An Acupressure Chart is the road map for locating acupressure points for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Acupressure points can stimulate your self-curative abilities.

An Acupressure Chart is the road map for locating acupressure points for beginners and advanced practitioners.


If you’re an acupressure beginner, you may find the guidelines below helpful for relieving most of your apprehensions, fears or doubts about applying acupressure to yourself. This may also answer some of your basic questions about how to apply pressure to the acupressure points. Follow the five guidelines I have provided and use common sense, and you’ll find acupressure is safe.

1. Apply pressure gradually and slowly. Hold with a light, steady pressure for 1 to 3 minutes. If you are sore, use less pressure. If less pressure is still tender, use light touch. However, if you’re muscular or like deeper pressure, you can increase the pressure until it hurts good. Always hold the acupressure points lightly for a minute before coming off the points.  For best results, relax in a very comfortable position with your eyes closed, and breathe deeply for at least 5 to 10 minutes afterward. This deep relaxation enables the acupressure points to balance the systems and healing energy within your body.
2. Avoid pressing on cuts, wounds, tumors and stay away from pressing near your throat. Warmth and some tingling can be a good sign that blood circulation is increasing to heal those areas. However, if you get too dizzy, press CV 17 at the center of your chest. Here’s instruction on the CV 17 point to stabilize your body.
3. If you are an Acupressure beginner, do not press longer than 3 minutes on any one point. Always apply pressure slowly.
4. If you have a medical condition or on medication, hold the points more gently, for just a minute each. Be sure to get medical care. Acupressure can enhance your health and relieve common ailments but it is not a substitute for getting medical attention and treatment. Please see a doctor, and get a second medical opinion, if you have severe health problems.
5. Breathe slowly, smoothly, and deeply while holding the acupressure points and during the deep relaxation, immediately after applying self-acupressure. If you hold a point for only a minute or two and do not have the time or a good place to relax, a deep relaxation period may not be necessary.

Acupressure developed in China as a folk healing art 5,000 years ago.

Going Further: For guidance on common complaints, get Acupressure’s Potent Points book. If you want to do acupressure, you need to know where to press. You’ll need to have a map of where the acupressure points are located. I suggest this Acupressure Chart, with all 365 points. The most effective points are larger – to make them easy to find and use.


Applying these acupressure guidelines and using common sense makes acupressure safe – to become more self-reliant, and take greater responsibility for your own health.



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  1. wow, that picture with all the points is a bit overwhelming to me.

    I have intertial cystitis…..walls of the bladder are all inflammed. This is a very difficult one to diagnoze and treat with acupressure.

    • Traditional Chinese Medicine has numerous points and an enormous amount of healing information. Rely on Western Medicine to treat the cystitis. Use eastern medicine to strengthen your condition and cultivate your wellness.

  2. Hi Doctor M. R. Gach,
    I am a Filipino (Philippines). I have a friend in New Jersey, USA by the name of George Robert Tregidgo (phone: 1-973-459-8792) whom I have asked to help me own your great books of acupressure healing. I am still waiting for the result of my request to him. Dr. Gach, I really wish to own your books because I am confident that with them I can help my poor Filipino brothers get relieved from various physical/emotional, etc. sicknesses by way of wonderful acupressure healing. I pray my friend George can give me feedback soon! Thanks a lot.

  3. I’m interested in posts regarding stress relief, emotional balance, and mental wellbeing. Thank you for all of your great posts.

  4. Hi Michael,
    I could use some help on my elbows, I over-extended my left elbow and it has swelling. I’ve been pressing on LI 11 and the swelling has gone down a little but from time to time I have pain, are there any other point I can use?

    Also, our group at the Acu-Yoga Teacher’s Training class mentioned about Emotional Healing Class in Novemeber or December, I would like to attend. Please let me know when you have it schedule. I appreciate any point(ers) on that too.

    Thank you again for such an informative class.

