyslexia. At the age of 65 he has created a computer learning program for anyone young or old who wants to learn how to read and spell. This is one of the many stress related issues I wrote about in my previous blog to you. I will send you a link in the next few days so that you can have a look at what he has created and I will discuss it further. cheers

  9. Thank you Michael, I have started to follow acupressure points and discoverd how valuable they really are. Thank you Michael. I really do appreciate your emails that you send me.

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