Clear Thinking for Learning Disorders (Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD) using Acupressure on GV 26

Remember the point the famous “Thinker” pressed with his knuckle? If you were on a TV quiz show, you’d know the answer: It was clear thinking Acupressure point GV 26, in the gum between the tip of your nose and … Continue reading →


Heightening a Child’s Ability to Learn using Acupressure Points; Learning Disorders – ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia

I suffered from learning difficulties and dyslexia as a child. I experienced the anxieties, fears, and humiliation from not being able to read and spell like other kids. The fears I experienced, as a child were devastating. Learning Acupressure and … Continue reading →


Acupressure to center & ground your Aspirations & Creativity. Make your New Year’s Resolutions attract what you want in life.

"Center of the Person" GV 26 Point

If you want to have a better year or create a new start, making resolutions for this year can empower you. I want to share GV 26, an acupressure point you can use to be more focused, think more positively, … Continue reading →


Acupressure for Hormonal Balance, Depression, Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Racing Thoughts, and Mental Health


I’ve given thousands of Acupressure treatments over the past 40 years. I’m writing to share exactly how I end each session in a deeply healing way. It’s an Acupressure formula called the Final Balancing Steps – for fine-tuning healing energy, … Continue reading →