    • For your elbow, use LI 10 on the top of your forearm. These acupressure points (on both sides) will give you greater energy in your upper body. If your elbow pain or pressure is located more on the inside of your arm, then palpate (feel for and press into) the hollows of the bony areas of your elbow. The acupressure points you need will feel tender upon pressure. Be patient, by holding these tender areas for 2 to 3 minutes or until the pain goes away, from holding the points steady – without rubbing.

      To find the classes I will be teaching at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley during the first two weeks of December 2012, visit the school’s acupressure schedule of classes here. My new classes will be posted by August 2012 on that link, if you scroll down to the December classes. I plan on teaching about four or five classes and hope to see you.

  5. Hello Mr Michael,
    Thank you very much for sending me this very interesting tutorial pages.I am a staunch believer in Acupressure treatments and that’s why it gave me immense satisfaction while reading your articles on the subject.
    once again thanks to you & request to keep sending such useful knowledge.
    Ashok Khaladkar

  6. Dear Mr Michael,

    Thank you very much for providing me with valuable articles with well-defined pictures, showing the particular acupressure points on different points of the body and its benefits. Now I want some feedback/guidelines with pictures on finger (hand) pains and enlarged prostate. I also want your valuable guidelines on keeping in good health the kidneys. I pray more and more people get satisfied through your guidelines/articles on acupressure. Let Almighty bless you all the time!


    G. C. Datta.

    • Thank you. You ask good questions – which a couple of my books answer and present with graphics to actually show you what to do. For making your kidneys more healthy, I wrote “Greater Energy at your Fingertip Tips” which has a chapter on acupressure points and several chapters on exercises that benefit your kidneys. Due to the details of my writing and all the illustrations that must go with it – so you get the correct acupressure points and self-healing techniques – each of my books takes me about 4 years or more to write. That’s why I am not able to re-create this work right here, not instead am referring your to my books, which have the illustrations of what you’re asking for.

      For the health of your Prostate Gland: Use CV 1. For more info on finding and applying pressure this intimate point, see my Acupressure for Lovers book and DVD.

      Hand Pain: I show many, many photos for relieving Hand Pain in my book “Arthritis Relief at your Fingertips” which you’ll find on or by the end of 2012, you’ll be able to order the book retitled: Pain Relief at your Fingertips here on

  7. Dear Dr. Gach, you may have addressed this top already, but I am jumping it late. My apologies if you have already cover this. What do you recommend for treatment of Tinnitus? Thank you.

    • You are in touch with me! This is the best way. Please feel free to leave me feedback or a question at the end of my blog articles, and I promise to respond.

  8. Hello Mr.M R Gach, I m an ardent lover of acupressure, i have your book potent points since years n m lucky to find yr web site now. I live in south asia, your articles are a blessing for people world over. Always look forward for your blogs… Keep doing happy healing.

    • I am thrilled – this blog is gathering thousands of us who want to focus on “happy healing” acupressure points.
      It’s like when you’re smiling – the whole world smiles with you! We can be the reflection of love, harmony and beauty. . .

  9. Dear Michael,
    I´ve been following your tips for some time and I love them All. I´m especially interested in stress relief, emotional balance, and mental wellbeing, especially in times of depression crisis and physical
    and mental tiredness (as I´m still living in a stressful condition). Thank you for all your help.
    God bless you,

    • Good to hear your recovery is doing well. The Gall Bladder meridian is a flow of energy that heals after an organ has been removed. Acupressure points reduce the recovery time, by jump starting this healing energy. I know this is brief, but I hope it shines some light on your question. Keep breathing deeply and holding the acupressure points – you are doing great!

  10. Hi Michael:
    It was such a joy to divert a migraine twice by drinking some water, breathing deeply and using acupressure. Yay. Once again, you are doing such great work. Thank you!

    Which of the ebooks are able to be transferred to the printed page by me?


