Worry, Doubt Self-Care Acupressure Recovery Point (GV 26)

Discover an Acupressure point to counteract worrying and doubting. GV 26, an acupressure first-aid point, between your nose and upper lip into the upper gum, is effective for counteracting dizziness, fainting, recovery, and dissociation. This short video clip will give you hands-on instruction on how to use this recovery point. For more info on how to counteract worry and doubt with … Continue reading →


Acupressure Points for Sinus Problems & Nasal Congestion

Major Acupressure Points for the Sinuses

To relieve your upper or frontal sinuses, use B2, located at the bridge of your nose.  This mental stress point is located in the indentation of your upper eye socket, where the bridge of the nose meets the ridge of your eyebrows. To open the maxillary sinuses in the cheek, use the foremost acupressure points for the sinuses: LI20 and … Continue reading →


Set your Intentions for Wellness in 2012

Holding Acupressure points for mental clarity and hormonal balancing.

During my 40 years teaching Acupressure, many of my students had remarkable results using acupressure for a few minutes before getting out of bed. I’m excited to teach you how to use these two acupressure points to start your day in a better way.  You will feel happier, mentally clearer, with less stress. I consider this the Crown of Acupressure; … Continue reading →


Allergy Relief Acupressure Points – for Allergic Reactions

While not a cure for allergies, Acupressure can be an effective method for relieving and preventing many symptoms from allergic reactions by balancing your body’s energy system. Relieve Allergies using these two powerful acupressure points, LI 4 and Lv 3 on both sides called the Four Gates. These potent acupressure points open the flow of healing energy through the Large … Continue reading →