Brain and Memory Points

Acupressure For Headaches & Better Memory Balancing the Brain Chemistry & Recovery First, gently use GB20 (the points under the base of the skull) To see an anatomical illustration of GB20 and to share it on Facebook, go to: Then use these Central Points: GV26 (above the upper lip) with GV16 (in the center of the base of the skull). Use … Continue reading →


Worry, Doubt Self-Care Acupressure Recovery Point (GV 26)

Discover an Acupressure point to counteract worrying and doubting. GV 26, an acupressure first-aid point, between your nose and upper lip into the upper gum, is effective for counteracting dizziness, fainting, recovery, and dissociation. This short video clip will give you hands-on instruction on how to use this recovery point. For more info on how to counteract worry and doubt with … Continue reading →


Acupressure to center & ground your Aspirations & Creativity. Make your New Year’s Resolutions attract what you want in life.

"Center of the Person" GV 26 Point

If you want to have a better year or create a new start, making resolutions for this year can empower you. I want to share GV 26, an acupressure point you can use to be more focused, think more positively, and help ground your New Year’s resolutions. Share … Continue reading →