  11. I briefly had the pleasure of attending accupuncture school, but, I met with a series of unfortunate events. I’m a health practicioner and would love to take CEU courses, I live on the east coat, are you and if so when are you coming to the tri state area.

  12. I Have scoliosis Moderate to Severe.My posture is deteriating from it & I Feel Llike I’m being poked jabbed & Stuck by my ribs being twisted from my spine problems.All this causes much fatigue, soreness, & pain.Any suggestions that might help would be appreciated.

    • For Scoliosis: I have had good success with the set of flexing exercises called the “Flexibility of the Spine” in the Acu-Yoga DVD (and illustrated in the Acu-Yoga book). These exercises will strengthen your spine and nervous system. However, if some of these exercises are too difficult for you, and you can stand-up, I highly suggest that you practice the great breathing exercises of Traditional Chinese Health Care twice a day to enable your body to rebuilt its healing energy and begin to counteract your fatigue – after practicing these easy exercises twice daily for three months, eating more vegetables, some protein, and a lot less salt and sugar in your diet – you’ll begin to see a remarkable improvement, especially if you start a program of walking and allowing your arms to swing freely as you walk. Build this brisk walking up gradually. . .

    • Stress Relief: Thank you for your input to learn more points on how to relieve your stress. I will work on more articles that give you tips and acupressure points on managing your stress and relieving it. Consider getting my 30-minute DVD called “Acupressure Stress Relief” – giving you clear guidance for releasing tension in your shoulders and neck in a chair. I recommend this fully guided stress relief program to be able to help get a handle to transform your stress into relaxation – all by yourself.

  13. 2 years back I met with a road accident. At present I m almost ok but not 100 %.
    I lost vision of my right eye as there was atrophy in my optical nerve.
    I have a bit balance problem. Please advice what can I do for recovery. I have a bit memory loss also. Plz advice I have too much faith in acu-pressure. Can I smoke a little bit and take alcohol.

  14. Hi Michael, I enjoy reading your blog regardless of the subject. I always learn a little more every time. It also has a calming effect on me for some reason. Maybe the body is more intuitive than I realised and knows when someone is there to help.
    My husband has rheumatoid arthritis. He has pain and twisting in his fingers and toes and problems with his elbows. Being as it is an auto-immune disease, maybe recommend a point to balance the immune system. Thanks
    I know a lot of people, as they get older, with HIP joint problems. Any advice on prevention

    • I am thrilled that my healing work has affected your life. I want to acknowledge that rheumatoid arthritis is a difficult condition to handle. I suggest eliminating all added salt – increasing all kinds of green vegetables, raw and lightly cooked. I highly recommend that both of you do these wonderful, easy standing breathing exercises twice a day. I will be coming out with a pain relief book by the end of 2012. I will also try to produce a special illustrated e-product on hip joint problems and pain – so stay tuned. Thank you for your positive feedback.

  15. Hi Michael,
    Thank you so much for your book. The “acne, eczema & other skin problems” points are greatly relieving my hormonal acne.

    Could you suggest any more points for regulating and calming the female hormonal cycle? (It’s not a matter of cramps/pms. I’d just like to prevent lymph/cyst acne in the ovulatory & premenstrual phase of my cycle.)

    Thanks again, I’ve been looking for solutions for so long and finally the acupressure & yoga are helping a lot.

    Best, Sandra

    • For the female hormonal cycle – Acupressure can be very helpful. There are so many points that can be useful. Try using B10, GB 20, GV 24.5, Sp 6, LI 4, and Lung 1. There is a very good acupressure formula of this in the Acupressure Basic Booklet, available online as a download and as a hard copy.

      • Thank you! I’ll use them and get acquainted with the Woman’s Balance Flow formula. Some very interesting info in the booklet as well. Cheers, Sandra

  16. hard of hearing not cured many trails attempt for kidney points foot points hand points and spinal cord below the head a grew like area behind the ear no relief advise me for remedy…
    seetharaman L

    • There are many good acupressure points for the ears and difficult hearing. The cause of the problem is most important. Since I do not know your history, I can not help you from this distance. In all fairness, if your hearing problem is severe, acupressure has limits as to how much it can help change the function of your hearing.

