In traditional Chinese Medicine, there are a series of spiritual Acupressure points in the neck region, which tend to get blocked called the “Windows of the Sky”. Chronic tension can settle into the neck, and literally strangle your aliveness or spirit.

The video clip below, presents three powerful acupressure techniques for opening these spiritual acupressure points. I believe this is essential to practice daily for balancing chronic fatigue, the thyroid gland, and for long life.

Neck Tension & Thyroid Problems: The Windows of the Sky acupressure points are located in your neck, which holds the weight of your head and where so many of the meridians pathways cross. When you are under stress, your neck muscles constrict, affecting your ability to be creative and express yourself. The neck houses the thyroid gland, which balances your metabolism. When tension accumulates and becomes chronic, these points block your healing energy, which can cause chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and thyroid problems.

Spiritual Acupressure Points? I want you to understand the meaning, reason, purpose, and function of Spiritual Acupressure Points. Let’s start with what a point is — a specific spot or gateway where the healing energy of your body tends to get blocked. These points are also where you can most effectively channel energy to heal yourself and others.

What’s Spiritual about these points? The spiritual significance of the Windows of the Sky points is that they govern harmony between your mind and body. When healing energy flows through the Windows of the Sky, your spirit and aliveness makes you happy, inspired, satisfied, and fulfilled.

Not a Spiritual Person? A reason so many people do not relate spiritually is simple and makes sense. If a person’s neck is chronically tight, constructing the energy flow between the mind and body, then this person may not be in touch with how interconnected and miraculous life is. If the energy cannot get through the neck into the higher centers of the brain, a person cannot fully experience spirituality, aliveness, and the wonders of life.

Regaining your Spirituality: Chronic neck tension can be released over time by using these acupressure techniques daily while breathing deeply, and relaxing afterwards. Releasing the Windows of the Sky points and the flow of energy, increases mind and body awareness. After a while, this same blocked person will begin to have some petty amazing, wonderful experiences.

I hope and pray with all my heart and soul that this explanation motivates you to practice this Acupressure routine daily for keeping your Windows of the Sky open for preventing thousands of diseases and enabling you to obtain long life.

~ Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D., International Acupressure Therapy Author



Spiritual Acupressure Points: The Windows of the Sky For Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Thyroid Gland and Long Life — 49 Comments

  1. Thank you Dr. Gach and all who comment on his blog. Even when I think that an article might not pertain to me, I am always surprised to find it contains something that I didn’t even know I needed but always feel better just by reading
    and putting into practice Dr. G’s knowledgeable and thoughtful posts. I have also learned so much from all the heartfelt comments made by people from all over the world, because once again Dr. G responds to each of us with clarity, kindness, respect, and support. Thanks ~ Debra

    • I believe we are creating an international healing community. I am grateful that more and more people are actually using the acupressure points, my hands-on suggestions and healing routines. There’s a group energy building – each time I share more healing information and we all do these self-acupressure techniques together, even though we’re scattered all over the world.

    • For Allergies: The four acupressure points in the “Soreness No Moreness” article are be very good for relieving and preventing allergies. I am also putting this topic on my list to write more to you (and our acupressure community) on other acupressure points you can use for relief. By the way, I am certainly not a doctor, and if you have any medical ailments, I urge you to see a doctor for care.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for this great tip. Do have any suggestions for myself in regards to a pain I have on the top of my head. I had an object hit it over 1.5 yrs ago and now and again I feel a pressure on it and irritation.


  3. Thank you so much Michael for your generosity and wonderful spirit. I love receiving your emails and learning new points. I have bookmarked many of them and am making a commitment to practice the Windows of the Sky daily.

  4. This is a very helpful clip. I have a hypo thyroid problem and am on medication for ever. I will start doing these exercises.

    Would love to hear about accupressure points that will help stomach bloating.
    Thanks as always.

    • For Stomach Bloating, please try kneeling – by sitting on your heels. This kneeling position naturally stimulates the acupressure on the stomach meridian and over time, kneeling can help your stomach bloating. I would not be surprised if due to your bloating condition, you had difficulty kneeling. If its difficult to kneel, pad your legs and feet with pillows, but continue to sit this way. Gradually increase the amount of time you kneel as a form of treatment to strengthen the condition of your stomach.

      If you want more acupressure points, illustrations and guidance, get my Acupressure’s Potent Points Book which covers what to do for common complaints from A to Z, with hundreds of illustrations, and has a chapter called “Stomaches, Indigestion, and Heartburn.

