Acu-Yoga 10-Minute Routine for Common Ailments & Wellness

Upper Back Press

I am writing to give you instruction on how to use three easy, but deeply healing Acu-Yoga exercises – so you can discover the benefits at home. Acu-Yoga exercises are so much more powerful for releasing blockages in your body … Continue reading →


Sleep Better – A Guided Self-Healing e-Program

Guided Self-Healing Sleep Disorders Program

I am excited to announce that my Sleep Better Audio Program is now available as an e-program. This self-healing fully guided audio program relieves insomnia by counteracting stress in your upper back, shoulders, and neck area – and actually sends … Continue reading →


Insomnia & Sleep Disorders Acupressure Points & Tips

Man, that's incredible!

Can’t Sleep? Not when you’re above the clouds, On your way down; it’s too incredible! I tried to get on a TV show called That’s Incredible years ago. The show’s director asked me, “What can Acupressure do?”  I told him, “It’s … Continue reading →


Acupressure Points for Sleepiness, Drowsiness & Narcolepsy

Many people become sleepy at inappropriate times, like at school, while driving a car, or at work when you need to concentrate or you could loose your job. When you feel drowsy and need to be alert, acupressure along with … Continue reading →