  17. Hi Micheal – I am a self educated student of acupressure and have noticed positive results by application on myself. Your monthly articles are a boost and invaluable. I have gastric problem and burps occur frequently. Please advise how to get rid of it.

  18. A female friend had stomach pains and blood flow when period occurred was bare minimal.
    On consultation surgery was done and one Fallopian tube was removed as it had been damaged and blocked. I hear that she could conceive with one Fallopian tube in tact. Please let me know what acupressure points/acu-yoga could be applied in order to keep her other tube from getting damaged.

    • This is beyond my scope of practice. I hope your friend is able to see a doctor for medical advice and care.

  19. Hi Micheal,

    I suffer from ‘Hidradenititis Supurativa’ which is the infection of apocrine glands, it is very painful, debilitating and embarassing, it has no known cure. Do you think acupressure would be of any help?

  20. Hi Michael

    I had some exposure to acupressure/naturopathy in India and got interested in the same.
    Thank you very much for your updates which I find very useful and enlightening.


  21. Hi michael

    in India, we had the habit of massaging the palms and the bottom of the feet with oil everyday while going for bath. i find that this will activate almost all the pressure points. do you think this will act as a preventive measure for ailments relating to the various organs of the body.
    would like to have your viewsl


    • Yes, massaging your palms and feet is very valuable, therapeutic and good for prevention. Add some acupressure points to this wonderful reflexology hand and foot massage, along with some good aerobic exercise daily, and whole foods and you have yourself an even more complete holistic, preventive lifestyle for maintaining wellness and radiant health.

  22. Dear Dr. ,
    Would you have any knowledge on acupressure points in animals? Specifically, for promoting improved kidney function in felines?
    Thank you.

  23. You are the best thing on Internet ! Thankyou so much ! Will order courses soon. Do you do Ceu’s for Fla LMT or have grad who does classes s w Fla ?

  24. Thank you for sending me all the e-mails.
    I like your articals & also applied it on my family members.
    I have some Indian books on Accupressure & I use Accupressure
    therapy . I would like if you send me information on all the subjects.
    Thank you.

    • I will continue to send you emails about my blog posts.
      In addition, I am working on creating a master Self-Healing from A to Z,
      which will be available here:
      This great self-healing resource should be available by
      September 1, 2012.

  25. I have a few questions:
    1. Do you have articles on shoulder muscle pain?
    2. Are your lovers acupressure graphic ( nudity)
    3. Any articles on nervous system disorders

  26. Hi! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and
    say I truly enjoy reading your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums
    that deal with the same topics? Thank you so much!

  27. Hi, I do think this is an excellent web site. I stumbledupon it ;
    ) I may return once again since i have book marked it.
    Money and freedom is the greatest way to change,
    may you be rich and continue to guide other people.

  28. Hello,

    I am new to Acupressure and Thanks for the beginners guide.
    I’m interested in posts regarding stress relief, emotional balance, and mental well being.

  29. Thank you Michael,am a physical therapist and doing well.Regarding pressure points since am applying your p/points on my clients,I did really enjoing and my clients more comfortable with me.Love to learn more.

  30. Thank you for all the e-mails, dear Dr.I really enjoy reading your posts.
    I am new in acupressure, but I foll in love . I will keep reading & make everything you teach me about pressure points .Thank you for all your help !
    God bless you!!

  31. Hi Michael,
    I tried to send you 2 e-mail. I hope I’m now on the right track.
    Michael, I just really want to thank you for all the wonderful information you have send me.
    I do massaging from my house and any acupressure will always be of grate help.
    For myself the information you have send me will most definitely be of grate help. I have epilepsy and always have allot of fear and anxiety inside me.
    Thank you Michael

  32. Hello Michael,
    Since I subscribed to your newsletter, I have been amazed at the bounty of useful information that you are sharing with us. Thank you. I just ordered the acu-yoga book in order to go deeper into my yoga therapy with my students. Any recommendations about frozen shoulders?
    Again, thank you!

