Stress Relief, Headaches, Racing Thoughts and Mental Health

My aim is to show you a very easy, effective acupressure technique to counteract stress, feel better, more Keen, in 2013.  This 2-minute clip shows you how to find and stimulate a key, potent acupressure point to use 2 to … Continue reading →


Death & Dying: Acupressure for Relatives and Hospice Caregivers

I want to introduce you to viewing death and dying in a positive light – as a sacred passage into a peaceful, divine place. My father, who is 92, recently said to me, “When I die, I’ll be OK; it’s … Continue reading →


Spiritual Acupressure Point (GV 20)

I love the spiritual aspects of using acupressure points, which can open you to wondrous depths of life. Acupressure can transform emotional pain into beautiful spiritual experiences. Gently touching another human being in this way is one of the greatest … Continue reading →


Acupressure Point CV 17 for Relieving Stress, Calming Anxiety, Deepening your Breath, and Healing your Heart Emotionally


I know Valentine’s Day is meant to share love, however so many people are faced with tremendous stress, unhealed hurt from relationships, and personal strife. All these pressures around us affect the collective consciousness that needs healing. How do you … Continue reading →


Set your Intentions for Wellness in 2012

Holding Acupressure points for mental clarity and hormonal balancing.

During my 40 years teaching Acupressure, many of my students had remarkable results using acupressure for a few minutes before getting out of bed. I’m excited to teach you how to use these two acupressure points to start your day … Continue reading →