I’ve given thousands of Acupressure treatments over the past 40 years. I’m writing to share exactly how I end each session in a deeply healing way. It’s an Acupressure formula called the Final Balancing Steps – for fine-tuning healing energy, emotional stability, ADD, ADHD, mental health, and clarity.

How to Start a Good Day: I recommend practicing this easy acupressure routine on yourself while laying in bed, before getting out of bed. Many of my students over the years have found that practicing this acupressure routine in the morning aligns their energy for the rest of the day. I also use this acupressure point formula to end all of my acupressure treatments.

The Crown of Acupressure: This point formula is the crown of practicing Acupressure; it harmonizes the body’s vital energy by working on the Governing and Conception Vessels, the mother and father of all the meridian pathways. Using the following points, balances your hormones, and the chakra centers of your brain, to bring more harmony and beauty into your life.

Acupressure Hormonal Balancing Steps:

Acupressure Hormonal Balancing

1. Hold GV 20 with GV 24.5: Place your right hand on the Hundred Meeting Point (GV 20 on the top of your head) and your left hand at the Third Eye Point (GV 24.5). Close your eyes and breathe deeply for about two minutes.

2. Touch GV 20 with CV 17: Move your left hand to the Sea of Tranquility (CV 17, located at the center of the breastbone). Continue to breathe deeply for another minute or two.

3. Meditate on Breathing Deeply: Rest your hands, one over the other in your lap, with your palms facing up, allowing your eyes to be closed. Let your shoulders relax down; make your breath slow, even and deep.

Holding CV 17 - for Emotional Healing called the Sea of Tranquility

This Acupressure Point Formula is a quick routine good for relieving headaches, racing thoughts, anxiety, depressions, stress and hormonal imbalances. This would be good for mental health, and for relieving ADD, and ADHD at any age (children, seniors and everyone in between) to clear your mind, focus, concentrate, even meditate.

Mental & Emotional Healing: If you, a friend or relative has difficulty concentrating, or has racing thoughts – practice this simple acupressure routine 2 to 3 times daily for several weeks, breathing slowly and deeply while holding the points to discover the full benefits. For further point formulas and healing affirmations see the fully illustrated book entitled, Acupressure for Emotional Healing, by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.

Next week, I’ll show you how to present this acupressure point routine to children in an effective way – so they’ll be interested to learn how to help themselves – to feel better, be clearer, even more creative and powerful.



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  1. I have your book, which I follow, but I think your way of helping us by a simple video is fantastic. It makes it so much easier to remember. Thank you very much, and please keep them coming.
    Dilys Xavier (UK)

    • I am glad you are benefiting from my posts. Frankly, my book(s) and booklets have hundreds more illustrations, tips, info, and guidance.

  2. Hi Michael, Thanks a lot for your email posts and very useful. I wish to have your ebook and charts on Acupressure. I do not have any credit cards and so how can I send the amount to you for the above materials? Please reply. Thanks.

    • To buy my materials without a credit card, send a list of the titles you want with item numbers, plus your name, full address, email and the shipping method you’d like (UPS, Fed-X ground or 2nd day, USPS, etc) to info@acupressure.com We will send you the total amount to send and our PO Box.

  3. This email from you, couldnt have come at a better time! My thyroid antibodies went up higher due to using household chemicals, and it really messed up my hormones…I have your books and charts..but also suffering from CFS etc I cant do too much – I react too fast and strongly…but this routine is perfect – not too much and very precise…I’ll be defintly be doing it daily…Thanks!! Am eagerly awaiting for your next activities..Thanks

    • You can prevent a bunion to some degree, and relieve some of its discomfort, but acupressure is not a cure for this condition.
      I would work on the beginning points on both the Spleen and Liver meridians for bunions.

  4. R/Sir
    Thanks a lot, for sending e_mails regarding Acupresur regulerly,In concerned with this mail, I want to know the exact Biomechanisam of function of GV20 & CV 24,that is how these points work on Autonomus Nerves System?…….waiting for reply…Thank u sir !

  5. Thanks Michael for giving us such a nice treatment. I m working in a share brokering firm,as we all know that we have thousands of tension in this field. But i use your relief tips and now i can trade freely and take as less tension as i can..thank u ..

  6. Hi Michael.. i m thank full to you for posting such greats tips..can u please give me some acupressure points for beauty and to lose weight….thank you..

  7. Practices of acupressure have totally augered well in shaping my health and positive concepts about life. I should have known this many years ago.Introduce as many friends as possible to this valuable life practice as possible. Thanks to mother nature.

  8. Hi Michael,
    I am thank full to you for posting such greats tips. In today’s life there are so many patients of depression,anxiety etc. . Really helpful for them. Michel,can you please provide me some acupressure points for sleep disorder?

