Brain and Memory Points

Acupressure For Headaches & Better Memory Balancing the Brain Chemistry & Recovery First, gently use GB20 (the points under the base of the skull) To see an anatomical illustration of GB20 and to share it on Facebook, go to: Then use these Central Points: GV26 (above the upper lip) with GV16 (in the center of the base of the skull). Use … Continue reading →


Memory & Recall Acupressure Points (GB 14) to clear your mind and melt negative thoughts

Learn how to find and use Acupressure points to improve your memory and transform negative thoughts. This special mental healing point, GB 14, can reprogram your mind, release mental stress and cultivate mental health. Children and teens can use this point to clear their mind while taking tests at school. Elderly folks find it useful for memory, especially when having … Continue reading →


Acupressure to center & ground your Aspirations & Creativity. Make your New Year’s Resolutions attract what you want in life.

"Center of the Person" GV 26 Point

If you want to have a better year or create a new start, making resolutions for this year can empower you. I want to share GV 26, an acupressure point you can use to be more focused, think more positively, and help ground your New Year’s resolutions. Share … Continue reading →


Stress Relief, Headaches, Racing Thoughts and Mental Health

My aim is to show you a very easy, effective acupressure technique to counteract stress, feel better, more Keen, in 2013.  This 2-minute clip shows you how to find and stimulate a key, potent acupressure point to use 2 to 3 minutes daily. For good mental health, thyroid balance, and to relieve chronic fatigue, depression, and Fibromyalgia – use this … Continue reading →


Acupressure for Hormonal Balance, Depression, Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Racing Thoughts, and Mental Health


I’ve given thousands of Acupressure treatments over the past 40 years. I’m writing to share exactly how I end each session in a deeply healing way. It’s an Acupressure formula called the Final Balancing Steps – for fine-tuning healing energy, emotional stability, ADD, ADHD, mental health, and clarity. Share … Continue reading →