    • Yes, as you stimulate these spiritual acupressure points on your neck, healing energy can circulate through the cervical region, and over time this can slowly resolve a cervical problem. To get results, it takes several months, so don’t give up – keep practicing the self-acupressure techniques daily, to gain the benefits.

  5. Dear Michael,

    Greetings to you and yours; as I can’t open the video on my computer, please kindly give explanation on the location of the Windows of the Sky and its tag no. Is it TW-16? Is it also called the Window of Heaven, referred thereto, in your marvelous book (Acupressure’s Potent Points Book ?)

    God bless you,


    • Yes, TW 16 is one of the acupressure points known as the windows of the sky. All the acupressure points located in the neck region are the Windows of the Sky points, including: GV 16, B 10, TW 16, SI 16, CV 22 (below the throat) and LI 18 and St 9 (in the throat, and should be used on one side at a time). The video clip which can also be accessed on “YouTube” can also be obtained by going to: Spiritual Acupressure Points – Windows of Sky video clip.

  6. Sir,
    I would be very pleased if you suggest me accupreassure points for activating the nerves which are designated to body balancing, muscle spasticity for hands and legs and control drooling. As my son is a cerebral palsy child termed as quadraplegic. He has improved a lot after 5 years of ayurvedic treatment. Apart from it I being his mother would like do everything in my power so that he does not become totally dependent. He is 14, and studying in high school.
    I wish you could help me and thank you very much.

    • For Cerebral Palsy – although Acupressure Points are not a cure, if you use the Acupressure regularly, constantly over long period of time (a year or two or longer) can lessen the spasms and rigidity in your son’s limbs. I pray – that my answer below will be a blessing for you and your son.

      There are acupressure points that generally strengthen the whole body and its functions which in my books I call tonic points. Due to the importance of these acupressure points, I created an inexpensive chart of these 8 tonic or wellness points called the Greater Energy Chart which are also in my Greater Energy book. Since you may live far away, and I want your son to benefit as soon as possible, I am giving you links to acupressure articles and video clips that guide you to some of these tonic acupressure points.

      Stimulate the outer leg acupressure points (GB 34 and St 36) 3 or 4 times daily, which will strengthen his muscles and physical coordination. Show your son how to rub his lower back acupressure points briskly with the backs of his hands and if he can’t do it, then rub his lower back for him for a minute, three times a day. I will show you how more in depth in my next blog or two, so stay tuned. Another vital tonic acupressure point CV 6 in the lower belly is called the Sea of Vitality, which will have a profound effect to strengthen his internal organs and energy system.

      Teach your son to breath slow and deep. Practice with him, to get his breathing slower, and deeper. It takes time and these acupressure points, Lu 1 on both sides will help him open and strengthen his lungs. This takes time and patience – so keep up.

      For the Drooling, try using CV 24, in the dip or indentation between the lower lip and the chin. This may seem to make the drooling worse, and if so, use GV 26 applying firm pressure into the gum, between the upper lip and the nose. As a young man, once he is able to concentrate on breathing deeper, he may find that if he touches his thumb with his index finger, on both sides, known as a “mudra” it will strengthen his will to focus on controlling his drooling, and his will to deepen his breath. Also have him use the tip of his tongue to touch the center of the roof of his mouth, as he takes a few slow deep breaths. The combination of the touch with his tongue and the breathing makes it most effective, although I realize that he will need to practice each of these simple acts separately before he can do this multi-task.

      After working with these points and techniques for several months, please let me know in detail on this blog, how your son is progressing – especially how he is responding. We may be thousands of miles away, and never meet each other, but I want you to know that I care.

    • For Flat Feet – Use the acupressure points in the sole and arches of your feet (K1, K2, Sp 3, Sp 4). If you do not have a chart of these acupressure points, I encourage you to get a good acupressure chart, since it will be your road map to find these healing acupressure points. I also think you’ll benefit from getting good arches for your shoes, which will actually stimulate most of these acupressure points while giving you good support. Cut your intake of sweets way down, at least in half.

  7. Thanks Dr.Michael for guidance on spiritual points. You are serving humanity with your great heart. God bless you.

  8. Dear Mr. Gach,
    Just reported a mild Disc prolapse in between Left side L4 -L5 but the pain is still persistent.Could u please suggest me the pressure points to get rid of this nasty pain please.

