Hypertension, Insomnia & Emotional Healing Acupressure Points

upper back pts

Do you know those knots between your shoulder blades? Those knots are blocked acupressure points; releasing them can bring healing energy to benefit your lungs and heart. These acupressure points can relieve hypertension and help balance your blood pressure. They can also be healing for heartaches, emotional pain, anxiety, depression, sadness, grief and emotional numbness. These upper back acupressure points also … Continue reading →


What’s the difference between Shiatsu & Acupressure?

For years – this has been the most common question people ask me. Honestly, I believe my answer is controversial. . . Acupressure uses the same points as acupuncture, but works with the hands instead of needles. Thus, any method that stimulates Acupressure points is considered a style of Acupressure. Shiatsu techniques stimulate the Acupressure points directly and very powerfully … Continue reading →


My Zen Shiatsu Teacher – Reuho Yamada

I studied Zen Shiatsu with Reuho Yamada, who learned directly from Masanaga, the originator of Zen Shiatsu in Japan. Zen Shiatsu had more dynamics, creativity, and flow than other styles of Shiatsu, using all parts of the hands, elbow, knees, and even integrated stretches. Early in the 1980’s, Reuho Yamada was attracting huge crowds of mostly young people in San … Continue reading →