  9. Acupressure is something that is very helpful in mental disease like depression. We need to know the better knowledge of this so that we can implement on that to keep our self tension free. This information is very helpful me. Now i can aware other people also.

  10. Interesting…my son has ADHD & Sensory Processing Disorder. We are on the 3rd week of acupressure and the top of the head gets a needle at each visit along with a few other areas. Do you have any suggestions for points areas I can inform the acupuncturist? He has never treated for these disorders before but was willing to try it out for us. We have noticed some decrease in behaviors which is WONDERFUL!

    • I have plans to write two blog posts that will give you a lot more info, including points that you can do and better yet, that your son will love to do on himself regularly to get even more results – so stay tuned. This is very exciting. I hope you continue to leave commits and questions especially about using acupressure for ADHD and SensoryProcessing Disorder. We must find ways to help our children and the more we share what works, the more empowered we all become.

  11. Hi Michael,
    Thank you for all the great info that you share with us.
    Do you recomend any particular points for social anxiety?

  12. I enjoyed reading your page. There are many intriguing articles. i have been suffering from anxiety i guess for 16 years and didn’t know it until i had my first panic attack in 2012 and my world started to make sense. i have suffered from soo many ailments relating to that such has migraines, anxiety leaving my house, or just life. Weight gain and not being able to lose it and so forth. Fast forward to now, thank you, i’m a lot better.

    i just don’t understand the constant and daily headaches. i’m soo frustrated. is this all part of the healing process? how long does it take?? i truly started taking nutritional supplements and getting a grasp of this mess in october 2012..this is a slow process i see????!! i appreciate any feedback. i do wan’t to mention that i started meditating the last month and exercising at least 3x/wk.

    • Good to hear you’re motivated to do positive things for yourself. So many people write to me with medical problems and since I am not a medical doctor, helping them is out of my field. But your problems can certainly be helped with Acupressure – your headaches, anxiety and panic attacks. First, please go to a doctor to see if your headaches are related to a medical problem. If you check this out and your doctor does not know why you are having these terrible headaches, I feel like reaching out to you – because I know that there is a 80% chance that if you used my guided self-care DVDs twice daily, you’d get significant relief. I am gong to personally guarantee that you will get some good results if you practice with the following DVDs at least twice a day, or I (Michael Gach) will give you all your money back. Here are the programs:

      ACUPRESSURE STRESS RELIEF: Demonstrates how to do self-acupressure in a chair for relieving shoulder, neck and Headaches Its easy to do.
      LESS-STRESS DVD: 20 minutes of remarkable, easy breathing exercises done standing; plus 10 minutes using 3 healing acupressure points. Very effective to feel better.

      You’d have to commit to yourself that you’ll use these videos twice a day, and I bet that you’d get tremendous benefits!
      Anyone reading this – let me know if you have any questions.

  13. hello sir,

    i m an acupressure student and suffering from hypothyroid,found your videos quite impressive and effective in both treatment and learning.

    thanks and regards

  14. I am happy to find your website. I am possibly going through premenopause and would like to try an alternative way to feel better. I have tried your suggestions here and have felt some relief. The first time I did the 3rd eye point I felt very focused. However, after doing this the 2nd and 3rd day it started to bring on headache and nausea. Is this normal to feel initially, like some sort of detox? Or am I doing to often?

  15. I was more than a little skeptical when my immunologist suggested yoga and acupressure as complimentary therapy to work alongside my prescribed medication for an inflammatory condition, but in desperation to relieve the physical and emotional symptoms I was experiencing I did a quick internet search and found this site. I have been both surprised and elated to discover firsthand how effectively the techniques actually work! Thank you so much for taking the time to create and maintain this website. The resources and information are presented clearly and in a variety of formats which make them accessible to a wide audience. I only wish my preconceptions hadn’t prevented me from trying these methods earlier – which is why I’m spreading the message to all my friends and family in the hope they can benefit too. Really impressed, thanks again for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you for this wonderful genuine testimonial. I work hard to produce these articles, videos and self-healing dvds. Thank you for sharing Acupressure.com with others.
      With healing wishes –
      Michael Reed Gach

  16. Thank you for sharing these with those of us who wish to take care of ourselves ! I am currently sedentary ,stuck at home , awaiting approval (workmans comp case) for surgery, apparently my hip was dislocated by the chiropractor in July, which no one found until December, it is now February , and I am still waiting for approval. I have a full right hip replacement already, so since its metal, and not organic, do the accupressure processes you have shared, still able to work on me. Your insight would be much appreciated. I am just trying not to be in pain, anxious, agry, depressed, while still trying to hang on to hope that they will actually decide to fix this ,instead of battling about who caused it, or who’s at fault or if it was pre existing. Thank you for your time . Sincerely, renee

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