  9. Dr. G. I have watched the clip for this post several times and love the positive energy. Clearly, you benefit from what you teach. I looked at your site and wondered if you have any books or booklets that have DVD clips that you post available? I have the 4 CDs, DVDs and most of your books and booklets, but thought how great it would be to have your posts and clips on a DVD. I have been going back and reading your past blog entries and watching the clips. There is such a wealth of information and all the positive energy that you bring to each clip is inspiring. I also just starting reading all the material in the “Home Study and Self Healing” package. All I can say is Wow! Your discounted packages my be discounted in price but not in quality. A purchase that is well worth every penny. Thank you ~ D
    ~ D

    • You are definitely planting a seed within me. Thank you for appreciating the depth of my work and expressing it. Maybe someday we’ll have a DVD of “Acupressure’s Best Posts.” I thought of going through the hundreds of radio shows I’ve done over the past 35 years, and putting clips of the best together, but what a project. I am blessed to be motivated by the excitement within my belly – to make more Acupressure programs and applications available to more people around the world.

  10. thanx doc this so graet to read your articles as this brings new learning as well as solution to the tensions may be physical or mental …… its such a graet privelege to share your knowlrdge ….. sir you such a good acuupresure teacher ….
    sir i was going through tough time and your articles have given me lot of help to release my tension…

  11. Hi Michael
    have just practiced the windows of the sky accupressure technique and wanted to write to say thank you! I really enjoyed practicing alongside you with the sound of your soothing voice so much nicer than reading about it in a book
    looking forward to sharing it with my students

  12. Greetings Michael, All,

    I learned several years ago from others relieving fybromylgia…
    Hold G.B 20’s with windows to the sky, then release windows to the sky
    and hold any other point of pain, and it will release, comfortably pushing further
    into the main point will draw back the refered pain also, or just hold as above
    on 2nd dairy pain.
    With your Windowns to the sky and relieving neck and sholder pain,
    exercises this not only works wonder’s thank you, but this is also true for the
    areas in the backs of my sholders. I held areas on the backs of my sholders
    and after squeezing with my finger tips and using breath as you suggest…
    with my finger i traced the stiffness up to the Windows of the Sky,
    the circulation/release point, and magic happened!

    Further i found holding with one hand both the Windows to the Sky points with
    G.B. 20’s will swiftly move pain or energy anywhere while holding with the other
    hand palm or finger tips at the same
    time…. G.V. 6 -17 3rd eye K-1 top of head.

    You Are An Inspiration.

    Thank You so much for your genorisity!
    Rhonda Piccola
    Glenwood Springs CO.

  13. I agree, I have the “Sleep Better Self Healing” CD… That soothing voice is very soothing…in fact that soothing voice is on Michael’s other CDs as well, you should check them out! ~ D

  14. Michael, I find you kind, sensitive and generous. I wish you all happiness.
    I wait eagerly for the online bookshop to send me a copy of “potent Points”. I look forward to starting my own journey.
    Can I suggest that you have links for arranging all your posts in a chronological series, in addition to the topic-wise classification thats there currently? This way your readers can be sure they dont miss any of your posts, especially the old ones.
    Thanks very much.

    • Thanks for your suggestion. The blog posts are already presented in chronological order. When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, past several other recent blog articles, you will see previous entries to click on.

  15. For Fibromyalgia – I want to let know a very important discovery; Prof. Dr. Bauer in Switzerland, who is a surger has found that fibromyalgia is caused by ‘clotted’, acupoints (holes) . These clotted points are wholes close to a nerve ending and makes that the nerves is entrapped. And that makes that the whole nerve-system is sending alarmsignals to the body and the spirit.
    Fibromyalgia is causes by neuro-compression and spread by the meridians! And acupoints are anatomic visible!

    You can read about it in :Fibromyalgia: A clear diagnosis is possible, Johan A Bauer, Frontier Perspectives 16 (2), 2008. and Pathological Findings and Clinical Outcomes Study of 101 Fibromyalgia Patients Treated by Quadrant Pain Intervention, Johan A Bauer, Frontier Perspectives 15 (2), 2006. Or watch the explanation at : you tube; bauer on fibromyalgia.

  16. Dear Dr Gach,I cannot thank you enough for your free videos.I have been on
    thyroxin for the period of 10 years following the shock of a terrorist
    attack at my son`s Bar Mitzva party 10 years ago. I was diagnosed as having
    autoimmune Hashimoto`s thyroditis.
    Now,thanks to you I have been doing the thyroid neck exercises 3 times
    daily,and have managed to reduce the medication by half.
    I have started a journey with no turning back.
    May the Al-mighty bless you.

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