    • For Frozen Shoulder: Both Acupressure and Acupuncture can help. Use the SI points on the small intestine meridian. The most important points are SI 9, Si 10, Si 11. You are asking a vital question which deserves more instruction and attention. Please stay tuned next year for a special blog and video clip on this.

  33. i am suffering from cervical spondolytis since two years now i am doing exercise advise from phisio-therapist but not well so can i do acupressure myself in home and how ? plz let me know !! thanks.

  34. Hello! i been practing acupressure since im 17 (im 25) from your book that we found in a flea market in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Its been our tresure since 😀
    now that i found you in the internet its amazing haha i cant belive it! really
    i’d love to know more about emotional healing and mental health, please

  35. Could you discuss the points used to balance the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system.. I am so out of balance with constant sympathetic dominance.. for which I have no sympathy!!
    Thank you for your time.

    • There are so many fantastic points for you. The most effective acupressure points for balancing your stress and nervous system are demonstrated in the DVD called Acupressure Stress Relief. I further suggest you use the traditional Chinese breathing exercises called Qi Gong which are demostrated in the DVD called Stress Less. If you practice either or both of these daily, your sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system will balance and you’ll feel so much better immediately! In addition, be sure to cut your salt (and meat) intake greatly.

  36. My name is BRYAN I am suffering from TINNITUS( WHISTLING SOUND IN MY BOTH EARS) and high frequency hearing loss. I been to many doctors but No progress, This problem I had sense past 10 yrs or more . COULD ANYBODY HELP ME

    • I pray the following blog article helps you:

      I hope you practice the acupressure described here twice daily focusing on taking slow, deep breaths. Practice this for at least a month to see if you get relief. The deep relaxation at the end of the routine is vital to allow whatever pressure or fluids inside your inner ear to balance. Please report back in a month or so to share your experience with all of us.

  37. Dear Michael,
    Thank you for your articles. They are very helpful to me as I am a beginner. Thank you for explaining about the pressure on a point.
    What do you think about pumping movement on the point or making a circular movement? What is the difference in what way we remove the blockage from the channel?
    I am a qualified massage therapist and have Reiki 2 . Unfortunately, three years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees and had to stop my massage practice. Still, I have my hands in good condition so I really hope I can do something good for myself and for other people.
    And, yes, I keep telling my friends about acupressure and showing them the points. Just I need more confidence in this area.
    I am looking forward to your articles very much. I am ready to learn and be helpful for those who need help.
    Warm wishes and have a good day.

    • Circular or pumping movements on the Acupressure points, when they are made slowly in a conscious way, can be helpful and healing. In my over 40 years of experience with acupressure, I have found that holding the points still, with different amounts of pressure can allow the healing energy to channeled, release, and flow.

      I hope you’ll get inspired to get the Home Study Pack or the Distant Learning Acupressure e-materials to learn even more at home.

  38. Hello,

    I have enjoyed all the articles of yours that I have read thus far. I am interested in more information on elbow pain, stress relief, emotional healing, and mental health. I cannot wait until I can order some of your books. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


  39. Thank you Michael! I am a Shiatsu Therapist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I love the wealth of information from your website. I enjoy all the information you share and I find it very helpful and valuable for me to continue learning and refreshing my memory knowledge base. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to more information sharing from you. Also, in future I will be purchasing from your website of DVD’s etc…..

    Ornella Ielo

  40. Hi Michael,
    I love your articles. They have been so helpful. I need relief with tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis and rotator cuff pain. I know you can help.
    God Bless, Elisa

    • I want to encourage you to see a good Asian Bodywork Therapist, physical therapist, or an acupuncturist. To get results, you’ll have to not only get some treatments, but treat your self like a baby, and try to stay off these areas. All these pains really need individual attention. The rotator cuff pain can be relieved by using SI 10 and SI 11, by lying on a tennis ball.

