Acupressure for Hormonal Balance, Depression, Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Racing Thoughts, and Mental Health


I’ve given thousands of Acupressure treatments over the past 40 years. I’m writing to share exactly how I end each session in a deeply healing way. It’s an Acupressure formula called the Final Balancing Steps – for fine-tuning healing energy, emotional stability, ADD, ADHD, mental health, and clarity. Share … Continue reading →


Calming Anxiety & Stress Relief Acupressure Points

There’s so much anxiety and stress in the world; we all have to deal with it. The world would be better place to live if more people knew Acupressure, especially its calming points. Most people ingest their stress; their body stores it as internal pressures and muscular tension. This imbalances your body over time, resulting in hundreds of stress related … Continue reading →


Acu-Yoga 10-Minute Routine for Common Ailments & Wellness

Upper Back Press

I am writing to give you instruction on how to use three easy, but deeply healing Acu-Yoga exercises – so you can discover the benefits at home. Acu-Yoga exercises are so much more powerful for releasing blockages in your body than pressing a point here or there. Why? Because you’re using your entire body to gently stretch and stimulate multiple … Continue reading →