Yu Acupressure Points - on both sides of spine

In my 40 years of experience using acupressure and yoga therapy, I found that the most effective exercises and healing techniques stimulate a series of special acupressure points along the spine on both sides. These spinal points and back care exercises, detailed and illustrated in my Back Pain Pack, are therapeutic to all your internal organs. The proper use of these back acupressure points benefit your overall wellness and hundreds of health problems.

Yu Points (also known as Shu points) are the most effective treatment points on the body.  I realize – that’s a powerful statement, but my 40 years of experience has shown this to be true – so I’m sharing it with you. These back points, on both sides of the spine, benefit all the internal organs.

Directions: Here’s a great way to stimulate these points and gain enormous health benefits.  Place two tennis balls in a sock and tie the end with a string, rubber band or twisty, so the balls stay together. Place them on a carpeted floor and lie down gradually on the balls, with you spine between the two balls. If it hurts because the balls are hard, double a thick towel over them for padding.  After lying on the balls for five to ten minutes, deeply relax laying flat on your back with your knees bent, eyes closed, and take slow, deep breaths for another ten minutes to discover the benefits.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine:

* Lower Back Problems are connected to the condition of the kidneys;

* Mid-Back chronic tension and pain is associated with the digestive system, governed by the stomach, spleen, liver, and gall bladder meridians;

* The Upper Back is related to the function of the heart (cardiovascular system) and lungs (the respiratory system).

How to do Acupressure Massage on all your Yu Points – without your hands: You can stimulate all these therapeutic back acupressure points by rocking on your spine, back and forth, over a carpeted surface. I call this acupressure technique Rock n’ Roll. If your back is flat, then roll gently from side to side. After rocking on your back for a minute or two, relax deeply with your eyes closed and take deep breaths for five to ten minutes to obtain the full health benefits.

Summary: This is a powerful, natural method of self-treatment, which I encourage you to do regularly enhancing your health on many levels.  After practicing the simple tennis ball or rock n’ roll techniques regularly for over two months to stimulate your back acupressure points, I believe you’ll have remarkable health results.

For more specific Back Care Acupressure Points and healing techniques, check-out: The Back Pain Pack consists of The Bum Back Book and the Back Pain Relief audio program. I discounted this special package 25% to enable more people to be able to benefit. Another comprehensive spine healing routine that strengthens the nervous system is in my Acu-Yoga book, and also guided by my voice in my Acu-Yoga DVD, called the Flexibility of the Spine, a set of 14 special exercises for your well-being and preventative health.



Back Pain Relief – Acupressure Points and Self-Healing Techniques for Common Ailments and Health Benefits — 30 Comments

  1. I am having tightness in feet since last 7 years. It is not pain but something like numbness. I feel as if I am walking on a cotton mattress or walking on small rocks . These sensations are unexplainable. No cause could be found medically. I have tried some shiatsu points on the sides of spinal column. i do some massage as well. would you suggest some therapy for this problem.

    • I think Acupressure points can help you with his to some degree – but it’ll take months of working on yourself. Use St 36 and GB 34, which I demonstrate how to stimulate in this blog clip. on stiffness. Practice this 3 to 5 times daily and do not eat foods with any added salt.

  2. Hello Dr. Michael Gach! How are you? Thank you very much for your new article about Back Pain Relief – Acupressure Points and Self-Healing Techniques for Common Ailments and Health Benefits. What do you think, if we use this technique of pressing Yu-points, by not laying on the floor but by using wall and moving our body up and down?

    • This is an excellent idea and application. I am sure many people reading who cannot get on the floor will thank you! I appreciate your contribution.

      • I have been dealing with nspial stenosis for a lil over 3 years now, I have seen a nuerologist, as well as an orthopedic back specialist, I have done physical therapy 2 seperate times, I have done a nerve conduction text. I have had a nspial tap and steroid shots. I have had and xray,and a ct scan my dr’s have requested that I have surgery to fix the problem but my insurance refuses to ay for it. Is there anything else I can do. I am a stay at home mom with a 2 year old I can play with her, I can hold her with out fear of droping her I can’t carry anything mor then 10 pounds, I can walk or stand or sit for long periods of time. I am on a permanant regement of pain killers and I really wish I didn’t have to be on them. If there is anything else I could possibly do for the pain I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

        • For Spinal Stenosis – to relieve some of the pain and improve your flexibility of your spine, use the Acu-Yoga DVD, the Back Pain Relief CD, and practice the traditional Chinese Qi Gong breathing exercises once or better yet trice a day.

        • For Spinal Stenosis – to relieve some of the pain and improve your flexibility of your spine, use the Acu-Yoga DVD, the Back Pain Relief CD, and practice the traditional Chinese Qi Gong breathing exercises once or better yet trice a day.

  3. Dear Michael,
    When we do the rock n’ roll movement for spine, can we do side by side or back and forth, or any way is ok?.
    Thank you!.

  4. hello sir thanx for this nice article & such a useful information .sir plz suggest points for black discolouration on face on cheeks on nose like cloasma which after pregnancy & in menopause .it is very common problem today in india

    • Thank you so much; I am thrilled you liked the article on back pain. I try to give a lot of practical tips – to enable you to help yourself.

  5. Hello Dr. Michael and Freinds,
    As always, you have given a great gift to those of us in pain. I have done this excerize since Dr. M. Sent it to me, and it has made the difference between living in extreme pain or being able to remain active. I carry my tennis balls with me everywhere, I drive over a hundred miles a day, and place the tennis balls at the different points during the drive and it has allowed me to drive and deal with my pain at the same time. Is the Bum Back book only available in E-book form or can a text be purchased?
    A faithful reader~ Debra

  6. hello dr. michael
    thanks for your articles and books ( i just got your Acu Yoga ) I want to make sure I understand directions how to stimulate Yu points. what do you mean when you say “lie down gradually on the balls, with your spine between the two balls”? Do you mean roll up and down?
    thanks ,Eva

    • Yes, I mean gradually roll on the balls, up and down different segments of your spine to stimulate the Yu acupressure points.

  7. I have scoliosis moderately advanced,apparently have had for at least 28 years & I’m 50 now.My question is would it be safe & helpful for me to do these Rock& Roll up & down & side to side exercises?

      • I’ve had sciatica down my left leg to odusite above ankle for 35 yrs, some years hardly feel it except for a light reminder above ankle, May and June it’s gone for summer, every year. But 2010 I caught a cold, took cough suppressants dehydrated developed into racking body pain from lower back thru entire lower skeletal nerves ligaments, couldn’t walk, sit more than a min. I was scared. I saw minor improvement after a week until a month later I could walk. It was May summer healed me.

  8. hi!
    I have cervical spondilytis.get pain in the neck and upper back due to pinched nerve.I also feel giddiness when I get up from bed.please suggest self acupressure for this.

  9. Hello Michael!
    God bless you. Thank you for shering your knowledge.
    Iwill like to make you a question. What points can be presure for a back muscle contraction, because my mom has that problem. she already went to her physician and Rx some strong shots but the pain goes away for a lil of time, returning stronger than was in the begining, in fact she has not lain down in her bed for several dat, because if she does it, she can get up.
    Hoping you can help us. She has been sleeping in a chair for almost a week. thank u, and God bless you.

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