  41. Hi Michael
    I’d like to know what these tw-23 , gv-21 , si-19 , gb-20 ,Li-20 etc stand for ? are the points for the internal organs in both L/R PALMS & FOOT ? Also what is the point for a painful right elbow ?

    • TW = Triple Warmer
      GV = Governing Vessel
      SI = Small Intestine
      GB = Gall Bladder
      LI = Large Intestine

      Joints like the elbow and knee must be seen and felt and the cause must be investigated, which is not possible from this distance. Consider seeing an acupuncturists or acupressurist.

      • Hi Micheal
        Thanks for a prompt reply. TW-=”Triple warmer” ..what does triple warmer mean ? hope you don’t mind my asking but I am absolutely new to this topic but I find it very interesting. Thx

        • The Triple Warmer (TW) in traditional Chinese medicine is a meridian that flows up the back of the arm, around the ear, and thru the temples. This pathway known as the Triple Warmer governs the three burners and burning spaces: the lower burner governs the sexual reproductive and eliminatory systems of the body. The middle burner near the solar plexus, governs the digestive system. The Upper burner in the chest or thoracic cavity governs the circulation and respiratory systems.

          I cover the therapeutic details and applications of the Triple Warmer when I teach an Acupressure training.

  42. Dear Michael:

    I had the opportunity of healing a relative on her mother death. At the burial I applied my fingers on her PU1 points, and the cure was almost miraculous. She stopped crying and felt a warm, strange and peaceful feeling of intense calmness. It REALLY WORKS! I’m interested on articles about physical and emotional healing. please receive my best regards for your efforts in spreading those techniques.

  43. Dr. Michael,
    Really informative, educative and useful articles on ACUPRESSURE . I think all readers are obliged. I m a practitioner of this therapy, but to a very limited extent due to limited knowledge. Now ur articled will give more authority and ease to practice Acupressure. THANK U AGAIN AND AGAIN.
    I m forwarding ur mails to all my friends who will be benefited.
    Kindly continue to mail me all ur future articles.
    Kind regards,

  44. I have melasma(hyper pigmentation) on my face can you suggest any points I can press for them to disappear?

    Many thanks

  45. Hi Michael, I’d like to receive information on stress relief, emotional healing, knee problems, eyesight, and mental clarity. I have found your articles useful already though!
    Many thanks

  46. Hi Micheal,

    After I go through your site, I tried acupressure for Sinus problem. Within a week I am getting too much heat in the body. Sinus got more aggravated and abdomen pain. After I stop acupressure for 3 days I become normal. Please advise me any side effects and how to come out of sinus headache.


  47. Hi Michael,
    I am having partial hearing loss in my one ear. Doctor said i should go for hearing aids.
    Can you suggest any natural way to reverse this hearing loss or how acupressure can help me regarding this problem ?

    Thankyou in advance.
    Aman dhir

    • I am not sure acupressure can help you if your hearing loss is significant. Try going to an acupuncturist for a few times. If it helps you, acupressure can help you maintain the results. Sending you healing wishes.

  48. i am using acupressure points using hand therapy. I found these techniques veryhelpful for seld health.I have stammering problem sinemy childhood due to tyfoid fever.
    please send me acupressure points, usage and time to press point simultaneously

  49. Hi Micheal,
    I’m new at your web site, thanks for your personal advises. I have bought your wonderful book of Acupresser’s Potent Points in Johannesburg in 1992- I had find it so good, bought a second one to my relatives in Hungary. We are useing them if has any problem in the family. For me, the best points are CV 20 and the Third Eye points together, to relieving double vision. I have helped so many friends to relief pain… Congratulation to your excellent work to heal people. I love your book ! I was happy to find You on youtube…
    Keep well, all the best !

    Warm greetings from Budapest,

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